Hobbywing Brushless 5.5 T 6000 KV 3S Xray chinese clone

Chinese clone of xray r/c car powered by 3s lipo. Brushless Combo Hobbywing 5.5 T 6000 KV

Azim Nazhan
It's vantex xray.. Xray clone
@ashnbrandon1 Tick Tick mr hick! You megaderp people make me laugh sometimes.
Michael Clerc
wow have you chance some parts he is ferry cheap so 100euro
the fan sounds like a meat grinder mincing whole bodies
Kuj Gaming
the cooling fan will burn up if your using 3s. you should rewire it
Jawid Smart
clone??? it run good man !!
@Boneyards66 mamba 7700!!! i am running it on 6s lipo^^ a little to fast!
even though its a clone, runs very smoothe duude!
@rccrazer Mine came in a box that said Xracing and its supposed to be a T2'008 clone.
colter james Calvetti
what is the name of this chinese clone and who makes it?