Robin van Persie | All the Premier League Goals | Manchester United

Subscribe to the Manchester United Channel here: />Robin van Persie scored 48 Premier League goals in his time at Old Trafford, as he helped fire the Reds to the 2013 title. Watch all RVP's league goals here, now! To watch our tour matches live, subscribe to MUTV now! />Subscribe to Manchester United on YouTube at />Visit Manchester United at />Like Manchester United on Facebook at />Follow Manchester United on Twitter at />Follow Manchester on Instagram at />Subscribe to Manchester United on MUTV

I love how he celebrates with the assister every single time. Not many players do that these days.
Ichipi Emmanuel
Lukaku should be forced to sit down and watch this clip 200 times, without food and water.....what a striker he was. RVP the real MVP
Spinox Gaming
Van Gaal single handedly ruined his career. RVP still bagged 18 premier league goals in his second season but was kicked out of the club by the mistake that was Van Gaal. Makes me sad to think
Anybody else here after the current crisis at Old Trafford?
sarvadnya mistry
*Ronaldo, Rooney, van Persie, Ferdinand and the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson those really were the Golden days in Man United history.*
Anisa Ali
Can we just take a minute to talk about Valencia's crosses?
Joseph Goh
World Class .... can we sign Lukaku and Rashford up for some RVP lessons?
Portgas D. Ace
In his prime, I would choose him over Suárez anyday
David Ojewumi
Rvp is one of the most clinical strikers I have ever seen
The difference in class between our current strikers and RVP is just unbelievable! Greenwood is the only attacking player at United that gives me hope for the future.
tomorrow his last game with feyenoord the legend has almost endend.
Stop Me
This wasn't too long ago. Yet ManU feels so different
Andile Mzobe
2:35 he pulled a Dennis Bergkamp!!
Raza Awais
The sound of the net from when he scored those bangers 😍
Abdul Muhaimin
can't believe ed woodward sold van Persie, hererra, di maria, falcao, wayne Rooney, patrice evra, anderson, cleverley and januzaj
Tesla Death Ray
Robin "zero hesitation" van Persie
Saptak Banerjee
The time in my life when everything just went alright. 🙂
jefri nazreen
RVP need a role at technical advisor for our attacking force
What a man, what a player
Juned Alam
Rashford Lukkaku Martial don’t even come close to this superstar. How far Utd have fallen.
Joris Koning
I always come back to these videos of RVP. His last season at Feyenoord and finishing his professional football career already makes me sad. World class striker. I will miss this guy scoring goals
Kevin Pang
Still can't believe we won the league with players like Anderson, Cleverly and Welbeck. We can barely get top 3 with Pogba, Lukaku and etc
Iconic Icon
Aries Slayer
calm, composure ,positioning and clinical finishing the best striker u ever see.. legendary.. RVP
Oh if Rashford can develop that calm clinical finishing, what a player he can be..
Kevin Pratama
RVP the next of V.Nistelrooy in MU👍
Marcus Crisp
I’m a Cardiff fan and RVP is my favourite player of all time
Jpd C
I keep seeing Ben Afleck score goals.
One of my favourite players ever! One of the best strikers of a ball I've seen. His technique was weird. If someone designed a robot to play football, then it would have his finishing. When he scores those great goals, it's like Van Persie sees the goal in HD TV before he executes the finish.
알 파치노
Personally, in my opinion He is greatest all time striker in 2000s
Soulja Boy
What a player wen I saw lukaku I just laugh
Jon Snow
Will never forgive van Gaal for selling him. My favourite player of all time.
Moses Kalinda
What a legend. Thank you for the memories😂❤️❤️
Chris Glover
The amount of goals we would concede but score was so exciting; 4-3 against Reading at 35 minutes 😂
jorge alexander
Enjoy you’re retire legend, how i loved the 2013 with Sir Alex Ferguson on thr bench and rooney & van persie what an explosive duo that i enjoyed every game, miss that times 🥺
Chris King
He must be a legend in United. Only a season but prove his worth. I miss him in United. 😳
The United Stand
Oh Robin Van Persie! Single handedly won us that historic number 20. Legend
Ranks Alpha
Mehn... This made me cry😢.. We miss that guy
RVP : always finds the ball to score LUKAKU : hoping the ball comes to score
Leo Chai
He reflection time when shooting just so amazing Truely scoring machine after RVN (both from Natherland)
Marcos Morales
What a player!!! I wish we could have more players like him 😢. The way he used to scored was amazing
Abhirup Majumdar
So much class, so much accuracy, and played with a smile..... they don`t make `em any more ......that WC goal against Spain, one of the best I have ever seen....
kal salem
You just got to love his technique !! Special
Tri Sugeri Gumilar Permana
Long ball assist from Rooney and volley goal van Persie is one of the best. that goal is trade mark van Persie.
Manchester united really need this kind of team and this finisher for 2019/2020 season. RVP is the real MVP 🔥
Nugroho Prakoso
Valencia/Evra/Rafael -> Van Persie : Goal !!!
