Michael Phelps wins 15th Gold - Men's 100m Butterfly | London 2012 Olympic Games

Full event replay of Michael Phelps winning his gold medal in the 100m Butterfly at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3 August 2012). Phelps was followed by a joint silver place to both Chad le Clos (South Africa) and Evgeny Korotyshkin (Russian Fed.). Michael Phelps at the Olympic Games: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Swimming has featured on the programme of all editions of the Games since 1896. The very first Olympic events were freestyle (crawl) or breaststroke. Backstroke was added in 1904. In the 1940s, breaststrokers discovered that they could go faster by bringing both arms forward over their heads. This practice was immediately forbidden in breaststroke, but gave birth to butterfly, whose first official appearance was at the 1956 Games in Melbourne. This style is now one of the four strokes used in competition. Women's swimming became Olympic in 1912 at the Stockholm Games. Since then, it has been part of every edition of the Games. The men's and women's programmes are almost identical, as they contain the same number of events, with only one difference: the freestyle distance is 800 metres for women and 1,500 metres for men. Find more about Swimming at

RedDawnKing RDK
Lets face it, Phelps is a fish.
non swimmers dont realize how demanding swimming is
Daniel Kwiatkowski
Ahhh butterfly swimming...looks so easy here, practically impossible to do for the normal human
cristina virlan
I wouldn't be surprised if Phelps's child is born with fins.
ShawolshaveBabyCaratsInThe MonbebeARMY
Swimmers make me feel so untalented😂😂
San Andreas
Simply the greatest Olympian of all time.
Michael Dolphin Phelps
Manish Bhatia
Not sure if humans or fish
Richard Lee
Is it just me, or is the audio for the start and little off?
haşim atmaca
They are faster than my connection
The magic of the michael's: Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher and Michael Phelps
Corek BleedingHollow
They make it look so easy.
Azister SKY
is it me or does everyone look the same
Atlas Wakes
Greatest Olympian ever.
Randy Bautista
The sound is off by at least 2 seconds?
*LOL* due to the audio not syncing with the video, when I heard the splash while the swimmers were all preparing to jump, I thought one of them, or the camera man had fell into the pool. *xD*
Philip Abundo
Fun fact: Phelps was blind during this race. His goggles were filling up with water after the second stroke and he was just pacing himself in his head the entire time
the way Phelps looks with wide eyes and breathing with open mouth, now we all know that he's a beast in the water because he's a goldfish
Ali R
Look at his form. It's different than the others. He doesn't bring his head out as much as the others, instead his body is angled parallel with the water
Gracie Miller
Watching this gave me so much anxiety
Michael phelps inspired me to swim.. Even i've got a wound on my knees... Still stronger... Hope michael phelps in 2016 too..:)
Addree Trand
I'm a swimmer, I have been for 8 years, and I'm above average. I'm a freshman in high school, and I'm swimming for my team. My two strokes are freestyle and butterfly, and my main event and event that I want to take to State this year is the 50 freestyle. People say that swimming isn't a sport, and that makes me so angry. I practice on a daily basis, doing weights and different body exercises to drop a quarter of a second, being the first one in the pool for warm ups, always wanting to improve. Swimming is *hard*. It's probably the hardest sport in the world, and don't try to back yourself up with rugby, because, yes, rugby is crazy, but it's just violin. Swimming takes your entire body and mind. I slammed my fingers into the wall once and thought I had just hit them, so I kept swimming, but I had broken two of my fingers, which I found out after the race. Swimming has no excuse to not go to practice. Swimmers, keep your heads up. You're strong, no one can work harder than you. Pain is temporary. Swim for that adrenaline, for that glory. Don't ever stop.
Shovik G
even PHELPS travel faster than light and sound...and thats why video is out of sync! :D
Less than a second between first and last. 
Serbia, Germany, and Poland: YAS WE ARE WINNING **US comes in** "LOLNOPE" Russia: wut 2nd lol
ram zh
He's coming hard Phelps... He has still a chance.... He has a real big change.... Can he do it again... He hits it... and... he does... REMARKABLE... STUNNING !!!
D.O mannequin challenge is life
Fastest Shark: *Searching fastest swimmer in world* YouTube: *This video shows up* Fastest Shark: *Watches video* Fastest Shark: “h0lD mY BeEr” Edit: OMG I GOT A LIKE but wait... Why is it blue?
How great must it be to be one of the most renowned and loved Olympic athletes ever? Crazy
Shady Mahmoud
And that SouthAfrican swimmer, he made it from the last to the second, in almost the last 10 meters!! wow!
Kyle Chaney
thats me in 2020 see you 49. 74 thats what I'm going I'm getting that World Record Remember My Name Kyle Chaney
Monkey D Garp
"Be Phelps my friend" - Bruce Lee
At around 3:56 - 3:57, look at Chad Le Clos taking a peek at Michael Phelps. I thought that was interesting.
I hope i can becone an Olympic swimmer one day
Whenever I see Phelps, I see Haruka HAHAHAHAHA (thos Haru only swims free)
Saurav Pandey
Phelps = GOAT
Hamish Bell
My dream is to compete at the 2020 Olympics for 100m and 200m fly
Why is that in womens Olympic swimming all the ladies are all jolly and happy while being introduced.. meanwhile all the men seems to be pissed 🤷‍♂️
steve baggio
Phelpsolutely Brilliant! :)
Matt Smith
only competitive swimmers have their coach congratulate them when they puke at practice and they're are also given no time to recuperate after puking.
