Zatoichi TV series (1979) S04E21 - OSP PRODUCT

Tom Riviere
Great series and actor.Can't stop watching these movies.
Darwin Edwards
Shintaru.....master ichi .....Konichiwa.........your emporer Darwin Edwards.
Conell Edwards
Love Zatoichi, my favourite actor after seeing his 1st flim"BLIND Bastard".Number 1fan
lulua mahalo
I love the original Zatoichi movies, but this was slow and boring.
Keith Purdue
I have all the movies and nearly all the tv shows. Even better than Yojimbo. Sorry, Toshiro-san.
No Justice No Calm
All Actors Actress The Best!!🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋
Keith Purdue
Unfortunately there is no sound here. Fail. You must commit seppuku for failing to supply sound.
Pace! Multumim pentru film--o splendoare: peisaj, obiceiuri, actorii, interiorul caselor,..... Bucuresti, RO, EU
Chain Leigh
42:55 I always wonder if the camera man rolled his camera in a fster speed to get the flash effect or Mr. Katsu Shintaro had al;ready developed his own kind of skill of martial arts. Do you know there was once a clone Zatoichi who played a Zatoichi in some Hong Kong movie called "Zatoichi versus Guillotine/The Blind-Swordsman's Revenge / 1972" and you might be confused because he had some similar but a little different drawing blade skill.
Peter Burnett
most of 3rd season is missing.
Billy Whyte
no sound
mike mcgrath
esta serie es buenísima felicidades
Leo Yu
Leo Yu
What's wring with the sound???
Yan de Haan
The best old japanese Samurai films ever , Yan de Haan/Holland.
Wheres the audio? Dislike and flag