Michael Jordan - The Best of the Best HD

BEST GAME IN BASKETBALL HISTORY: /> Enjoy The Best Of The Best of His Airness and subscribe if you liked 👍

*BEST GAME IN BASKETBALL HISTORY* Chicago All-Time Bulls vs Los Angeles All-Time Lakers: https://youtu.be/gHAv0gJxeV8
Yolo boy
And some idiots out there think that LeBron is "better" than Jordan??? Jordan is the Standard of Greatest in professional Basketball, Jordan > LeBron not even debatable.
Or Jerome
amazing! absolute control...  its as if his method is "Jump first, think later"
Birds In Life
How can you compare Kobe and lebron to this...
I always hear how Lebron is the most amazing physical speciman of all time.  He is an amazing athlete, but I've still never seen a guy quite like Jordan.  Jordan is much more agile, acrobatic than Lebron, and I personally think hanging and contorting in mid air like Jordan does shows more athleticism.
Why people say MJ is the king of basket ball? Not Kobe, not Lebron, not Durant, not ... , because watching him play is so excited. I can say no player can do that thing anymore.
Autumn Phoenix
He's the greatest athlete of all time. There will never be another one like him. Ever.
UUB Repus
If LeBron is king of basketball, then Michael Jordan is the God of this sport
Wario's Gold Coin
The king of basketball - Michael Jordan. Truly the greatest player ever.
Jay Sagét
No disrespect to Jerry West, but Jordan should be the logo. Watching this guy play is breath taking.
Best Basketball player of all time!! No one got the moves like Jordan.
Adam Frazier
It still holds true today.  "There's Michael Jordan and then there's everyone else."
Sometimes I think that Kobe is the greatest but then I see this....
Roberto Ginaldi
even my 12 years old brother thinks, that MJ is the GOAT
Melvin Stapleton
Every player that comes out since Jordan won his first Championship is compared to Jordan. Listen Carefully MJ= The GOAT of Sports THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
One of the very reason I started playing basketball. He's the man that can make any tough shot look easy.
Luiwoi ERR
MJ was called "the King" but some called himself "the King"
giannis 13 Stamatopoulos
michael jordan the best basketball player all the world from greece <3
Frank Mileti
I thank you Lord for living in the MJ era
Vojtěch Raiser
MJ is the best basketball player in the world
Cyle Jackson
Stop comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan LeBron James it's more of a Magic Johnson type player and Michael Jordan is the greatest for a reason nuff said
Mike Turner
Best there is, was and ever will be.
What made Michael the greatest was his finesse combined with athleticism. He had every single fundamental of the game down to a tea.
Too quick and relentless to deal with. Amazing basketball player. Some of those plays in this video are insane. Only MJ pulls that off. Greatest Player of All Time and it's not close.
The G.O.A.T
3:26 ...OMFG is right!
Chuck Keough
He makes being the best look easy, I almost bit my tongue off when I was 14 trying to be like Mike.
People who got to watch MJ are so lucky I never got that chance people say that he's little compared to LeBron but from this video it shows that he may even be quicker and as strong or stronger than LeBron on one of the layups a defender smokes the ball yet he keeps control and completes the layup it is simply the most amazing thing to see is watching jordan complete these incredible plays that have never been done and aren't done really at all in today's game he is 100% the most impressive and best player to ever be in the game and you can bring up bill Russell and Kareem but MJ is insane his competiveness drive to do literally everything to get the W I will always wish I could grow up watching MJ instead of LeBron
miroslav gardilcic
Oo this man is not human
If anyone deserves to be exempt from old age it's Michael Jordan.  We should be allowed to watch him play forever.
Mar Yu
Nothing Compare Legendary Michael Jordan even Kobe bryan and Lebron James they are such average player,,,
Always be my hero MJ23!!!
Every other player hits a circus shot and it's considered an abnormal occurrence, .. aka lucky. Michael Jordan is the only player that I've ever seen whom has the "circus shot" as just part of his repertoire. He just had crazy hands, crazy body control, and more importantly, a crazy will power to finish every shot... even as he's falling down.
