● Miss You But Can't Say ● Cui Zige (Chi/Pinyin/Eng)

Soundtrack of Go Princess Go 太子妃升职记 Track 1 Miss You But Can't Say 可念不可说 Cui Zige 崔子格 Queena Cui *If you want a lyrics video, please comment below* NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I do not own the MUSIC. All rights reserved to the original owner.

kaveesha Nethmini
Wow....I cant understand this language..but this melody..Its very hurt touching..😔😢
Denden M
Can I request a song? It'd Qian Nian, Destiny of White Snake's ost.
Joaldina Jean Philippe
I want the video please
Its been long time I haven’t seen this couple appears on drama movies nowadays,what’s happening? Are they no longer being famous? The movie is max funny,the actors are also amazing and this song is touching my ♥️
Santi Sandra