The day Ronaldinho destroyed AC Milan by his own HD

AC Milan - Barcelona 0-1 | UCL - Semi-Final (1st Leg) | 2005-06. Music : 1. Distrion _ Electro-Light - You And Me (feat. Ke'nekt) [NCS Release] 2. Jim Yosef - Firefly [NCS Release]

this is the definition of beautiful football that we missed today
Arfen Malik
Apart from his famous skills, Ronny was hella smart, u can clearly see in this match he was operating from deep midfield, he knew this Milan team was strong and was not going to allow him any space near Dida so he dropped deep and pulled his strings from there. He knew they were going to tackle him dirty if he tried to get near Dida. Then it's amazing how the Barca players were freely letting him have the ball and do his thing, they knew he would easily win them the match. But wen i compare to the Brazil team he joined for the 2006wc it was the opposite, Kaka, Robertocarlos, Cafu, Robinho ZeRoberto Emerson,, they all wanted to run the show while all they had to do was give Ronny the ball
Ulises Lopez
Now I realize this guy always looked like he played by pure instinct.
Christo 2k
*on his own*
Eros Corzo
1:50 min DIOS BENDITO!
Chammm Lammm
Damn he was so elegant in every way. I still believe that he had the potential to be the GOAT
Prince Valiant
Milan owned by 1 player haha
Taha Hadi
Right now I’m wearing the same green shirt with Robaldinho’s name on it🤙❤️
Med Nice
Football will always miss Ronaldinho
Racoon City Police Department
Muuse Ibrahim
Hbd 🐐 39 years full of smiles
Luciano Magno
Excelentes imagens. A música é uma merda
Zilda Ramalho
Fora do normal
Siu Long
I love Ronaldinho (I consider him one of the greatest natural talent ever seen in football and I believe that if he had trained like CR7, he would have won, as well, 3 o 4 golden balls) but the title of this video is bullshit. AC Milan lost just by 0 - 1 to Barcellona which was considered the best team at that time and, furthermore, in the return game a regular goal was taken away from Shevchenko which would have brought the game to extra time!
Mansour Toure
Maybe everyone talk about ronaldinho but I remember iniesta this game. He didn't play football. He flew
Thank you Man
margarida lopes
O Mágico do futebol.
Frank Nuwamanya
This was his last top game. Thereafter he was no longer as good
Now adays its messi vs virgil vandijik . That time it was Ronaldinho vs maldini
garaad gaas
Rondinyo is a pig player hhhhh
Emre Yilmaz
U don't see anything
Bashir Muhyidin
Why are you uploading something that happened long time ago