Winter In Wartime | trailer (2011)

Trailer Genre: drama Regie / directed by: Martin Koolhoven Darsteller / cast: Kinostart Deutschland: Kinostart USA: 2011 offizielle Filmsite: /> Verwendung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sony used with authorization

Jamie Campbell Bower as Jack ♥ Omfg. 
Gime Toma
here for sanne :)
Deborah Bennett
yes it is very well made :( sad though
MIPLwith Charlotte
I watched the film it is so sad but very good
Gast jij moet jezelf schamen om zo Nederland weg te zetten. Nederland heeft weldegelijk een cultuur en is een mooi land (al zeg ik het zelf). Ik hoop dat jij jezelf nooit Nederlander zou noemen want er is niks mis met dit land.
Louisa van den Brink
So in the film they are speaking, Dutch, German and English
Inez de Vries
Jamie Campbell Bower <3
Diederik Klassen
Haha, Nederland heeft geen 'cultuur'. Blijf maar lekker in Amerika. ;)
Álvaro Cruz
This movie is inspired on book, an amazing book, it is ahort and very rich, i highly recommend it,
You're Dutch, I presume? Anyway, I'm glad you like the US :p For me, really it started with a funny fancy for the Dutch language(yes, I really do like the way it sounds!) I don't like the Netherlands simply because I watched an entertaining movie. I actually love many different cultures and countries, but everything I know about Dutch culture, I like. Of course no society i perfect, or full of perfect people, but I appreciate each one's unique culture and identity. (:
Diederik Klassen
You like Holland? Because of a movie, a movie of 60+ years ago? Hahahahaha, WTF. It sucks over here. Why? Because i life over here... ;)
Quang Anh
what the fuck
Harrison Benoit
nothing like the book
i know since i am dutch :P
The british soldier looks like mac miller lolz
Great movie ,I can believe it was not nominated for best foreign film
i think it's when it was released in america possibly...
I just saw this movie for the first time, so incredible. I have do much respect for Holland and what it went through.
ist a 2008 movie... not 2011
Montgomery Mongoloid
the blonde kid looks like a god.
So when are we gonna see a movie about Knights of Denmark?
I strongly doubt this would be a good movie.....since in my experience Dutch movies suck(I'm dutch myself), It's always just a meh, its not good and not bad but I cant watch the whole thing.
@ultiman2000: It is an excellent movie. Don't expect any typical holly-woody happy ending though. It is awesome with realistic ending....just like most European movies.
Epic comments argument about WW2.
Adan N.
Is the movie good? -.- seems like it does.
finally a movie netflix has
oorlogswinter geniale film was dat zeg maar hij was al in 2009 ofso uit niet in 2011
@lev924 It is. Believe me i've watched it before. I live in the Netherlands that's why.
this looks amazing
People always arguing on YouTube.....smh
@adamczik im german war was over in 45 and as sorry as i am for all your losses friend u cant just blame all germans in that age group
@mivvie12 Stop talking bullshit. I never blamed you and todays Germans. But I have no reason to forgive germans from 39-45. You say I am 24 years old, but remember that maybe half of my family died on battelfields, stalags, camps or just on the street because NSDAP win election in 1933. So please, think about it.
@siloduscher1231 Forgive? Maybe in thousand years. 5,5 million Poles died because of yours lost and frustration.
@JS0Cs Don't be stereotypical you idiot.
dutch movie :P seen it at school pretty good movie even tho i dont like dutch movies
sandy -
@thesaxmk whahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahah
Billy Hastings
This film was made in 2008. I have been watching it for the last 2 years.I do think that this film is amazing and worth a watch. We offten forget that in was not only Jews and gypsies that had a had life during the war.
The thing people forget about Hitler, is all the good things he did for Germany in the beginning. He brought Germany out of a recession, he built up employment, he gave people hope for their futures and pride in being German. If only every country lived like this now!
Ricardio Channel
@siloduscher1231 You cant help what they did back then, Just as the Americans for example cant help the American slavery.
so is this another bad bad nazi with we are the good guys US/UK added poor lil jew/whateverbutnotgermanforcertain victim doing the right thing movie?
@kristijan0kroflin so mein freund butterblume, bevor du mich noch mal als nationalsozialisten bezeichnest, sei dir gesagt das ich von jüdischen flüchtlingen aus dem baltikum stamme. zum glück sind solche frösche wie du verschwindend gering.
