Adam & Steve

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At the dawn of time, two men realize their destiny. And it's not OK with them. Starring Richard Valentin Jr. Noah James & Michael Nixon as the Voice of God CREW Michael Nixon Melinda-Catherine Gross Christian Hartman Tyler Rivera-Stein ©2013 Scott Drive Productions

why did they make Adam and Steve straight. 
Peoples Choice
they hot. but anyway - this is sooo american - that they so disgusted about each other
James Tarr
Guy on right is kinda hawt.
April Barker
Haha, oh gosh! This is adorable. ^_^ =
lession up guys, I'm MAN UP HERE ...AND LET'S MAKE SOME BABIES!! lmfaoo here!!
equalism 42
What a lovely couple I'm sure they would have been much happier without all that religious guilt trip baggage they had imposed on them.
This is pretty funny.
Paul Olsen
You know I just spent a solid 90 minutes watching a rom-com called "Adam and Steve", and this 5-minute video was 100x better than that.
Nefeli Lazaridi
*God please no* 😂
AAHAHAHAHA! This was great.
Uhm Ok Fuck You And Your Respect
Lmao what it is.
Team S.D.L
What if it WAS Adam and Steve instead of Adam and Eve?
jahnequa jonas
Batty Bwoy
Robert P
its just weird..ok
Kyle Tait
Lukas vlogs and more
San Fran
Y'all still dont hear those scientists huh? Where is eve's steve only of the same sex? Human life evolved all at the same time not man before women like that book says about man being "created" first. In fact scientists are amused at the thought of creation like i am by that male dominated society in that book where the god in it goes around cursing everone and everything like hes not the problem (isnt he perfect and everything else as a result). Google those scientists if you think somebody isnt missing something, their story differs.
Munira Karodia
Sweet blasphemy lols
We WILL win..
Alex Le Blanc
Gods gay
Ronald Shank
Donald trump
the human rise wont be exest
Mrs Nico Chan
Ewww gay!
Kyle Tait
They're using the lords name in vain have mercy on these poor souls god created Adam and Eve completely blesphemy this isn't comedy but these People are being led by the devil they devil whispers in the sinners ears saying "mock god or hate him all u want" that what satan says u hear him by doing bad stuff in the eyes of the lord that's god he talks to you wake up people this isn't comedy but mockers of the lord
Caden the Cucumber
Be afraid if you are on a conquest against us.
god made adam and eve not adam and steve
I am not a homophobe.. I am not afraid of gay people.. But i do not like them. I trust my father. I am a good son.
The Dark Angel
LOL what a piece of shite skit. No wonder this has never come up in the searches in four years.