Illenium - Fractures (feat. Nevve)

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SO EXCITED TO HAVE A NEW ILLENIUM ORIGINAL BACK ON THE CHANNEL & LABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be a very very good year :D
Yaroslav Zinchenko
Lyrics: Burning everything I know Desperate for a change Crashing down the ancient roads Past our yesterday Maybe there is hunger in my blood Screaming out loud for what I want See me running full speed at it Shattering, collide Call it post-traumatic Now it's do or die Coming after tiny fractures Coming after tiny fractures See me running full speed at it Coming after tiny fractures Call it post-traumatic What comes after, tiny fractures? What comes after Tiny fractures? ... Feeding frenzy is in my brain I'm hopeful every day I gotta get it while we are still young enough to break We're finally not afraid Maybe there is hunger in my blood Screaming out loud for what I want See me running full speed at it Shattering, collide Call it post-traumatic Now it's do or die Coming after tiny fractures Coming after tiny fractures See me running full speed at it Coming after tiny fractures Call it post-traumatic What comes after, tiny fractures? What comes after Tiny fractures? ...
Sam Biswas
After Avicci u r there
this song makes me think about life, how it's so lucky to have a good life, good friends. this song is emotional for me and it makes me feel better when i have problems. right now this is my favorite song and im not gonna doubt it. i mean illenium is just LIFE 💓 thank you illenium:))
_ Lisa
bi nume da wägem marc galaxy. isch si outrosong😂😂 wär no?
Akshay ks
This song reminds me of my ex... box 360, it was the best console I have ever had.
[EDIT] WTF 500+ Likes THANKS! <3 This song is a year old but a good song! gonna listin more and more! see ya in 2019!
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Angelina Koh
I love Illenium comment sections. Anyway, here’s a little soppy story you can skip. Illenium has really helped me through my years of suffering and pain. I can let my emotions out, truly express myself, be who I really am. I feel like I’ve hidden a piece of me from everyone. When I listen, all my emotions float away, my sadness scatters, I just relax. It’s truly an amazing thing, how something can be really powerful and negative but change your life. In a good way. Thanks for reading, if you did. And yes, it was pretty cheesy.
Faye fit
who thinks illenium is better than chainsmokers?
Phil Mills
[Lyrics:] Burning everything I know, Desperate for a change Crashing down the ancient roads, Past our yesterday [CHORUS] Maybe there's hunger in my blood (Blood , blood) Screaming out loud for what I want See me running full speed at it, Shattering, collide Call it post-traumatic, Now it's do or die Coming after tiny fractures, (oh, oh, oh) Coming after tiny fractures (oh, oh, oh) See me run running full speed at it (Coming after tiny fractures) Call it post-traumatic (What comes after tiny fractures?) Feeding frenzies in my brain, I'm hopeful every day Gotta get it while we are still young enough to break, We're finally not afraid [CHORUS]
The first 25 seconds of the song is the best i've ever heard from anything. Gets you into the vibe of it straight away
Avi Aryan
I'm a simple guy I see _ILLENIUM_ in the title I get CLICKBAITED ^_^
Yêu Anime
Anyone noticed how every image suits perfectly to every song?Wisely choises by Sheepy
Shaurie Pvs
Is this melodic dubstep?
Legendary Gamer
Illenium songs gives me so much emotions.....
Twenty Døblas
How that voice is so perfect ?!?!?!?!
Clorox Bleach
Feeling an overwhelming sense of nostalgia remembering my childhood days way back in 2017, now I've grown up, so much has changed and those days seem so far away
Hey random person scrolling down through the comments, Have a nice day❤
Maria Lee
maybe there is hunger in my blood ❤❤
This is fu**ing excellent. It makes me feel good, keep up the fantastic work!
Diamond Rose
I'm obsessed with this song
Krishna Adji
2 0 1 8
I'm getting motivation to make my own songs...
Có thím VN nào tầm này còn mò vào đây hôn?
• Craz •
I really really *REALLY WANNA KNOW WHOSE THE SINGER IS* her voice is SO AMAZING!!! LOVE THIS SONG sooo freaking much!!!
Susan b
still as beautiful as the first day I heard it
Grey Goose
Nevve .. Who is she? Can't find on any social media.. She has an awesome voice..
Omfg that artwork... <3
This song makes me feel like a goddess, when I’m really just a silly little potato 😹
MTP Sơn Tùng
I don't know english so much but i listen this song is amazing
Cong Ba Dang
I love this song 😄😄
spring day
This. Is. So. Underrated.
Arctic Empire
Illenium is love <3
Somehow it reminds me of Life is Strange
vincent uy
So much nostalgia :) who's still here?
no dale
a l a n z o k a
Radhea Permata Dewi
Hi, my friend recommended me this song and I listen to it everyday. I don't know anything about music and beat but this song made me so emotional and the lyric is so meaningful. Love Illenium and Nevve from Indonesia. ❤
Kirin F.
If you are feeling lost, come here.
