Robin van Persie | All the Premier League Goals | Manchester United

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Ichipi Emmanuel
Lukaku should be forced to sit down and watch this clip 200 times, without food and water.....what a striker he was. RVP the real MVP
I love how he celebrates with the assister every single time. Not many players do that these days.
Raza Awais
The sound of the net from when he scored those bangers 😍
sarvadnya mistry
*Ronaldo, Rooney, van Persie, Ferdinand and the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson those really were the Golden days in Man United history.*
David Ojewumi
Rvp is one of the most clinical strikers I have ever seen
Dank Doggo
Those finishes were just so exquisite. Right, left, head, in whatever position, it didn’t matter.
Spinox Gaming
Van Gaal single handedly ruined his career. RVP still bagged 18 premier league goals in his second season but was kicked out of the club by the mistake that was Van Gaal. Makes me sad to think
Andile Mzobe
2:35 he pulled a Dennis Bergkamp!!
K Padmanabhan
Robin Van Persie was the best Robin Van Persie is the best Robin Van Persis will continue to be the best The best striker i've ever seen That volley against villa and that sublime header against spain has rocked the galaxy AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!!!!!!! MY IDOL Love from INDIA RVP THE LEGENDARY FLYING DUTCHMAN!!!!!!!
What a man, what a player
Vishwas Shashidhar
In the title winning season, he scored against City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs. And, THAT goal vs Villa. This really won us the title. What a player!
Anybody else here after the current crisis at Old Trafford?
Closest player I’ve seen to Van Nistelrooy at UTD. Absolutely world class, such a lethal striker. To get into the positions was one thing but the quality of his finishing on his left or right foot was lethal. Oh how we could do a striker like him in these bad times.
Joseph Goh
World Class .... can we sign Lukaku and Rashford up for some RVP lessons?
Jon Snow
Will never forgive van Gaal for selling him. My favourite player of all time.
deach pitch
6:50 we will never forget that strike
Soulja Boy
What a player wen I saw lukaku I just laugh
Tesla Death Ray
Robin "zero hesitation" van Persie
You see how many goals outside the box lukaku? You see the level of finishing with one chance
missing him soo much the red devils days where the city was red
Teddy Westside
Man injuries cut his United career short , if he could stay healthy he would have scored 100 goals for united at least
anonymous thhh
Ronaldo. Who?? Mann RVP is the true legend. I love him😭😭😭❤❤❤❤
Marcus Crisp
I’m a Cardiff fan and RVP is my favourite player of all time
Lukholo mlandu
I remember this match i was twelve first time at old Trafford from south afrika
Fabricio Alike
This man should be in the man Utd coaching team his finishing was unreal
RVP : always finds the ball to score LUKAKU : hoping the ball comes to score
King Coder
*6:37** greatest volley ever*
The United Stand
Oh Robin Van Persie! Single handedly won us that historic number 20. Legend
06:00 look at the lad on the bench.. they were like "owwwwww"... great moments!
One of my favourite players ever! One of the best strikers of a ball I've seen. His technique was weird. If someone designed a robot to play football, then it would have his finishing. When he scores those great goals, it's like Van Persie sees the goal in HD TV before he executes the finish.
mirallas Tlau
best premier league striker ever
NorthNorth rnb
One of most underrated strikers ever , he could do everything
Abhirup Majumdar
So much class, so much accuracy, and played with a smile..... they don`t make `em any more ......that WC goal against Spain, one of the best I have ever seen....
Rob Robberson
He's not that fit anymore but still producing class goals and skills at his old club Feyenoord. Hopefully he will win us the cup sunday.
Chris King
He must be a legend in United. Only a season but prove his worth. I miss him in United. 😳
kal salem
You just got to love his technique !! Special
Edgar Gutierrez
Manchester United from Van Nistelrooy,Van Persie to Lukak sad times
Kieran Hendricks
Wish we had players like him still around. He had desire to play for United unlike the majority of our players now.
Kelvin Ogbeide
Great player with passion and drive. Very clinical....Soft and dangerous striker. Thanks for ur wonderful services, u remain a legend.
Saptak Banerjee
The time in my life when everything just went alright. 🙂
This guy could teach our strikers a thing or two.
Phúc Nguyễn
Damm...I miss him a lot guys! He's such a amazing player. We always need someone like him!!
Nugroho Prakoso
Valencia/Evra/Rafael -> Van Persie : Goal !!!
Sulleman Ismaël Ghanty
Sadly miss this kind of genuine striker! What a man, and a player! One of the greatest 👏👏👏💪💪💪
Emmanuel Lucas
Wow, cannot believe park the bus infected Man United.
알 파치노
Personally, in my opinion He is greatest all time striker in 2000s
Anupam Nag
RVP is the MVP
Long Lee
I prefer a 35 years old RVP to a combination of ( Lukaku+Rashford+Lingard )
What a legend!
