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The new Composure engine plugin, a C++ and Blueprint framework designed to make complex real time compositing pipelines with ease, arrived with the release of Unreal Engine 4.17. Our team takes a look at the new Composure Sample Project and breaks down some of its fantastic features. We discuss how it was constructed, how you can get started with compositing in UE4, and the best practices for gathering your content for compositing. We also dive into the new and upcoming documentation efforts for the compositing tools and answer your questions on compositing in UE4. [ 00:00:00 ] Intro/News [ 00:02:44 ] Community Spotlight [ 00:07:20 ] Getting Started with Composure [ 01:00:58 ] Outro NEWS Expos for Indies /> Unreal Dev Grants Announce /> COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Hangry Bunnies from Mars /> Boy Sichterman /> Interactive Tree Creator /> Announcement Post

Can anyone suggest me a shooting AI tutorial please
10:22 It took me a second to realise the scene wasn't in engine geometry except for the manequinne
Erlan Imangeldinov
Plz add subtitles for non native english listeners
Nice stream. Your mics are overdriving tho. Turn down your mic-amplfier a little and turn it up in the streaming program.
He says the geometry of the patio wasn't necessary but the other guy says they set it to be hidden but to receive shadows, so don't you need the geometry to create shadows?
Is unreal engine 4 free? Where do i download It?
Arun Kumar
Is there any possibility to compositing Live footage people with green screen background and background is UE digital building.
Die Berliner
It's irritating to see features like this roll out with examples that are ONLY available on Windows. Linux (ps4) and Mac developers keep getting hosed.
Eylon Sherf
How I keep only the character shadow to be placed an the actual footage?
Bogdan Runceanu
1:02:43 Thanks for answering my question regarding the 360 degrees stereo video. However, my original footage would not come out of the Stereo Panoramic Tool (UE), but out of a physical camera (VUZE). To be more precise, it's an 8 cameras rig that outputs stereo, 360 degrees videos. I'm trying to use UE for gaze based navigation in between clips and make a neat, clean package out of the whole thing. Color matching and such would not be much of an issue at this point. The main goal is to play the videos on a PS VR or on a PC, perhaps even cardboard devices when the technology would permit that.
Mal Anderson
Is there any smart pointer concepts? Plus can you guys suggest a design pattern you follow for certain games? How would you implement the factory style pattern in unrealss custom cpp. Writing cpp is one thing setting up the foundation is another. I can learn cpp all day til I die, but if I cannot learn the design pattern it's moot.
Mal Anderson
Ps smart pointer is another way of garbage collection with out the worry of memory pointer leaks. Static
What do i use for camera tracking then? he mentioned that was done with an outside program but didn't give a name.
World Hayes
Mcable gaming hmdi cord
Hoss Cartwright
Great features!
Dmitri Kvitko
Awesome, guys!
micah grantham
can i get destiny 2 and exbox 1