Witold W. Banasik
Phelps is a great athlete, the greatest of all swimmers in history !!! With all due respect, though... but at the same championships he could compete in 5 different events, and in 3 relays.There is no other discipline of sport in which any sportsman can grab so many opportunities for medals. I am pretty much sure Michael that there are or were some other great athletes equally fantastic, as Paavo Nurmi, Michael Jordan, Roger Federer or Jessie Owens, not to mention Ole Einar Bierndealen of Norway.... Cheers to you, mate anyway ! Good luck in Rio !!! By the way, Konrad Czerniak- my compatriot ( you can watch him here in the event) is going to compete with Michael again in the 100 m butterfly final in Rio... hopefully anyway ! He is now much stronger... who knows maybe... fingers crossed !!!
Athani Ralte
Im 23 and i recently almost drowned in a public swimming pool 7 feet deep
Skyler Taylor
And 3 years later phelps bettered this time at the age of 30 and went the fastest time since 2009 four peat lets go
lindsay buck
I only swim free
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Phelps can swim
Hachem Shahrour
Wait fish have olympics
Amaanboo I
*Watches video Me: doesnt know how to swim
Jay Cartwright
3:20 is when it starts
James Benton Ticer
A black guy will win at Rio. Syke lol
Sound is out of sync with the picture
Yobib Nartea
im still struggling how to do that flip turn once you reach the other end of the pool, im a swimmer but not as good as Phelps..
Michael Tang
I think Michael Phelps is going to be the only person to win 4 events in a row individual too.
Katie Phelps
Go uncle!
lol ez rekt noob u got skool'd
Basem Magd
Phelps sure redeemed himself in this race after that disappointment in the 200 butterfly.
Jocelyn _Swims
To non swimmers butterfly is a beautiful insect To swimmers butterfly is a series of painful movements I'm a swimmer lol
Chris Dodges
I don’t think non swimmers understand how hard this is
Lang Roodi
Michael Phelps Wins Gold - Men's 100m Butterfly Full Event 
Rich L
Having that puny head must help him. Zero drag with that thing.
Seal Phantombeehive
Just finished both seasons of Free!. I don't know how to get my happiness back.
Sant Saurabh
Father of all swimmers 🏊 - Michael Phelps !!!
Julia Underwood
haha when I do butterfly I always get lie 5th place =( they are so good
Basem Magd
I assumed Phelps would have swam faster in the finals in the 100m butterfly than the semi-finals, apparently not, but still a fast time and ultimately won the race and that is what is important.
Vithleem Papagiannopoulou
That's my boyy♥ (Michael Phelps) :P♥
toss the mermen back 2 sea, set them free
Joel Manley
Butterfly looks hard....
Dalida Moustafa
great (Y)
Commando Master
Sound is off.............
WOW! less then a half a second between 1st and last place!! :O
Abdulrahman Makari
Who came here from 9gag??😂
for some reason this looks very unsatisfying & painful to me...
yo nado mejor que todos
Other swimmers should watch him and realize he gains extra time when swimming underwater during his turn !!
sublime commentators!
goldmedalls swimmer
علي الزهراني
Great job Michael :* you are an inspiration for all of us :)
where ever he is he is the winner
Alexander Kahl
That wore his mother out, didn't it ?
Chloe Stall
People who don’t swim don’t realize how hard swimming is 😂
Luis Cañizales
Phelps will win 200m IM and 100m fly for the fourth time in RIO 2016, and he will win the 200m fly for the third time. You read it here first.
SummerParadise 19
I don’t do butterfly. I do the drowning moth.
Sam Enrique
4:09 "He's coming hard! It's a real big chance! Real big!"
Candy Cheung
All the swimmers look about the same... but when Phelps came out I recognised his headphones and cloak immediately—
Strategy Gaming
Wow a tournament of dolphins. I had no idea who was winning or what the kind of technique they were using.
Phelps almost lost with his huge glide
Chris Allen
hardest event=100 fly
James Wallace
When you think about it, we have been living in a golden generation of sport in the past decade, I think we've seen the best swimmer there's ever been, Michael Phelps; the best tennis players there's ever been, Federer and Nadal; the best sprinter there's ever been, Usain Bolt; two of the greatest football players there's ever been, Messi and Ronaldo; maybe the best golfer, Tiger Woods, the greatest sprint road cyclist ever, Mark Cavendish, and track cyclist, Chris Hoy. Treasure these moments!
Me too
kendall mclean
phelps is truly an inspiration. I love you..
Adam Comer
Geez, that is WAY faster than my 100 free!
Dolgin Smich
ohhjojooo..Michael " tiburon de Baltimore" Phelps...poderoso atleta se impone una vez más a sus adversarios..está hiperdotado para este deporte de mente y cuerpo..
Schmitt Gábor
Michael Phelps retired? i will never watch a swimming event again
James Sutherland
lol Tyler Clary....200 swimmer not enough speed for this one
Adam Smith
OUCH! Cavic died worse than ever at the end there!!
so sad that my swim idol retired :( i looked up to him so much.
Yeah really! Swimming is like 10 times harder! There should be more money in it!
Sammy Lapsley
Mike Maravilla
When I watched this on Tv I was like jumping all around the bed.