Z Review - Verum One [Kickstarter NOW LIVE!]

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Verum Audio
Oh, I've been waiting for this review impatiently and it really embarasses me. I'll try not to give myself airs ;) p.s. What is more important, Zeos is an endangered species of true audio enthusiast. I really grateful to you for your time and opinion!
shafiqul sarker
Stopped four minutes into the review and now I’m backer number 92. Zeos has murdered my wallet in record time.
in 11 minutes it went from 24k to 31k lol. gg Z, couldn't even get to sound description before it costed me another 50$ xd
Justin Warthen
It’s just Ukraine not The Ukraine
Dodo King
My wallet does not even feel the least bit of remorse from dropping 300$ on these. Edit: Just think about what all of the money past the set goal will go to and there is one word to answer that. Quality is that word and I am even more hyped then when I backed it.
38k out of 30k $ already. The guy is gonna have a lot of work lol.
Joe Percy
Got one. This better not take a year.
Those things can make Imagine Dragons listenable? Damn...
18:00 First time Zeos being touched by a girl
1 left at $299 and I bought it.
Does It sound good on O2ODAC Combo? It has .54 Ohms of Output Impedance. I am at backers# 159
I'm still saving up for some Stax L700.
But would it win a court case against a Hanna-Barbera cartoon?
I have a schiit magni, I have no idea if it would drive them correctly. If it does then I'm buying these right now.
Ian Pillow
I didn’t even hesitate to become one of the last of the 100
Adam Kycia
Backed - Have you tried them on the Jot? I mean, I have my HE-500's hooked up to a speaker amp with the HE-Adapter, but my only other amp is a Jotunheim, so I want to know if I'll need to get a new headphone amp for these, due to the "Strange to drive" factor.
please never tell again items should cost more . that's just not smart. there is so many overpriced things out there cause dump people thing expensive is always better. no headphone in this planet should cost more the $500.
Raoden Aybara
i would have grabbed them for $299 but was too late. gonna pass for now. i got my audeze mobius arriving soon anyway
Kaizer Beelzebub
"contains paid content" is missing in the video
Kevin Yeoh
Does it have Audeze bass?
Bart D
Just watched 3/4 of your video and now they are sold out already.... in the beginning of your video there were still 35 left. Damnit! -_-
This is the third headphone i buy after watching your review. However, this is the first headphone that i just immediately impulse bought. Thank you for the review, i'm very excited to get theeese!
Koutcherouk Heinrich
The reason those headphones are best matched with JDS Labs element is because it has near-0 output impedance. Excellent AMP IMHO. Can even drive my Fostex T60RP on low gain, easily...
Greg Sheehan
Thanks Zeos! Luckily snagged an early bird with your notifications.
The Evil Triggers
Audio gear and waifus? I just found heaven
Grrr....I was just eyeballing these on kickstarter and I was all "Oh, Z talks about these lets watch it!" ...curses. Wallet now $350 lighter. Now excited :)
Kosology Joseph
i'm only kinda slightly very mad at his mistaking his beloved m1060 for m1060c, that's like forgetting your favorite child's name and calling them your other favorite child's name!
blus z
these vs LCD2C?
Is there any history of products there never coming to pass? I have never used Kickstarter,
dakotah dunham
a piece of sound art
Brian Matthews
$299 option all gone. $349 now.
Fabio Rigo
33.000 USD over a target of 30.000 already.. joined myself... can't wait...
Artem Novikov
I live in Kharkov, Ukraine.
366 backers at over $120K (4x original goal) with 27 days to go. Not too shabby.
My wallet wasn't ready. Excited and happy to pledge.
Ryshask -
Great, now I have to upgrade from my fiio q5, thanks Z
Lan Yee Oh
Sneaky Full Metal Alchemist reference
Nathan Scott
Those are some sexy headphones
8 ohms...that’s amazing.