Cameron Cunningham
Jordan is the best of all time 🏀
That move at 2:02 doing a crossover with one hand on the ground and two defenders trying to block the shot, is really amazing.
Rachinlou Agotin
Even without tv at home since back of 90s ...me and my father went to my fathers friend house just to watch mj and the bulls squad... Mj u made my life full inspiration.. Back then i always remembered too...that were all of us watching The bulls squad we've felt to much excitment and more confident too that they'll make it the finals again... And our pray and hopes was guaranted since all it happened again... The bulls are amazing... JORDAN AND PIPPEN are REAL DUO monsterS AND WITH RODMAN FOR TRIO OMG ITS MORE MONSTEROUS... SPECIALLY With the GREATTEAMATES.. AND THEIR CHEMISTERY WAS AMAZING AND THE BULLS BECAME THUNDEROUS... LOVEANDCRAZYABOUTBULLS'96 WON 72-10... THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES C-BULLS AND ILL TREASURE IT COZ FOR ME THATS THE REAL NBA... NOT FORGOTEN.... THE GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME.. WITH THE G.O.A.T...MJ... I WILL ALWAYS SALUTE U GUYS..
3:25: Who in NBA history can do that layup?
Polis Christodoulou
There can be only one..Jordan  was the reason I start playing basketball
Calvin Chu
3:01 is crazy 
Daniel Njuguna
I have seen Kobe, Le Bron, KD, Dwayne Wade play but they all pale in comparison to MJ. He did things with the ball that no other player is yet to do and this video is testament to this. We as the 80's guys should not let his legacy be forgotten.
iceangel edsheeran
Greatest Of All Time MJ >>>>>>>>>>>>>
SuperGigii (add psn)
We have a King , We have a Legend , We have a God , We have Jordan.
Now i know atleast 1 guy who can fly
Ricardo Grande
Air Jordan? Simply the best.
Jean Carlos Jaspe Serrano
Simplemente su Majestad no hay otro igual la humildad lo volvió un Icono mundial del deporte. Jamás igualado. por siempre Air Jordan
bob mckoy
Jordan is not a basketball player   is an Artist
Zarc Sakaki
"the only one who can stop jordan is himself" what was that aomine ?
it's like seeing God playing basketball...
Bwhite Whblack
I love how that type of music and singing makes videos of LEGEND even more LEGENDARY.
Lebron is a great player too, but MJ is surely better than him
derick montes
Renz De Leon
I love seeing mj smile it makes me feel great .. greatest of all time Micheal Jordan
The best ever!!!!!! LeBron is good but nowhere's near Jordan and not even close when it comes to elegance and beauty. Kobe would have to be second to Jordan.....
viraj mahesh chawan
sir Jordan...the best from past and will remain in future...!!
Jose Seda
Jordan is #1 baby always and forever
Andrea Matarese
He is.....God.....or something similar!
In NBA 2K they should give MJ an I.Q. of S+
2:52 Dat move is INSANE !
Tomáš Kimla
I don't know what to say, it's just Michael, the one and the one forever!!! He's got all what a perfect basketball player has ever needed. MJ FOREVER!!!
luis A
so much hang time
john sullivan
When are you are the best at your sport, they call you the "Michael Jordan" of your sport. That says it all. Michael has the heart of 10 lions and was easily one of the best defenders ever in the NBA. We all know what else he could do.
Salah Jabrouni
MJ is the great player ever
Over *6M* of views it's just incredible... Thanks guys!
Thanks God for let me watch Michael Jordan. Great memories. I miss those times.
Michael Jackson
May sound weird but simply beautiful and elegant
Greatest of the greats in history and i got to experience it in the 90`s the best basketball era.
Yoann V.84
The Best of the Best  of the world!  ! ! ! Le meilleur des meilleurs of the world ! ! ! 
2:11 OMG !!!
Happy Birthday MJ!! Thanks for the memories.
Glenn Mark Salgado
Happen to watch old videos of MJ. Like, the 80s MJ, so to speak. That dude is cat-like, man! Runs fast, jumps high, high IQ. MJ's a lion!
