Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray

Devin The Dude performing Doobie Ashtray © 2002 Rap-A-Lot Records

Samuel Perez
2019 who’s still listening?
2018 who's still listening?
Devon Washington
Who else is high and scrolling reading comments while vibe’n to devin? 🖐🏾
Jason Payne
It brings tears to my eyes that someone would have the nerve to take Devin the Dude's herb up out of his dubie ashtray and do him that way
This song is about so much more than smoking weed.
hombre de agua
My big bro showed me this song when I was 14 when we use to blaze out good times The best times of my life Know im Her still blazing listening to this Love u bro ur in my Hart R.I.P
dert jenkins
I've had my ashtray robbed before....Horrible feeling yes it was....So I said f**k it and slid to the Stop n Go to snatch a tall can since I couldn't blow circles at the tv....Get to the store and get out the car and what do I see on the ground?....Like two parking spaces away?....A bag of weed mane!!!.....It was that Thrax too smh....True smoker story @_o
Deezy Mf
2019 and it’s still fire 🔥
I’m 24 smoking a blunt walking home and listening to Pandora, and this gem is up next. I’ve never heard of it before as I am walking and a smile comes over my face because this shit is dope, 2018 is starting alright
I love Rykeem Doggy Dogg
I wonder how many people are high bumping this song ???
Anthony Celestin
I can tell this rapper influence Kendrick
TX militia
2019 you muhfuckas still taking my doobies
Brrrianduh G
July 2017 and still bumping 🔥🔥 like if you G wit it💚🖤💚
Obitorels Bruh
Who listening to this in 2020
kendrick said this was one of his influences... i can hear it.
Sara Ruiz
2019 still just as Good 🔥🔥🔥
Trump Rules
A good story about knowing who your real friends are!
First Name Last Name
you prolly dont have a big ol' house on the hill, but if u did just imagine how would it feel?
Flight Empire
You can tell he inspired kendrick in some ways
KnightRider509 g.
1700 b.c. who still listening ???
James Lopez
If you ain't got this on your smoking playlist. Let me tell you. YOU HAVENT BEEN SMOKING!!
DJ Premier and Devin...straight fire!
Comedian Haze
3.2k people stole outta the doobie ashtray 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
brandon taylor
lol I left a nug on dumpster in alley and next day, after work, it was there hahah
still bumping this smokinggg a joinnnt 2019 👍💨
Snoop Doge
Here on christmas eve lonely and without kush or alcohol but have one stog, smoke a bowl for me
Michael Wardlow
Who still Bump’n in 2019? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤙🏾
Who else high af layin in bed at night?😜
Zac Will
shots out to people who never stole doobies for real.....
going to see him in Madison tomorrow! so pumped
Chris Wells
If u dont smoke dont listin 😂😂
Ødd Gød Bam
First time hearing this... Like where tf have I been?
Rose r plays
Yeah this song good to smoke too but do y'all get the real message? You're only as good as you can be used. When you need somebody to be there, they won't no MATTER how many times you've been there for them but it's life smoke a jay & get over it.
Kyle Berry
Started smoking when I was 16 years old. Here I am at 26. Just left my dead end job. I'm smoking my last few bowls and drinking a few brews before I hang it up for good. It was chill y'all. Keep one lit and hit it for me one time ✌️
Eric Perry
So proud of Devin n Premier getting these views. Love itt
Weezy Weezy
Mel Man
I met Devin today. I love the dude. South Park
ahmad nickerson
2018 still smokin!!😤
juan hernadez
Let's show our respect to Devin The Dude and spark one 🔥🍁
Tashauna Owens
June 25,2019 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥
lysergic acid
I’m high as fookk ..
Terrell Dixon
2018 we are here baby love you OG Devin the Dude!!
victor martinez
Who still bumpin’ dis n 2019
Ricardo Lopez
DJ Premier with 🔥🔥🔥 beat The Dude handles the rest....
Jaden Britton
‘Why they doobie that way’ 2019 💕
Jalen X Blair
Never had a clue DJ Premier produces this classic 🤯GOAT
Frank Salas
Dallas TX West DALLAS Oakcliff 2019
Terrell Dixon
2019 we are here love you OG Devin The Dude!!!
