Boogie woogie 6 count basics with Florian and Veronika.

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Florian and Veronica - hillarious. Rock that Swing 2017. A caviat: i went to rock that swing, i did the boogie woogie track and this was one of the lessons on that track. This was their lesson recap. If you dont believe it to be authentic then please take it up with Florian and Veronica direct.

Ophelie Rehner
this is not Boogie 6 count :D you have 2 triple steps, that's 6, plus the rock step.. you have 8. it is boogie. a version that's very similar to West coast swing. just no 6 count...
Rand H
At the last, the actual couples dance, the steps mde sense! Big diff.
Avelino Cruz
This is not BOOGIE but East Coast Swing. Boogie is only two step, two step and a rock step.
pa wi
It is not a rock step. The second step from the lead is incorrect. For proper momentum for the fellow, the first two steps from the lead should be step back, step back. Not, step back, step across.