Manchester City City vs QPR Premier League 3-2 2011/2012 Full Highlights HD

Manchester City City v QPR 3-2 2011-2012 Manchester City City v QPR Premier League 3-2 Manchester City City 3-2 QPR Premier League

SS 82
3:29 Ref walking like CJ in GTA SA 😂😂😂
ODey Hymns
This is the greatest winning in history of football... Zabaleta, Dzeko and AGUEROOOOOO.. just make the imposible become possible, keep fighting!
Bimal Shahi
What a game🔥🔥🔥 The fans who were in the stadium were very lucky.........
Natnael Tsegaw
I Will never forget this game. Wow how heart stopping it was!
ke po
not forgotten this match, always shed tears every time I see this match ..
Garry Richardson
1:09 liverpool not even in top six
ashraf hussain saydul
Aguero fns like now...❤❤❤
Roster Foster
4:08 god is he having a seizure
Harry _
Joey Barton involved. That's not a surprise is it
ke po
Aguero is the best..
BoyGamer Kings
How is Newcastle United in 5th place 1:09
Yousef Badawi
That last minute goal happend with me and my club i was going crazy!!!
Yvonne O
NOT IN MY LIFETIME, great game
jeutta yadav
I have watched THIS match live
George Whipp
Still gives me goosebumps
Marian M
This gives me chills every time.
Leangle Jack
World cup 2018 commentator 😂
Жигит Жигит
9:36 Сиссе зачем поздравляет Насери?
Trap Nation Uploder
Cisse Ikut Selebrasi. Padahal Dia Tim Lawan wkwkwk mantap emang
Joe spearing
As a Qpr fan, I get happy every time I see this goal, knowing that we managed to avoid being relegated as soon as the game finished
Danilo Nedeljkovic
Aguerooooooooooooo we will never see this ever again
Max Jones
Such a memorable moment
Connor M
did qpr just not know how to keep possession?
Utkarsh Keshari
It was no joke it was really hard to score with so many men inside the box but the best thing is qp players celebrating with city.......
mony islam
best match in the world
Rahmad Kurniawan
Kelihatan maen mata,, dan skrg qpr dpt balasannya,, degradasi abadi
akhmad nadlirin
Amazing,,,every one on heart city fans bummm,bummm,bumm,bummm.....
KDB Diengdoh
Fight till the end
Ni'ma Fahmi
Ganok bosen e nontok iki
Andreas Barcelona
Only football can provide us with these emotions and experiences. Much more than a simple sport.
Marino Ariel Salgado
Mágic.. Beautiful The best game of the City history
+5 was bs ngl
Isaac Fung
What a finish
Blumann Gaming
Agueroooooooooo ohhhhhh !!!!!
Gogeta SSGSS
I swear you will never see anything like this ever again.
Man city fan channel
Daniel Yan
Tri Sora Kencana
Jose Vasquez
What a game.
Max Jones
Omg 😮
Loukas Wei
Aguer00000000000000000 阿坤......................
Pamela Sosa
Con ese gol, Aguero va a ser considerado ciudadano ilustre de la ciudad de Manchester.......
Natsu Mourya
Thanks to Dzeko, Ballotelli,Zabaletta,Nasri.. The unsung heroes of this match
andy rowlands
not in my lifetime they said
The hand ball at 5:30
great roberto mancini...............really strong boss
Kian Caudle
Noob Hacker
Jashween Vilash
That's how aguero became famous
Gunx Gunx
Maaroof Abdul Kareem
i still cant understand what kind of stupid tactic it was to take a shot to the corner after QPR had the ball after the second manchester city goal. Cant hold the ball for a minute and then blaze it?
Back again
Man City...improving English football since 2008.
1 2 Gaming
9:35 qpr celebrates with man city
Da Anonymous
The greatest football moment in football history nothing will come close to this
Abdalla bin abdalla
Man city means power💪💪
Sergio Kun Aguero
Edward 2012
Whata great game Paddy Kenny had despite QPR loosing.
Lionel Messi
2011/12 agouro 2019 kapnany
Sef Huss
Before Oil Money
Aminur Rahman
Manchester city is not good