Fortune Street Wii - The Observatory | Online Multiplayer Livestream With Webcam And Pro-Tips!

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Fortune Street Wii - The Observatory | Online Multiplayer Livestream With Webcam And Pro-Tips! Welcome to the Livestream of Online Fortune Street! We're going to play a round in the level called "The Observatory." If you have the game and want to join up, add my Friend code: 4556-7130-7977! Be sure to let me know your friend code in the comments as well! Stay Active With Abdallah's Social Media Links: Twitter: />Google+: />Facebook: />Instagram: /> Become Partnered with the Largest YouTube Network:

Win Entity
Go grab yourself some chimichangas!
Lewis Ufton
If you could play one dragon quest game, play dragon quest nine (DQIX), which has the observatory and is awesome. It's for DS, not 3DS though.
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Eric Matthews
I'm still gonna like and favorite the video because I know it's gonna be awesome
Evan Carlson
Hey do Zelda wind waker hd for the Wii U
What information?
I'm sad I found this video too late. I recognize your name, so I must've at least gone against you once, guess I'll be watching all of the fortune street vids now. Stinks that the wifi is d/c
The Observatory is THE BEST MAP EVER!!!
Eric Matthews
not its gonna... IT IS AWSEOME
Stars Link
Hey abdallah this is my first live stream
Eric Matthews
It won't let me watch the livestream.
WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!
Alisa Corbett
When more, senior?
Kafei Majora
i missed it :(
Mayra Rodarte
Dude I'm here all the way. Oh and can u do more animal crossing new leaf
Jerome Robinson
Ronald is actually retarded...... For the second time he makes the most STUPID moves. It's like his whole family is dumb 😂
Tjuania Keeton
Add me my fc is 0004-6741-7764
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