Ezra Nicolas Sirait
Be proud see Van Persie as United player despite just 3 seasons.😁😁😁
Hai Le Xuan
Chill out guys, Lukaku got this
James Bartlett
RVP played his final game sad day for football! what a true premier league legend!!
Sulleman Ismaël Ghanty
Sadly miss this kind of genuine striker! What a man, and a player! One of the greatest 👏👏👏💪💪💪
Denis Walter
The greatest season for him and last for SAF. It was a fantastic team. I miss that.
Baraka Mathayo
How amazing player, We always remember you RVP
One of the best striker ever play for United 🤙🏻 RVP the real MVP!
Alpha Xen
I Miss this moment so bad when He was in Man Utd, I used to wear a Van Persie Football Shirt to my Soccer lessons.
Dank Doggo
Those finishes were just so exquisite. Right, left, head, in whatever position, it didn’t matter.
Go Humberto!
Thoroughbred. Silky-smooth class.
Dennish Sangoro
watching this masterpiece in 2019, then comparing it with what we have makes me sad. Those were the days when playing football was the primary course then money came second
Rizaib sheikh
The only reason i have my jersey number as "20"... OHH ROBIN!!!!❤❤❤❤
Phúc Nguyễn
Damm...I miss him a lot guys! He's such a amazing player. We always need someone like him!!
different class no doubt modern day bergkamp
Chung Yung Oscar Wong
Van Persie's matching style is really fascinating, attractive and skillful
Edgar Gutierrez
Manchester United from Van Nistelrooy,Van Persie to Lukak sad times
deach pitch
6:50 we will never forget that strike
Muh Farizi
miss this moment, miss old you united!
wildan syauqi
3:18 "he choose red over the blue", he took no. 20 shirt to win 20th title for united. even though he only served for three seasons for man utd, he was still a legend
Sourav Chakraborty
Top class strickers in our generation Robin van persie
flavia tlau
Persie's finishing was out of this world
K Hendricks
Wish we had players like him still around. He had desire to play for United unlike the majority of our players now.
Darren Loke
Most of the time, goalies stay rooted on the ground stunned by his strikes. Clinical.
vin olaj
What an absolute player ! A joy to watch
one of the most dangerous players in the box and my favorite striker .He's skillful player.
Dimas Adhira
He maybe only had 86 apps & 48 goals for United. But for me, he is surely one of Manchester United legend .. Rooobin Van Persie, Rooobin Van Persie, Rooobin Van Persie ..
alli bochil
06:36 is the best.. Thanks R.V.P 😍
In a vacum, this might be the greatest single season performance of all time. 20 times champions. GGMU
FIFAnatic 1027
My favorite player of all time, the king of volleys
Whiterun Guard
We need a Van Persie back. Being humiliated by city 3-1, missing opportunities, no formation, no midfield. Need to start having a player that gets the golden boot and doesn’t miss. Need a new cantona.
Anupam Nag
RVP is the MVP
I Made Dwiki Putra Mahendra
He move to MU to won a trophy, and he got it!
Sm P
There is no one at United who can score like Robin.
Gaming with Emmanuel
11:36 I miss Herrera 😭
Dmajor Le
I watched it all R7 or RVP20...they were giving Manutd so much boost where they actually automatically won the game before it started.
Who's cutting onions next to me.
Tluanga King
V.Persie is the real hero for man.utd
he aguably had one of the best debut season ever
Ben Lowe
So underrated. One of the top 10 EPL strikers of all time imo.
Call me Nimai
Y they not showing lukaku Oh wait he's not a van Person Lukaku was probably washing the toilet.
Harry Leggy
This made me feel so sad and unwell i miss rvp
Megahwan Ng
Miss him badly. Can't find a striker like him anymore this day...
The PurplePanda
RVP - should be part of United Legend - Super Strikes - he won the league for UTD that season, super ambition and superb examples -- Support RVP UTD LEGEND!!!!
Maker Awan
And Lukaku came and ruined everything 😞
James Here
My favourite player ever joint with de gea. Childhood legend, (I may still be twelve, but that doesn’t matter) wish he never left us. He is the main reason I started playing football, too.
Ainun Nazieb
One of the best season so far. Full of awesome goals & great comebacks. Classic United.
filmon abrha
I miss R.V.P. and love you 🙏🙏❤
Benedict Edgar
Bring back the glory days 😭😭😭😭
That first season with RVP was absolute joy.. loved the enthusiasm!! Man I miss SAF so much.... he used to bring out the real character out of players... seriously I feel like if SAF walked in the dressing room today we would see a very different United!
He won us the league, top goal scorer, shoulda won POTY + GOTS, RVP=MVP💯
nowadays we cannot find any striker just like him
Harrison J
The hero robin can score from any angle our respect and memory of a legend when United was United,we miss you so much😥😥
Sam Novikov
even i was clearly mad about his transfer from guns to mu, and still angry about this.... but i cant stop watching and enjoying his playstyle, his class and power. one of the best strikers ever.
G-Dub 85
THE MAIN REASON why Utd won its last premier league title....the Flying Dutchman 👏🏽👏🏽