Christian Androstchuk Pérez
el mejor jugador de la historia del baloncesto es sin duda Michael Jordan¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Tony Bruce
Kobe, Lebron, and Durant all great players and future HOF's - but make no mistake, there will only be one MJ, the guy was great. His physical and mental game made him the best offensive and defensive player the game has seen. Thanks MJ.
Adalberto Perez
Jordan the best for ever, for all time
Charlie Herk
Everyone needs to just accept it MJ is the best ever there will not be another MJ.
Sascha Sambale
247 people have no idea about basketball!
he ruled over all the game.
Thank you Klaus for the video, he is the GREATEST ever
LeBron James = power player, can play forward or guard, but not good enough in terms of shooting. Has a good eye on the floor. Like a combined Magic Johnson and Charles Barkley type of player. Only a good defender when he runs on the floor and block someone from behind. Kobe Bryant = perimeter/slasher type of player, better in shooting compared to LeBron. Has many moves compared to LeBron. A better defender compared to LeBron. Michael Jordan = even though he doesn't play any position besides SG/PG, he faced and defeated many power players (Patrick Ewing; David Robinson; Charles Barkley; Shaquille O'Neal; Greg Ostertag; mostly centers and forwards..). In terms of shooting, MJ is the best. He didn't conquered the highest 3-point percentage stats because its not his type of play, but we can see from the way he played the game, he can shoot everywhere whenever he wants it and whenever the team needs it. He didn't focused on blocking shots, he conquered the players before they even make a shot. That what makes MJ a good defensive player. He also gave problems to those who guard him. Whenever they guard MJ and Chicago Bulls play Pick and Roll plays, they had a hard time trailing MJ. And when Phil Jackson became the coach, he placed MJ to the pivot of his famous "Triangle Offense" play. Meaning, MJ together with 2 other players (normally Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman). They were unstoppable. "He make other players around him perform better." -- That is what a real ACE PLAYER is. And whenever the team is already down to the point of they can't make any comebacks, you know they will still catch up because they still have MJ. There are different types of players; they have different types of playing styles, they have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's just that they are on a different level. People comparing Kobe and LeBron = that is fine. People comparing Kobe/LeBron and putting them in the same level as MJ = absurd. MJ was the one and only player who made the game of basketball interesting and popular in the world.
sherwin tandingan
the 90's are lucky, they saw the best player.. 20's are frustrated they want to force james is the best... james is shit, i'm sure in his bad temper, he can't play when rodman guard him...
Kevin Vuong
King of the basketball
nico maio
god is back.....
Jasper Jayme
Basketball=Michael Jordan, stop comparing LBJ😂
Nick Nixon
Lebron won't try to make the play, which is why he'll never be better than Jordan. Open guy BS, take the shot man!!!
I think that one of the most relevant aspects beside talent and dedication is "fun". Michael loved to play and in football it always reminds me of Ronaldinho. When he lost the "fun" at playing football, his game got really bad in comparison to what he was capable.
Patrick Lotz
The best Player of aaaaall Time!!!!!!
My Idols: 1.) Michael Jordan 2.) Wayne Gretzky 3.) Ayrton Senna 4.) Ronnie O' Sullivan 5.) Rafael Nadal
M&M boxing Hotty productions
i still havent been to a nba game that had the feeling of a bulls game in in the early 90s. i went to a heat game 2 years ago and it was ok but nothing like jordan in his prime. he took the game to a new level.
Mark Rafols
still the best
3 mln views! congratulations
cheeze zlayer
Mj "His Royal Airness!" Greatest basketball player of all time! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍
Pape Dione
Athlète of the century. The greatest, the most popular, the best. Thank you for all the joy you've bring to us. God bless you.
Geraldo César Rodrigues
Jordan. Fantástico!
Александр Кольненков
На 3:23 спортсмен понял, что бесполезно что-либо делать против великого Майкла :))
Josh Arellano
Su majestad Michael Jordan!!! 
Lockedhead Stark
MJ is better than LBJ
Jordan is good so good💪🏾👈🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾
The MESSI Of Basketball!!!!! He is like The Greatest MESSI in soccer (football), Just amazing and naturally talented genius. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, no doubt about that
Chaddius Driller
The motha f*ckin GOAT. No ifs ands or buts about it lol. Great video and great music track.
2:52second movement is art!!