@kristijan0kroflin ich denke genetisch unterscheidest du dich vondene auch nicht, aber mal im ernst,was ist das für ne verquerre aussage von dir? ich hoffe die palästinenser dürfen die gleiche mentalität an den tag legen, wenn der grossvater geraubt hat so müssen die enkel immer noch für den verlust des landes aufkommen. wäre doch mal eine interessante idee.
THIS WAS RELEASED 3/4 YEARS AGO IN THE NETHERLANDS???? For interested ones, it's called "Oorlogswinter" in dutch, go look it up :)
@siloduscher1231, nobody would care so much had the mass killing occured a thousand years ago, we all forgive the mongels for those entire cities they'd slaughtered. But it is hard to forgive germany because we've put too much hope and expectation in germany, after all, it is the land and nation that gave birth to Beethoven, Nietzsche. Because we've foolishly thought that She was the future of civilization.
The US of A - federal presidential constitutional republic; Germany - federal parliamentary republic; France - unitary semi-presidential republic and so forth. They are not in favor of democracy - by constitution. Wars were, and are, not fought for the people but by the people, to gain advantage in the possession of recources. Common way of achieving this is sharing your ideology with others. Has always been and will always be this way...
Maybe people should be starting to consider the dynamic process and progress of history. There are no Germans who do this, no Americans who do that. There simply are no entire peoples to blame but certain individuals and groups. Most people just want to make a living and will adapt to any circumstances they were forced into. Same goes for Nazi-sympathizers, as well as everyone who thinks that most of the NATO-states are democracies and support democratic movement... they are not.
@kristijan0kroflin Maybe i start to suffer a very very little tiny bit for what some of my ancestors may have done to the jewish society 70 years ago, when u start to suffer for what happens in palestine today. But until then i live very peacefully without suffering on and make me LOL...;-)
@siloduscher1231 Still the german people were the main reason he was able to get to power. So the zeitgeist of the german people at that time is not be excused in any way. But what matters is the present and the future, and by that Germany are best allies with almost any country in current Europe. Probably because (let's be honest) Germany has got the wealth, but also because Germany wanted to make something right in Europe, of which they did horribly wrong. Which is worth to embrace to move on.
@siloduscher1231 Nice one: "Don't blame us germans, it's all the austrians fault".
Yesim Bambi
@siloduscher1231 =) true ... sad but true
Yesim Bambi
@siloduscher1231 and what about the idea that everyone now saying: i was against him but they killed me if i tried... get together? why didn´t show? why ignoring everything if "so many people were against" ? lies.. sry can´t understand it im livin in germany right now and i can tell there is kind of "the others are bad" inside the hads, doesn´t matter if knowinly or not - there´s no excuse - no forgiving no forgetting just knowing that this generation is dying off
@marianostpc this is not a HOLLYWOOD movie you dumbass,is a movie from holland!!!!
Great movie,I can;t believe it was not nominated for best foreign film
I'm proud of my German heritage. No questions asked.
Mega Webhunter
wanna see a good WWII movie? i also recomed this movie !!!!!!!!
Nazis Rocked!! if there were no NaZis, i wouldn't be able to watch so many EPIC War movie! :D
@harukahanayami You don't have to feel ashamed just because you're German... every human should feel ashamed that fashism and war still exists. (greetings from Switzerland)
I kinda feel ashamed of being German when reading the comments. Makes me sad.
Kili Keks
@honkdalonk und haben Atombomben auf die Japaner geschmissen..... tdamals blieb einfach vielen keine wahl als mitzumachen....
Meg Cun
@stevesg92 can i blame the german soldiers, like the ones that slaughtered the jews?
Kili Keks
ich finde es schade das viele die deutschen noch als Nazis sehen... Weil es nicht diese Generation war und damals bliebe vielen keine Wahl
Knight of Oath
@MegaAzby Oh I see, that makes more sense I guess
Same kind of movie.the good and the evil.
@Slangebarnet one of the most stupid questions I have ever read. go back to school!
@NATTypeStrick watch french movies jeux noel and a very long engagement,about WWI,great movies
Johan Piera
@folladordeprostis I know hey? Fking Americans.
@SyaoranXSakuraTC no, it's about and DUTCH boy helping an English soldier.
@enoching7 i know huh, fkn COD retards
DUTCH MOVIE!! In The netherlands is call ''Oorlogswinter''
Knight of Oath
I see that some people are correcting people that all Germans are not bad, I mean it is true, this movie is about a German boy helping an American solider against the Nazi. It is pretty obvious...
