90210 2x14 Naomi and Ivy fight over Liam, Liam and Naomi kiss

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Abi Alonso
It's funny cause Annie ended up with him 😂💀
Tj23 gaming
I like how liam dated all of his friends that were girls
Inda S
Honey zont zo it. Naomi is not to be messed with
I love Naomi😂😂
Sarah Burke
I like name naomi much better than ivy.i mean come on she asked ivy for help thinking she was her friend and she does that shit
Caro A.
Liam is sooo hot😍🔥
Jamie Lee
neomi is better for Liam, ivy and Liam ewwwwww
Kionna Clark
I Love Naomi She's The Best
Lisa Mongron
Naomi omfg her expression..love her!
Wow! ivy looks really alike to violet from ahs!!!
Aniyah Lumpkin
You look like a little wet seal 😂😂
I can't believe ppl actually like Naomi she's such an obnoxious rich brat
everyone loves Naomi. alot cz she sz so sweet and nice and pretty . Beautiful.
Ganjababy Ja
I hated ivy so much lol
Sarah Aden
Hahaha i Love Naomi😂
Ehrynne Fultzigvnvnbnvh by I hench cf HVDC CXC
Liam is so hot.
Suha Kamran
Them fighting is hilarious
Zoozy G
And in the end he like Annie 😂
Aristacrat 1234
I still wonder why Liam and Annie ended up together... Liam and Naomi should have been endgame
Camila L.
Naomi is literally the best 💛
Kiko Nguyen
wow she sz so good. and awesome.beautiful and kind. selfish?!?? not true she put sz everyone ahead of her until someone seems to seem to sabatoge her but she forgave Jen. so Ilove them.
Lucy Heartfilia
Naomi is my favorite in 90210
Whit Whit
They should have been end game
Linda Parra
I hated Naomi and Liam I really liked Annie and Jasper although jasper and Annie were cute together except he was a drug dealer
Sterek Hallinski
This fight was awesome!
Thanya Wells
Naomi freaking out reminded me of parent trap
Camila L.
Liam and Naomi are match made in freaking heaven 🙌🏼✨❤️
Ariana Leo
Noemi is so rude and a brat
Tristen Moore
Naomi is super hot when she runs.
Lisa Galchick
Naomi yes😂😂😂😂😂
Rylan Emery
Annie's better
Jazmine Roxborough
Liam is pretty hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Sophie Louise
I would be pretty annoyed if a random girl started to flirt and be silly with my man😒
Ashleigh Gerber
i like song
Ehrynne Fultzigvnvnbnvh by I hench cf HVDC CXC
Now Liam is saying what's going on with both of y'all why. are y'all fighting.
Ehrynne Fultzigvnvnbnvh by I hench cf HVDC CXC
Naomi and ivy both of y'all could get injured and in up in the hospital by a second.
Elyzabeth Douville
Paul John Leadbeater
LOL!!! 😂😂😂😂
Cold Winter
Claire Stevenson
Casey Thomas
Naomi is...HOT! 🔥 😍
uwagboe idemudia
Pls ws d the title of this movie
Jade Helfman
Love it
Shanel Ytb
Jade Youtuber
Lol hehehe
Ana C 3001
where can i watch this show?all seasons?
she has energy o f love.
Abubakar Bala
Francesca Rossetti
Ivy is really annoying here.
elovescandy !!
what is this show called
Faith Lukes
what show is this
Leila Zunini
Como no terminaron juntos 💔💔💔💔
Anna Namyotova
7:20 ivy smacked noamis butt with her surfboard lol nice
Aaron Sebastian
Lol Naomi she loves attention.
Abel Mantor
Don't know who's hotter: ivy or Naomi.
Briget Ivory
I had a feeling that ivy liked liam
Razali Mohamed
Which one is Naomie? Yellow or Black?
naomi somkene
My name is Naomi
she is class yyy.
Ilove her
Lauren Skinner
Shut so both have a wonderful lots of sex