The last Grandson
am not fan of Man utd, but RVP impressed me
Ranks Alpha
Mehn... This made me cry😢.. We miss that guy
Who's cutting onions next to me.
Vikram j
From van nistelroy, Ronaldo, Rooney, van persie to Lukaku. Such a down fall
one of the most dangerous players in the box and my favorite striker .He's skillful player.
the player with most class that i saw never!!!! WODERFULL PLAYER INCREDIBLE AND MAGIC OHHHHHH ROBIN VAN PERSIE!
One of the best striker ever play for United 🤙🏻 RVP the real MVP!
attackers i miss the most Rooney Berbatov Van Persie and now newly added Zlatan
Tehjeeb Abtahi
Simply majestic finishing
Sam Mukangu
Watching this video makes me understand why we never needed Pogba...we need to play like the old United fear, Fast football and all confidence
Palkia King
I will take RVP back
G-Dub 85
THE MAIN REASON why Utd won its last premier league title....the Flying Dutchman 👏🏽👏🏽
Marlon Ryan MC Burke
He should've had more years at Man United. What a Player, United Legend in my books 🙌
Hardeep Singh
Former world class Manchester United Dutch striker rvp Robin van Persie legend brilliant player hat trick goals against Southampton away Aston Villa home that free kick against Manchester City at the etihad stadium the penalty at anfield against scousers Liverpool but Manchester United r the team reds legend
Samir Sakur
He is the king
That first season with RVP was absolute joy.. loved the enthusiasm!! Man I miss SAF so much.... he used to bring out the real character out of players... seriously I feel like if SAF walked in the dressing room today we would see a very different United!
Whiterun Guard
We need a Van Persie back. Being humiliated by city 3-1, missing opportunities, no formation, no midfield. Need to start having a player that gets the golden boot and doesn’t miss. Need a new cantona.
Maker Awan
And Lukaku came and ruined everything 😞
teh Yip
United Legend. Thanks for the memories.
Chung Yung Oscar Wong
Van Persie's matching style is really fascinating, attractive and skillful
Deepu G
Deadliest clinical striker 💪 wat a player
Dimas Adhira
He maybe only had 86 apps & 48 goals for United. But for me, he is surely one of Manchester United legend .. Rooobin Van Persie, Rooobin Van Persie, Rooobin Van Persie ..
Nguyễn Minh Tuấn
Miss you Van Persie :(
Call me Nimai
Y they not showing lukaku Oh wait he's not a van Person Lukaku was probably washing the toilet.
Samuel Kariuki
i miss rvp so much
Muhammet EFE
Ulan bizde mi çöp oldu bu adam dünya yıldızı diye getirdik sözde. Ama tinercilere ve cincona soktu orası ayrı :)
Muhammad Kamara
Incredible striker RVP
RVP was amazing during that final SAF season.
Lucas lee
Poll: Both in their prime, RvP or RvN?
Sandeep G
I was on a goal marathon and Watched Goals of Cantona, Cole&York, Nistelrooy, Rooney, Ronaldo, Berbatov and van persie. Now I think I am stuck forever.
Denis Walter
The greatest season for him and last for SAF. It was a fantastic team. I miss that.
Cristar 7
Like to say no to racism
Arslaan Aslam
Yes No
2:36 was a lot like a bergkamp flick
They should make a Icon card for managers and it will only be Sir Alex Ferguson
Raphael Chuswe
Ahmed Xavi
Will never forgive van Gaal for selling him. My favourite player of all time
Vk Deen
What could rvp have achieved if he joined utd sooner? Yet another talent wasted at arsenal smh
FIFAnatic 1027
My favorite player of all time, the king of volleys
lucifer arcanjo.
Queria quê, van Persie jogasse no Flamengo. 🔴⚫👏👏
Chimp Van-Targaryen
He was really on top of his game in his last few seasons at arsenal and at United, absolutely world class even at International level
Ahmed Al-Ebrashy
Only Van Persie and Christiano Ronaldo could compete with Henry for the best ever to grace the English premier league.
Such powerful shots no matter when or how he hit them, pure determination. One of the best strikers for the club, winning a title for us and it's a shame he was shipped off without a word. A great player for the club but it is damaged in my eyes the lack of respect he was given by the club when leaving.
Zelalem Lasibew
this no 20 is magic at finishing olegono solishiere and vaperssi
Imam Fahruddin Official
This is Legend for Manchester United... Robbin van Persie...
Ainun Nazieb
One of the best season so far. Full of awesome goals & great comebacks. Classic United.
After scoring every goal he gave credit to assistmen ... Respect🤝
Chaeruman _th
Complete striker
Ruchir Bakshi
*sniff* Why didn't you come sooner? Why didn't you leave later? I hope they show him, CR7, Rooney, Ibra, all the legends to Lukaku. The first thing he needs to learn is the first touch.
Fartun Bashir
Rise your hand for rooney
Karthik Arumugam
Rvp always the killer for Man U.. missing such a player for current squad 😖