5 Jack + Ennis "Brokeback Mountain"

Al parecer, Ennis siente lo mismo que Jack...

"Y'know I ain't queer." "Me neither." *proceed to be queer*
lolasum sumi-san
hear that? it's me crying and dying inside
Stephen Fox
I love this film. I'm not gay, homophobic or even closeted. I'm straight and proud to enjoy it as a a wonderful, deep drama about boundless love. Some men fear it, because they are not secure enough within themselves.
zoe hunter
Heath was such an amazing actor❤
I think back in them days cowboys sucked each other off frequently...
Universe Says
This tent scene makes me so aroused. Something about two attractive guys kissing and caressing each other.
Alice Lay
Ennis:You know I ain't queer Jack:Me neither Me:You've got to be kidding me😒
Madalenou 98
I saw this movie for the first time today...I cried soo much but I loved it
Aiyaluna Yourke
this makes my girlhood tremble-The quotes of Helga.
This is so pure and beautiful
twelfth horcruxx
Ennis:You know i aint queer Jack: me neither.. And then the tent scen happened.. Okay they are not queer.. what the hell am i even thinking..?? Hahaha
Miss Uchiha
I love this movie!!!! :'(
"you know i ain't queer" "me neither" followed by an entire movie of how these two love each other endlessly until one of them dies.
Rachel From Staples
Love this movie the ending broke my heart , I wish they could’ve of lived in a more accepting place
veronikah K
i HATE being straight when i hear: im not gay from someone i know is
Grandpa the Grey
Of course sheep had to be involved somewhere.
Louise MacAllister
Such a beautiful, heartbreaking movie.
Amanda Eklund
I love😍Heath Ledger❤so damn much! I can't describe how much I love him💞💝💖
Peter Samples
Heath Letcher was a very good actor Hollywood is missing the best
Noel Mendez
I’d love to one day have a guy love with so much passion like this
yeetus fetus
What if Jake actually had a crush on Heath and chose him in the movie to fall in love with him in real life?
Mrs Fahrenheit
damnnn sooooo cuteeeeeeeee ♥️😍😭 I’m watching it at 2AM lonely in my bed 🤦🏼‍♀️😭
ron llgn
I watched this just yesterday😍😢😢😭
jairo salazar solis
buena pelicula
Does anyone know that bgm name? Its not on the soundtrack album.
krunchy kiddo
dang mysterio gay
Jeeh Kely
alguem sab onde encontro o filme completo por favorrrr
on the road
soooo beautiful <3
Yasir Munir
Heartbroken ❤❤😢
Robrto Cdeño
Desearia volvrla a vr x q buena y la subn en ruso x q no la subn con subtitulos en español
dios ofiuco
El trio 👌😏😝
Paramjit Kaur
It is the sad love story i always feel throughout watching this movie that jack loves emmen so much. He can't even fully express his feelings to emmen . He don't want to lose him and he wants to be with emmen but it is never happened because emmen was not ready for that and when he wants that then jack died . That's why appreciate your love don't care about world ❤
thị ánh tuyết lê
Miss them forever
Jeannine Marinkovitch
daniel Thomé
Hank nvt
So now we know that americans who carry cowboy hats.....................like to sleep in a tent together hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Thus sent to bed NIL BY MOUTH for their sinning
Arisen Leaf comment inspector
*When your uncle keeps recommending this movie, while also asking to go camping*
bob bob
yeetus fetus
I just thought of some twisted up stuff...
Tyler Clendenin
Sexy part sex real se them two i like them a lot
Both need a sound broom set behind their queer hides. That'll cure their gaety
Adolfo Gonzalez
The Olive Tree
I wonder what they were thinking as they filmed these scenes
Hank Van Tulder
Hahahahaha this is still going on guys..... Ssssssssssttt.. You discusting American people. Hahahahaha hahahahaha