Amazing Life Hack Make it with a coke can | Can Ashtray

Amazing life hack Make an amazing ashtray with a coke can. Please subscribe to my channel for new a video with a new idea thanks

This is actually a good DIY video because it’s creative and useful!
Lightly Seasoned
Just tried this, turned out great👌
sonia kumari
These amazing Thx for this video
ToMilla Kockingbird
With brand-new scissors I couldn't cut the top rim off! Very disappointing.
Magnet LNK
Bit more space between the curs and you have a ninja star... how dangerous
Stan Webb
What fantastic project but for an cig butt and ash tray ....... this is a lost cause for me....... candle for keys.....patio table nut holder or condiment holder ok.......
Unicorn_ Lover
good vid
Mike Meighan
I wouldn’t be able to take the sounds of cutting the can
Sharonica Hamblin
Amazing so creative 👌
Zahid Shabir
nice video
Metro Pcs
good boy
Sushmita Pawar
Very good idea. Thanks
Spirit Ellington
Energie Bespaargids
Nice hack mate