Ja Rule - Mesmerize ft. Ashanti

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Igor De Sousa Petenuci
2019 Tem BR ai??
Who’s still watching this in 2019 🤷🏽‍♀️
Hassan Sesay
Team 2019 still here grinding
Angel Spivey
Wish people would give Ja rule and Ashanti they respect and stop acting like they didn't run the early 00s and didn't give us hits
Alininha Oliveira
Brasileiros ai 2019👍👍❤❤
Be Franky
i miss those early 2000s ...
Bibi silva
aaaa 🎶, que nostalgia 🇧🇷❤
Kayla Roberts
Back when rap/rnb was soo good 😭😭
Jack Gillespie
This couldn't be any more early 2000s if it tried
big jones boys
I miss these songs now we got lil pump,6ix9ine like wat the hell happend
Viih Almeida
Cadê os BR?❤🎼❤
Matheus Borges
Caramba que saudade desse Tempo, 😭💕 eu era Feluz e nem sabia! 😉
Nandson Santana
*É muito minha infância ❤❤*
Ayodabo Azeez
2019....Whose here with me
HEAT Ledger
as much as ppl clown Ja... he is a LEGEND... he literally was a huge icon of the early 2000s!!! the best music age!!!
Camilo Vieira
Alguém from Brazil?
Yonas-K Beatz
I really miss all those laid back beats..
Sanjuana Gasca
Ashanti so beautiful and sings amazing.
Truth Anthony
The fact that this song is close to 20 years old 🙄😔
Graziele Galiza
Não fico um dia sem ouvir essas músicas etaaa época boa já rule 2019
Lucca Rodrigues
Assassin 16
Before Jayz and Beyoncé, there was Ja Rule and Ashanti
Mrs Bee
I used to jam this in my SUV all the damn time when it first came out. (The SUV was my graduation gift back then lol) Shout out to the classes of 2003!!!! 😁😁😁
HULK_ MoDz_x
Minha adolescência maravilhosa . Amo muito .
Math Enrico
10 anos depois, esse som continua sendo mó vibe!
Helysmar dias
2019 Nostalgia Malhação Internacional 2003.
Vanessa Reis
God, i'm having nostalgia. Something about the 90's and early 2000's was beautiful. Can't really describe, sort of sad, hurt, happy feeling, wishing I could go back😢🙏
Andreza Sant'Ana
aaaa a melhor releitura de Grease possível!!!! nunca tinha reparado! fui ver 10 anos depois hahahahahaahhaa
Official YvngYols
Who still listening in 2019 🤟🏽🤟🏽
Dylan Boccardo
They really have to make new music. This one song is better than all the new ones out combined. 😔
Todd Evans
Fyre documentary anyone?
Sabina M.
Ja Rule & Ashanti are are perfect Team ( Ash has a wonderfull Voice & love the Lyric too ) ... Its an old Song - " Oldies are Goldies " !!!!!
Adailton Souza
Que música braba, só lembranças boas🔥🇧🇷
Márcia Santana Santana
Alguém 2019 to vivo agradeço muito adeus Pela minha vida
Latia Howard
One of my favorite videos from back in the day. They’re acting like the characters in the movie, Grease!!! Real body parts, no twerking, no half naked women, and no mumble jumble. Singing and harmonizing that you can understand and it make Sense!!!
they really did make good music together.
Wanderson Eduardo
2019 TMj , mais alguém ?
Jesiah Ruiz
Who else grew up on this ? Lol my momma was always bumpin Ashanti
Lóh Silvaa Silvaa
No tempo em que a Som Livre produzia os álbuns que eram "sagrados". Hoje em dia é só sertanojo. 100% Black, Luv, Summer ElectroHits, Sapore del amore e as trilhas sonoras de novela eram show!
Ananymous Incrypd
Ja-rule sounds like he smoked a thousand cigarettes before filming this
Jonathan Baker
Back when I could understand what rappers were saying...
André Vítor
2019 ???
Yurika De Elzio Elzio
2019 .musica do meu tempo
Felipe Santos
Bons tempos... Jogos filmes músicas programas desenhos novelas enfim Amo o passado.....
"Your lips, your smiiiilllee!" I miss those days 😒
J T oficial
Nossa que bons tempos Saudades desse Tempo 2019 alguém?
