BMD-4 Airborne Amphibious Light Tank / Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Russia

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The BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle is the latest addition to the BMD line of air-droppable light armored vehicles in service with Russian airborne elements. The biggest challenge to modern-day war planners has always been properly outfitting their airborne-minded soldiers (classically known as "paratroopers") for the task ahead. Since these battlefield elements were principally charged with jumping out of aircraft, they were severely limited in the equipment and weaponry they could carry into the fray - lacking all manner of armored support and artillery save for a few light mortars. It was not until the 1960s that militaries (principally the Soviets and the Americans) began fleshing out the prospect of landing capable "air droppable" tanks to help airborne units manage their footholds before the arrival of the main ground force. For the Americans, this became the M551 Sheridan series while the Soviets unveiled their BMD family (as the BMD-1) with both vehicles going into operational service in 1969. While the M551 was more of a classic "tank" design, it was specifically fielded as a light reconnaissance assault vehicle, seeing combat service in the Vietnam War, Panama and Operation Desert Storm. The Soviet BMD was more in line with the "infantry fighting vehicle" concept and retained key qualities consistent with Red Army doctrine - strong firepower, good cross country performance and inherent amphibious qualities. The BMD-1 was bettered in the upcoming and refined BMD-2 of 1985 which was further evolved into the improved BMD-3 of 1990. In 2005, the BMD-4 was adopted by the Russian Army to fulfill the same long-running role of the BMDs before it - however much thought was given to advancing the breed for the challenges of the modern battlefield. As such, the BMD-4 features much improved armor protection and firepower over that of the preceding BMD-3 series - the BMD-4 essentially being an amalgam of the BMD-3 itself and the successful BMP-3 Armored Personnel Carrier. While the American M551 has since been removed from service with the US Army, the Russians have continued the tradition of the air-droppable tank in its inventory - meaning that the BMD-4 has no true "equal" on the world stage. -like -comment -Subscribe Thanks you :-*

Yogesh Pawar
Russia is a great country
Babak Bobejros
Viva Russia and China and Iran the Aryans
Stryker killer!
Matthew Hedrick
Thanks for the vid but the music could be lower please. Other than that fantastic.
Outavong Phathammavong
send them to Syria please
It's JUST for special forces,support and transport,nothing more nothing less.....
lowe booty
There are already 800-900 New or modernized BMP3 or 4 in Russia inventory aditional 200 are build per year.
Devon Deoni
Our dis continued EFV should have been smaller and lighter instead of some big sea hulk to work alongside other amphibious craft. It would not cost as much neither, come on R&D sort it rapidos 🇺🇸
Radovan Mester
Rich Purslow
doesnt china have something similar to this, seem to remember from op flashpoint DR. Best vehicle in the game.
Pierre Flamand
Ok, I am fed up with your loud music. Thumbs DOWN