1:35 Time to go Magneto on em, boi !
this is a great movie!!!!! I'm addicted to it, I watched it around 100 times and it still isn't boring. great movie!
Mare J
Zoooo een leuke fims :D Vooral Jamie Campbell Bower haha
@enoching7 It's like nerd world war 27 at this point.
Fantastic film!EU cinema rules!
@MrMatz45 Are you kidding me? The whole footage of the normandy landing alone must cover a longer time then the actual war did by now.
Hey another WW 2 movie...
@Stierkrampf Ja anders kann man das doch nicht deuten!? Kannst natürlich auch versuchen zu erklären, warum ich falsch liege und in dem trailer wirklich keiner Deutsch redet...wäre ne Möglichkeit.
@Stierkrampf Na gut dann resigniere. Hat Spass gemacht ;)
@Stierkrampf Gut, dann haben wir es ja! Aber bitte versuch nicht durch wirklich dumme Kommentare eine vermeintliche Überlegenheit auszudrücken...die ist definitiv nicht vorhanden ;)
@Stierkrampf Also körperlich gehts mir bestens, danke! Warum so agressiv? Weil du gemerkt hast, dass du dir mit deinem letzten Kommentar selbst ins Knie geschossen hast?
@Stierkrampf Sieh an! Da kommen wir der Sache doch näher. Von "kein Deutsch" zu "kein echtes Deutsch". Also wird Deutsch gesprochen...Grammatik, Wortwahl und/oder Aussprache mal aussen vor. Danke für die Einsicht. Hat ja bedauernswerter Weise lange genug gedauert.
Lia R
It's the dude from Jarrasic Park
@Stierkrampf Betrachten wir das nochmal. In diesem trailer spricht jemand Deutsch. Du behauptest niemand spricht Deutsch. Und ich soll ein Witz sein? Süß...
@Stierkrampf Not really...but now i know your disease. It's called stupidness. But relax...there's some medicine ---> education ;) Wenn du schon den Anschein erwecken willst, über eine gewisse Intelligenz zu verfügen, dann wäre es vielleicht besser Rechtschreibfehler etc. zu vermeiden... Aber gut...hat wohl keinen Sinn.
true...the one who recognizes his language in this trailer is the idiot... Wo bitte ist dein Problem?
@Stierkrampf Really!? And what about " Aha, da ist ja der Bürgermeistersohn wieder." Learn german...german. Oh and i'm german...really ;)
Looks interesting!
@stevesg92 geographically, Flanders (Benelux) is a relatively small area, but also with exceptionally "flat" (parts even below sea level) & open terrain. Much harder for partisans to operate in as opposed to hills, mountains, & extensive forest or even bocage (like in Normandy). Nowhere to hide really. They did the right thing, especially if you weigh the minimal amount of damage they could have inflicted on the Germans, compared to how many civilians would have died. So, you're correct.
@DuellMeNoob at least it's not another freaking D-Day. this looks interesting, it's less firepower more deep story
This looks pretty good.
Enoch Ching
@xGIATIx shit would've fooled me. That's because you don't type, spell, or write like a 28 year old. which would probably explain why you don't have a job and thus are relegated to typing shit on youtube all day long. yeah, go look up the word 'relegated,' bitch.
Thumper J
@enoching7 for starters i nvr claimed to be better then u and for 2 since when does the x means shit its just a name cause giati was taken and for 3 ya im 28 in the 5th grade not that it was any oof your biz if i was but either way im done here i said what i had to say ive got better things to be doing other then listening to u cry like a bitch so good day sir
Enoch Ching
@xGIATIx you really wanna go there? first off, you're bitching about me bitching. from where i stand, you're not any better than me. second of all i like how you have to stick 'x's in front of and behind your screen name, to prove you're hard. what are you, in 5th grade?
Thumper J
@enoching7 a stick up my ass rofl to funny and if u like reading the comments then read them and stop your crying like a lil girl u running your mouth about it aint no better then what your righting about so whats the point other then looking stupid
Enoch Ching
@xGIATIx hey i think there's a stick up your ass. and fyi maybe i want to read helpful comments that talk about the setting of the film? info about the directors and actors? not just retarded arguments. So think before you open your sewer slime filled trap or learn to shut the fuck up.
Thumper J
@enoching7 then start watching the trailers and not the comments and stfu
yeahh bestt dutch film :)
Jason Charitakis
@stevesg92 We agree, im just trying to be ironic. Im sick of people blaming the Germans for everything.