Muse - Supremacy (Official Lyric Video)

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Camilo Díez
The great Bond song that never was.
Muse brought me here.
Leonardo .Delgado
Supremacy - 007, should be a movie, only because of this song
James O'Riley
This should have been a James Bond theme!!
spore bubu
My Mom brought me here No joke she told me to search this band
Jollyjammin Sam
Wow, Muse with another lyrically meaningful song, with a great sound to go with it. Probably the best modern band.
Midnight Moon
I remember when I first heard this song I was walking into school.i felt so badass😂👌
For those of you who say Muse is "not as good as before", well I respect your opinion. But I think Muse's newer albums are more like to tell us something in their music. You should look more at the lyrics.
Catarina Serra
I really like Adele's Skyfall, but this one would have been so much better ! There are those few notes that I think are a kind of signature for the James Bonds. But well, we hope their songs will be in the next one !
Nicolas Boissiere
We didn't get Skyfall, maybe Specter? =D
Victorious Platypus
The name is Bond. James Bond.
Not just the music, but the lyrics are a masterpiece, as usual Muse combining unbelievable musical ambients with protest and loud words, they're geniuses. I recently paid tribute to them by doing a 100% live looping medley of my favorite tracks, including this one, in case you wanna check it out, it's over at my channel!
muse will always be my pretty much #1 band of all time. it cant get better than this.
saunak podder
Use it for the next Bond movie puleeeezzz
To think that they replaced the Skyfall theme to Adele. This was originally meant to be James Bond: Skyfall's theme. This is so much better
Thank You Dan & Phil for introducing me to Muse, this song [and band] are now definitely in my Top 10 [x <<<<<33333
Ultimate Asmo
007 reporting for duty.
Charudatta Munde
Led Zeppelin Kashmir vibe? Anyone?
Neville Longbottom
Wake to see Your true emancipation is a fantasy Policies Have risen up and overcome the brave Greatness dies Unsung and lost, invisible to history Embedded spies Brainwashing our children to be mean You don't have long I am on to you The time, it has come to destroy Your supremacy Supremacy You don't have long I am on to you The time, it has come to destroy Your supremacy Supremacy
tasnia begom
The flashing excites me so much and I don't know why
I really don't understand ppl who say 2nd law sucks. Supermacy, Panic Station, Survival were top notch. Big Freeze, Unsustainable, Follow me, Madness, Explorers were really good too. I have rarely seen any other band nail most of their songs in an album.
Rodney V
Muse are amazing and smart. And the message here is so clear.
so much better than the actual video
Masked Lady
This is amazing song
Angelo Basco
Sounds really good at 1.25x the speed!
saunak podder
3:47 - 4:20 eargasm <3
Essa música é muito perfeita! Sucesso Muse!
Anna Rogantoni
This video reminds me something like a black hole,everything in pieces,nothing it's safe.
Ilma Audian
muse for skyfall, radiohead for spectre
The Atomic Survivor
The musical composition in here is amazing. Muse never fails to surprise me.
Matt Endicott
This sounds like james bond music
Musicistwowords Mu
"Greatness dies, unsung and lost, invisible to history, embedded spies, brainwashing our children to be mean....." this is the reality... sadly.... but the shame will fall on them who do the brainwashing. Because "Policies have risen up and overcome the brave"?????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the world we live in.
Josh JW
This needs to be the theme for spectre.
Android Atomico
Quem é Brasil dá Joinha
Griffin Files
I think Muse has the best lyric videos of any band I've seen
Viwern Wong
This was my 16th birthday party anthem
Most Likely Mu
I'm obsessed with this song
Caio Menezes
daoraaaaaa foi o melhor videooooooo
i refuse to believe this wasnt written for a bond film ?¿?¿?¿?
Danilo Giorgio
Damn this song is good
Karina Herrera
It's my favorite song of this album
Borce Stamenov
The REAL Skyfall song!
aries sand
Brave! word to word
Chica Amante de la Literatura
Damn! 👏 It's a masterpiece ❤🎶
Diana Sun
ohh caden
and Dan and Phil phans?
Ruth Alderson
When Phil Lester, the angel, listened to this and you can't get over it for the rest of your life.
Flavia Michelotto
Wonderful,Epic song! Thanks,Muse! 😘😘😘
John Collins
Anti-SJW anthem.
Bond. James Bond.
Jesus Jaimes
Hell Yeah! Amazing Song!!!!! *O* Altera todos mis sentidos, muy buena! 
Garris GamePlays!
this should be the closing credits to a movie!
Memo Air
Muse one of thy best band of this time Love this song
Seres Tímea
Great lyrics & Music video of Muse-Supremancy Muse forever :3 <3
this should be the soundtrack of skyfall or spectre.
Pavel Blinov
4:00 - 4:56 oh my eyes
Jayme V
Video is fitting for song !!!!
Alz Young
goosebumps everytime i listen to it
Phillipa Leadbetter
I am in the brain of everything
Matteo Pecce
The first minute looks like ironman theme "Gulmira"
I forgot how much better the lyric video is than the OFC music video..
ReD Krys
the best
More like this please!
armywalkwithbts Yeet
This has to be one of my fave muse songs 👌
Mitch Griffiths
This song would Be great for the next bond movie
Emily R
This would make an awesome Bond song
*is the second song i've heard from them* *30 seconds into the song* okay yeah I'm hooked
Alicia - Craig Tucker - - Pit
i prefer this video... the other supremacy... ñaa
Natanael Molina Ucci
Press 8 and freak out
I really hope there is gonna be a next Bond movie, and then Muse will make the song for it. I am certain it's gonna kick as then. Muse always make better songs then there last ones. every single song is unique in its own way. LOVE YOU MUSE!
Nur Athirah M. Amin
dunno why everytime listening to this song i felt so invincible.
I'm not exaggerating, but think half of the views for this song are mine
Hai Lun
Yes, you're right technically. But I'm talking about all of us who love this song and sing along with Matt ;)
Liliana Pérez Briceño
<3 Qué hermoso
illuminati e massoneria periranno all'inferno !!!
Así como tu ortografía
It should be Supremaaaaaaacyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
LGHP Studios
Extra !! juste parfait !
Ainun Nazieb
this should be the opening for next James Bond movie
To destroy, your SOUP RECIPEEEEEEEE!!!!
Цветан Ангелов
Starts like Led Zeppelin
Zamer Nawawi
can't resist shake my finger due the beat. ┻━┻ ︵ ლ(⌒-⌒ლ)
Ademir Novi
Qualquer supremacia será liquidada!
Masashi Okitani
im a paedophile!!!
My name is Bond... James Bond.
Erin Billings
Soup Recipe!
this reminds me of the butterflies in Fantasia 2000
Holly mother of GOD ! that was so epic each time I hear "SUPREMACY" in this song i have an Eargasm.. wooooh
Raul G
Benedict Cumberbatch is a great villain.
nos vemos allá colega
Aprendiéndome la letra para cantarla el 22 de octubre en el palacio de los deportes México yeaaaaaaaaah!!!
I like your music. Regards
Sexually Active Narwhal
This needs to be the theme song for Watch dogs
Sexually Active Narwhal
im just sitting here headbanging to this song while eating cookie dough chocolate ice cream