The guitar is da real mvp here, gj guitar ❤👌
cheshire cat
Does this make anyone else nostalgic? I can’t quite explain what memory this reminds me of or whatever it just feels like a song that brings back memories
Lea Beckman
Illenium & Alan got music triggers to make me emotionally. Either sad, happy or determined about moments in life. I wish I can meet you guys!!!
Joseph Garrison
The Groovy Guitar Dude
For anyone who wants to learn how to play this on guitar, here's how :) Capo 4th Fret D| 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 5 5 G| 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 B| 1 1 1 1 1s5 1 1 1 1 1s5 1 1 1 1 5s3 That picking pattern repeats through almost the entire song! If you want to lay some chords on top of that, these four chords repeat through the entire song, the only thing that changes is the strum pattern! Am, F, C, G Strum Pattern Options: 1) ↓ (Mostly verse & pre-chorus) 2) ↓↓↑ ↑↓↑ (End of verse & end of pre-chorus) 3) ↓↓↑ ↑↓↑ ↑↓↑ ↑↓↑ (Chorus) Hope this helps out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just uploaded a video lesson for this on my channel :)
Just wow...
Hannah -
Katniss and mocking jay...?
monsta x
I'm listening 18/08/2
Sad Bunny
I'm a simple man - I see Illenium, I press like.
chiểu ba dao
One like I in to vietnam
Frank CR7
hope to meet u again Sara ♥
Jacky_ 359
This song will never old.
ThirtyOne Fifty
If you listen to this song and the song by sudden rush - Mi Noog its the same exact song. someone remix it!
Fameeda Faroon
I keep thinking this song would be great to use in an attack on titan amv. I would do it myself but I don't know how to make amv's T-T
New song by Time Stopper
I just found this song for the first time, sick !
Illenium blows
Cd os br aqui?
The Astronaut
im loving this genre of sad electro music.
The legendary Ninja
Vishnu s
Nice melody and awesome lyrics
Patrick Gagnon
whoever sings this has a very beautiful voice. I love it
Harry Day
A misty memory resurfaced in his mind, littered with glowing embers and ash. Broken trees with burnt branches hanging limp surrounded his recollection. There was no sky in that fractured echo of a time gone by - black smoke loomed overhead like storm clouds waiting to rain. The first sparks of lightning itched to life within Dana and he knew thunder was imminent. A wheat field burning red was nearby. As if happening before his eyes again, Dana watched his home suffer at the hands of men with spears and swords and dogs. By them he was cast away from his family; a village once alive was killed. Such as the lives of friends long dead, the boy's innocence was snuffed out on that long, dark night. Dana's yearning for revenge was rekindled. The sudden emergence of suppressed memories of that unholy night called the boy to action. To Dana it was do-or-die and, like a burning eagle taking to the sky with a flaming tail and a wake of smoke, Dana packed up his bag again and pushed the door of his room open. Silently, with a hunger for justice, he set out into the cold night. He could see the stars this time.
Izabelle Brisbois
If anyone plays episode this song gives me the feels for I broke my rules for you.
Abdullah Abdi
October 2018??
I can do anything when this is playing
jesus Cortez
Deep Groove
Legend is back...
Tuyul Gondrong
October 2018 ?? Hit like
Vishnu s
One of ma Favre song
pi gi
Angelic music!
Peaceful Đặng
oh . i has found my favourite music
Neutrix Music
Illenium drums <3
Ahmad Bayu
Giang Long
Przemek Szumański
Well, I don't trust that song.
that intro gets me everytime
AnOldEra Eu
Sees Illenium upload *drops everything*
June 2018 ?
Who's drawing these pictures?!!!
Marreta Do Zoio
Quem aí também veio pelo SK Dream (Xips)
Danu Priyatmoko
Remind me of my 💓
Trọng Lưu
6/2018 ai con xem
Ktoś Z Polski?
Can we hit 5001 subs with no vid
I found this song on Osu!
Vanessa Louis
Old but gold
[edit] Thanks for almost 500! likes! omg! tnx! am i the only one who thinks when the drop comes 1:35 want to score a world cup winning goal kiss my crush save my crush from falling step on a lego defuse a nuclear bomb annyone? no? k
MenaleGames 123
i love your music
AshCast EDM
15/9/18 anyone?
thanh tuấn
22 9 2018
Abir Mahmud Dipto
After searching for years I finally found it.
Shera Peterson
Who got here from denkops Livestream
Chiaracclips Von Guérard
Gamer22657 Gameplay
O love Illenium :3 > <3
I listened to this is few days ago, Loved it and put in on a playlist. Never saw it again. And I just found it for the second time Today, The current of the music, Rushing through you... Makes you feel so alive and you suddenly get this spark of happiness and excitement... I wish I had that spark every day. The melody is so beautiful and it calms you and it centers you in that place of excitement and peace... And the song just moves through you. Love it.
61 vô danh
3-7-2018 From Vietnam Bài nhạc hay mà tôi yêu thích
i'm 14 and learning guitar we all have to start somewhere