Michael Jackson 40 World Tour ABC Special 2013

This is a concert i made for the 40 world tour if there was ever a special that aired on ABC. Now I DO NOT have the ABC logo. This concert has 15 songs and it has clips of him i made on tour for the 40 World Tour AND I MADE THIS CONCERT IN A FEW HOURS .Please rate and comment. And if I Messed up then im sorry and please, ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS WILL BE REMOVED. Please enjoy and here is the setlist. 1.JAM MJ'S FANS 2.J5 MEDLEY IGNITION 3.ROCK WITH YOU THE ARRIVAL IN LONDON AFTER THE FIRST CONCERT 4.IN THE BACK MICHAEL IN DISNEYLAND 5.THE WAY YOU MAKE ME ME FEEL 6.DANGEROUS 7.REMEMBER THE TIME 8.BILLIE JEAN 9.THRILLER 10.BEAT IT 11.BAD 12.BLACK OR WHITE 13.EARTH GIRL INTERLUDE 14.EARTH SONG 15. MAN IN THE MIRROR

Michael jackson: The genius artist. The beautiful human. The wonderful person. The greatest. Ever like him, no one like him. We love you, we miss all of you...
Mary Alice Uballe
Thank you for sharing this with us fans. Always you are miss Michael. your songs make me smile 😄
virginia lombardi
where are Micheal my love? I love you More Micheal please do you want come back?
Diane Gaines
Thanks for this! ONE KING FOREVER.
Great job here! ThanX for making it. A please to watch.
LeeAnn McGowan
our forever kindred sprit💃
There is nobody that loves his fans more than Michael Jackson. Touché, Michael. Touché. 😢✨
Ruth Nice
you did a great job on this congratulations thanks for sharing this
I miss u MJ... I truly know that God has a very special place for you in heaven. . kindred spirit, humble, giving, loving spirit &soul.. also the best entertainer of a lifetime in every way. I know you were trying to send the whole world a true message. .. your so missed & went to soon...... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU FOREVER MJ! !!! I'll see you again, in OUR FATHER'S KINGDOM. ..
Alejandra Osiakowski
⭐I want to be delusional and think that Michael is alive, especially while singing and & dancing my favorite Billie Jean.!!! 😍
Adriano Aparecido
2018 Michael Jackson
Finn Rothe
He died 2009 so how is he able to make a world tour in 2013 and this are just pics from the dangerous and gistory world tour but wiith difrent songs ... The mouth doesnt move right to the music and the dance too but michael was a genius and perfectionist so why would he dance something completly diffrent than what the music says
Azlan Khan
Dear all Michael Jackson fans I request to all if you have michael Jackson history tour india Bombay concert 1996 plzz upload plzzzz I am waiting since childhood.
K Moore
Wow😰😰😰. He even wore the glove on the original left hand!!
Nani Wattz
Where was he in 0:0:1:54?
cool name
Save in videos,!,,
Destiny Mccall
The 40 tour in 2013 I thought he died 2009
Cha my
Dec 04 2018 anyone?
Michael You are The King Of Pop. Your a legend. Your music will forever live in our hearts❤. May you RIP. Fly high with the Angel's. I love and miss you so much. Hard to believe On June 25, 2018 you will have been gone for 9 years. Taken from us WAY TO SOON💋💞❤💞
I love the whole video but the song Jam in the beginning I really miss the part where the rapper comes out at & SEEING HIS DANCING the same time (Michael Jackson's dancing) I just love that part and it's missing from this performance!!!
The King
Cindy Farrar
Thanks for the video. I love his music.l sure do miss him.He" s gone too soon!
Kilt um☝🏾💀👞🎩 #DaGOAT🖤😢✊🏾🤴🏽👑
2013? Michael faked his death in 2009, so, how could this be in 2013 ( 28:21 )? That was filmed before his faked death...like in the 1990's.
Angelyn Minted
go all people out now......
Marlene Miller
<3 <3 <3
marie-jo milon
The grearest video I ether seen ! Thanks ,you make Michael forever alive !.Thanks to let us download .
great,great video.A big THANK YOU
GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!!