Leo Favela
2019 still blazing 🔥🔥
Angel Munoz
April 26 2019 still listening reminiscing
Cheeky Cheekz
I love the Mac miller version of this
Raider Tyler
The dude is the only famous person besides dmx I would actually care about meeting
The Real Woo
2017 who's bumping this 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💯💯💯
Christian Rosales
One of the chillest beats in the history of bud smoking music right next to Fried Day by Bizzie Bone and Acid Raindrops by People Under the Stairs
this STILL 100 "ON THE G"
kyoo kendo
Smoking to my boi devin tha dude
Marcos Paulo
Som muito pesado, sinistro 🇧🇷💀
Shavonne Lynch-Dammons
when are you coming back to the grog shop
Cameron Foor
2016 who's still listening ?
Ey the Mischief
2024 who's still listening?
Don Mercury
2018 feel meh song neva get a old mayne !!! stay medicated 🤙
Respect from Houston Tx🔥🍁💨💨💨💨
DJ Wax
Chris Karns laying this down on 4/20 at Tip & Friends was tooooo smooth
AP OnTheKeys
Smoking Vodka Kush & listening to this diamond. OG Devin in this mf!
Kennard Williams
I got hip to the dyde when i was 14 im 33 now . So that shall tell u
Rooster Fam
H-Town! World Series Champs! I'm cookin' for all Y'all
rudy vasquez
May 3, 2019 H ton mayne. Absolutely classic.
Carmen Jones
😂😂😂 the end of the song is my fav part. "I think I . . .heyyyyy I found a bag of weed. . ."
Adam L p
2019 y'all sleeping or y'all bumping ?
Three West
2019 withstanding the test of time 🔥🔥🔥
Donovon Matthews
2018 this is still amazing song to smoke a blunt.
Vincent Head
2018,who still ridin high wit me..
Mikey B
moral of the story is always have a little back up nug, anddd a couple beers hidden in the back of the fridge:)
Jonathan Barrios
DJ Premier doesn't get the props for this masterpiece!
Kool Kiff 269
Must be one of the best songs i have heard lately. Big Love going out to all people that make me feel stronger and introduce me to the best music. inhale exhale, namaste
Mike Rodriguez
When this first dropped...I couldn't believe my forward to right now and I'm still in a zone... Salute Devin and Preem..
Ve to
set this song to 0.75x it sounds great😌😌
55-Nine Prod.
This shits hella old. Reminds me of when everyone used to smoke out of homemade gatorade bongs lol
Mike Blunted
Still 🔥 2k19
Higher Mind State
People will use you up, take your last, even the the doobies out the ash 🤷🏽‍♂️🤘🏽
Travis Wheeler
The Dude...Classic..
Diego Brasi
Smokin bumping devin the great right now 🔥
kees keesje
like if you ever had that moment when everybody goes home and you want to smoke weed... 
Leo Mares
2018 n still jammin
Still blow one to this, one of the best rappers there is
mysterious one
2018 n still this track jammin mane
Alis Deleon
The ending so satisfying he find some bud 😊
4peace equation20
at the end of the song when he finds a bag of weed is my favorite reminds me when i didnt have weed and found a dime under my bed
TrillMatic Games
Who still smokin doobies out the astray in 2018?
Arigato Chad
Bra I’m am LIVID!!! Why does this only have 10mil views after 10 years 😔🙄🙄
Ty T
2017 who still vyb'n nd smokin one to this??? Have a good day
Dylan Doran
11:39 4th month sometime in Las Vegas Nevada I listen all the time 2019
Levon3 Smith
Smoked my first blunt to this in 2003 still here in 2019 smoking
Eduardo Madueno
2018 dawggys bout to pack a fat bowl in the bongie to this jammie Devin the Dude lives on
Jason Rosenberger
Song hits different when you go bankrupt cause of hospital bills
Jeremy Jones
2017 Still Listening, But This Bubba Kush Got Me 2018 Bunping My G! 🍃🍃🌿
Yeah I said it
The most underrated rapper ever! Devin the dude is a legend!
Cuzzo 313
Devin and Max B together would b 🔥
Shaunta Martin
I met Devin at shieffeld. Houston
Tha Dunna
Somebody had the nerve smh😒 -🌀