JJ Deviloper
Planars with good build quality and decent price = Fostex T#0RP
lol for the early bird there were 23 when I started watching, they are all gone now. They may sound great, but this is one ugly mofo.
Ante Pavelić
Zeos, I get you are excited but UKRAINE is a corrupt country full of liars and scammers I wouldn't invest a penny in that kick-starter... Anyone investing a dime in this should expect nothing in return! You mark my works NOBODY WILL GET ANYTHING FROM THIS!
mustafa stoll
Hey, audiophiles and audio-enthusiasts. Since im not that much invested with audio equipment and my knowledge about audio tech is fairly limited, i have a question which some of you guys could answer. I`ve currently brought the InLine AmpUSB (99202I) and i want to use it with my Akg 712 pro, primarily for gaming and music in general. Bought it cheap for around 50 bucks. Is it a good amp&dac?
How much difference is there between the JDS Labs Element and the EL DAC? I'm guessing DMS got you to try the JDS Stack? :P
I spy a pair of A5Xs ;)
Cas .K
Jo a few questions zeos first of all are these good for gaming second what kind of cables are u using on ur mackie
Baka Kafka
Kickstarter says 12 Ohm, not 8. So did it change or was there a mixup?
Essential EDM
Is it worth selling my lcd-2f (not c) to get these?
Brandon Whitaker
I've been waiting for this review. I seen the video where you mentioned these. Cheap planars always make me curious.
iliketoread Iliketothink17
These look AMAZING!!!!!!!!
Leondro Brady
Hells yes, Harvey Birdman reference. I just wet myself a little...
*anonymous shitposter*
ZEOS I DID IT I COMMITTED PLES DON LET DOWN SMILEY FACE I WAS THE 97'TH BACKER AND THERE WERE 10 LEFT On a side note what amp should I use for these other then your stack, I have the odac/o2 amp combo, will that be enough? also does this work on tubes?
idc about cheap planars im still waiting for someone to make a good planar peroid. idc if its $1200
RIP Stefan Karl aka Robbie Rotten! 🥇🕺
I'm dying inside because I don't have the money for them 😭😭 broke sophomore here 😂
Rob Jar
Zeos, what's better: Verum One or Argon MK3?
Barry Musgrove
If you've seen the film Metropolis, wouldn't they so suit that lady robot, that's a Cosmo fashion cover circa 1930. Not dishing at all but they have an art Deco vibe.
Zeos, do you think and/or know if the schiit magni 2 and modi 2 combo will work well for these headphones? I currently own the AKG k712, how would you compare them to the Verum One?
I wonder how these sound balanced.
Andrew Shonk
Hey Z, long time viewer, always been a few fan of your videos. If I wasn't in college and on a budget I'd grab these headphones in a heartbeat over my He400. I was wondering if you could do a 2018 IEM round up again under say $100 as those are great videos for those of us who can't use our open back headphones in campus libraries. Keep it up with the outstanding content!
Speaking of HiFiMan.. It's time for you Zeos to do that review FOR THE 3RD TIME!!! I'm talking about HiFiMan Ananda ($1000), the identical twin to Edition X.. the non-identical twin of HE-1000. Good luck with that.
Mike R
I just got a pair of open box m1060s for $200 a month ago and I've still got to get em a decent dac/amp. Would you say these are worth spending my next couple benjamins on?
Cryptoman 5000
Z, what was that you said? Your going to get a second pair as a giveaway on your patreon subscribers channel. Custom made with a "Z Approved" Embossed on the side in the HD 600 Z Yellow. Sounds cool.
David Stefanowicz
How do these compare to the he4xx? Cause I just joined the drop for that
Kiosk Hill
Could you try this on the AD18? One stream I asked what headphones under $300 should i get since I have the AD18, but I think for these I'd be willing to go a little over, and I forgot to mention I wanted open-back. Also, do you know if this will be available separate from kickstarter in case if I want to wait to get it?
test test
What the heck, the basx is the only headphone amp I have. Don't make me spend $600 on a pair of cans and an amp
Jerry Georgopolis
Thanks for the interesting review....Will there Ever Be a Headphone Developed that is "Perfect" in every Sonic Way ?