Tatiana Ferreira
Linda. Musica paixao👏👏❤😍😍✌😘
Amanda Carvalho
Que música, inesquecível 🎶😍❤ 2019 ❤👏🏽
Gang gang
Music isnt the same anymore
jek De Leon
Who's here after ja rule's viral halftime show?? 😂
Nss ainda bem que eu achei tava um ano procurando essa música!! 💓
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
0:56 Dayummmmm Ashanti's boobies was on fleek here. You know this the early 2000s when girls used to rock stilettos with rubber latex catsuits.
Moh Bah
Good music never fade I'm still here 2019
Joseph Archibong
My child hood right before my eyes it's funny cause its not the same no more but its life
FamilyMan 420
Even tho 50cent Put ja rule out of commission.. I Can't front the Murda INC era was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Who else is here after his stage fail 😂😂😂😂😂
Daisy Molina
I still love Ashanti Her days were the shit
Andrew Orozco
shit im still watching in 2016
Diego Brandao Mello
Que nostalgia , bons tempos 2002 09/05/2019
Kelsy5 Cole
i remember watching the making of the video on BET
hf Moreno
Marco una epoca en mi vida 2019 y aun es mi epoca GRACIAS !!
Anthony Montoya
If ja would of ignored 50 he would of still been on top money and ego brought him down faster
Kamaal GunSmoke
Who watching this n 2017???
Lyrics Man G.C
Play 2019🔥🔥🔥
90s and early 00s are forever my era
Danny Huanna
MEU DEUS oque acontece q 23 mil pessoas n curte esse som? O melhor de todos os tempos Seus cuzão🖕😘
Ricardo Gomes
Época boa ouvir todo dia final de semana então nem se fala "
Loreta Servin
Ashanti is cute asf 😘😍😍
Adolfo Medina
2019.. I am from VENEZUELA.. This i like
Straight A Gamer
Went to the concert loved it they preformed this song good work
Max Cordeiro
Essa dói no fundo do coração, que nostálgico
Christina H
Why can’t music still sound like this 😩😢
Moonwalking Rocky
Lmao I just realized they re-created the Grease movie lol
Leninha Santos Da Silva
Já rule é top de mais ❤️👏
The early 2000s used to be so fun!
Protético em Portugal Marcelo Oliveira
Reuben Singh
This never gets old classic 👌
Still love JaRule and Ashanti!!! TO THIS DAY... TO THIS DAY!!!😘
Graziele Ferreira Dos Santos
Domingão aqui de boa ouvindo um Já Rule 🇧🇷✌️
Lol Jarule was really singing 😂🥰 I liked it tho 🤷🏿‍♀️ I miss music where there was real talent now all you have to do is make your own lane back in the day you had to go hard or go home 🤷🏿‍♀️ but know it’s based off popularity
Back to when music was real.. I love how it's at a carnival, the blue sky, cotton candy, the vibes ughhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
marjean palma
Ashanti looks like Vanessa hudgens I think.. Ashanti is beautifully gorgeous..
Red Härłem
Who’s still listening too this 2k19
Queen Bees
Shouldn’t have to change yourself just for a guy they should love you for you and if they can’t fk wit that then kick em out
Wish I could have seen this live at Fyre Festival.
Timaal Vls
2019 qui est la 😂
wandeison pinto
Tem brasileiro aí 🇧🇷 Instagram: wandeylson_Lk
Rodger Again
Copied DMX hard core. Lmao amazing.
Philipp Kirsch
Ashanti is sooo crazyyyyy Good She is the most underrated female artist.
Daniel Goodwin
Ashanti thicker than a bowl of oatmeal now. 😍 Instagram.com/ashanti
Jeferson Pereira
Março 2019 alguém?
Money Mason
mi long brown
This song will always be fyre
Not in million years will today's R&B be anywhere as good as 2000s R&B, The Best
Moraes Moraes
2047, ainda ta trazendo boas lembranças dessa época de músicas boas 😏😁
Paula Santana
amo essa música ❤😍🇧🇷🎵
Mateus Primeiro
2019 Moçambique MZ. Mozambique Up...
babaloo namorados
Os brasileiros ainda curtem música Boa ? 2019 ???