T Blank
I have several of that same wire from other headphones. That spring strain relief pops off pretty easily though and just slides around the cable. It is a nice cable though. Went ahead and put myself in the kickstarter too.
audeze lcd 2 classic or dis?
Angel Studios GSG Gaming
Dude dude I know what you talkin about because I'm tired of buying your voice man and the sound good yeah I don't like crap I can't find that perfect one you can't find the perfect one I think this is the one and I believe it you could I trust you you don't you don't you don't like your videos I know you don't keep it up bro
Angel Studios GSG Gaming
Yeah I know that if one looks like somebody cares I could tell by the frame by everything on that your phone that that guy actually gives a flying poop about what he's doing you know what I mean
Agent Orange
So these should be excellent for gaming? If their big sounding like the HEK and HEX then they should be. I like my Ananda for gaming, which are pretty much the same as the Edition X.
Mario Mendez
Oh I am not paying $300 dollars for headphones. I am paying $300 dollars for beautiful craftsmanship my God talk about SMEXY. Can someone give that man a hug.
Well thanks for nothing. Now I want these and I can't get them because they are gone. Zeesh. :)
Hi, you sold them to me XD. Now just wait. You could say that this works with the Q1 fiio. Right now it's the only DAP I have. A greeting from Spain
Congrats to the guy. That goal got utterly crushed...hope to see more available, because there was no way I was going to be able to kick in for a pair.
The Truman Show
It says 12 ohm on the kickstarter. So maybe yours are custom 8ohm or typo
Austin Ripperger
Not even an hour later and they're at $33,000. Holy shit!
I currently own a pair of HD 600s, so how are they compared to HD600s?. I am just looking for different sound signature then hd 600s.
Z - I thought I read somwhere that the EL AMP is the same amp from The element only the el dac is different. Also, would the Audeze Deckard amp be good to drive this?
...I can"t afford this channel anymore. But I can't quit you Z.
Payton Ingram
how do you think these would sound with the schiit modi and magni stack? would there still be that distortion? also i bought some, hype
The Katyusha figure of her standing on the box is better. I know Schwarzwald for life but the build quality is not that good. Also these cans look amazing.
Thank you Z for being so effing slow to put out your videos. I already pledged 6 hours ago when I got the Kickstarter notification.
Angel Studios GSG Gaming
Yeah I'm 42 labor don't want man but God damn they're beautiful love and look good to me f****** earphones man too late too late for me I guess keep it up bro
Z - I Really LOVE your reviews man. What would we do without you in audioland :)
manish maharjan
Been following V for more than a year on headfi, hope they give my LCD3 a run for their money :3
Ryan Yang
HI Zeos. How do this headphone compare to the stax 207.I found a used 2170 bundle with odac in roughly the same price.
MrSpeakers Aeons are 12ohms. Not totally unusual for planars.
Rafael Ruiz-Tagle
Since these headphones are so particular, would it work with my nano idsd black?
I would buy them but don't have the money atm. Going to be forever til they are available again I am sure. :(
Me: so how does it feel listening to these? Z Reviews: Suspicious bulge.
david maison
Where is the review of the massdrop sennheiser hd 58x ???
Thanx Zeos! Now I`m backer 480 :-)
Angel Studios GSG Gaming
At least somebody knows good quality it's about time somebody main are bones for people that actually give a flying poop about music
Angel Studios GSG Gaming
I can't wait to see the ones the final product it's going to be lit bro s*** let's do it I cannot wait bro
hi im new, can somebody tell me where I can find his playlist?
Shaun Jacobsen
Would you say this is better than a used pair of he-560's or any other used planar headphones in the $3-400 range?
The kickstarter still has 25 days left and he's backed almost 150k