Born to Boogie – The Motion Picture Q&A

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Music producer Tony Visconti discusses working with Marc Bolan and T Rex after a screening of Born to Boogie – The Motion Picture, Ringo Starr’s joyful and psychedelic concert film. Interviewer: Rock journalist Mark Paytress Subscribe: /> Watch more on the BFI Player: />Follow us on Twitter: />Like us on Facebook: />Follow us on Google+:

Michael Cameron
zinc alloy was his best album
Sharon Edwards
Tony was the 5th T.rex in the earlier years in my opinion.
Tony is a Legend!!
Xavier Quiñones de León
great movie ... Bolan was hero in South Africa in 70s beat bongo hippy jumba elfins and magic was sensation Tony Visconti made it possible a very very nice guy......see the fantastic video NOW THAT I OWN THE BBC SPARKS in South Africa in tegno DISKO they Meal Bros were kings in 80s...with ELLA MENTAL a local Sparkian Pop team southafrikaans
c knott
I was at the NFT for the showing and Q&A. Very entertaining! Pleasing to see so many fans of Marc there.
Vince Hall
great video thank you for taking the time to record and upload
im sure the interviewer is the author of bolan bio books, as for tony, met him twice are real class act, i own three of marcs guitars , and will get them back in action with the correct set, would be a blessing if tony produced x
Peggy Shealy
I would just love to see anything new with Marc on it that Tony has. Just talking, playing or anything would be great. I thought he said he had a video or something that he should release but I havent seen anything new. Marc was just a beautiful, talented person and Im so sorry he didnt get to see how we hardcore fans still love him as much as ever.
Chris W
Huh good timing on the video Im going to go see Ringo with Todd Rundgren tonight in Fort Wayne
David Koval
This Guy is A True Master at his Craft of Recording! Unreal at Tape Editing!
I remember being 8 years old and seeing this "weird" stuff on t.v. I didn't know they were such big stars in UK. Who could forget Bolan's voice.
luc luc
I saw Born To Boogie back in 1973 during a school trip from France to London UK I was 16 !
Tony No. 1 producer hands down!
Brian Jones went to dhali lama but, i think that was just to go for a trip and get his picture taken.
simon L
Love Tony Visconti but it interviewer is a waffling fool.
simon bedford
watch the concert and you can hear lots of guitars have been overdubbed. so not sure what the heck visconti is talking about
Thomas Huth
Michael. Sry. but I couldn’t disagree more. But, keep calm, if you think so that’s fine! I myself as an individual belong to the heavy losses he had to face then , with and after Zinc... The magic had gone then. The magic meant T.Rex( the brown album), Electric Warrior and Slider, even Tanx was below though I liked it. Zinc, hmmm, it’s great here and there , but you know Bolans prestige came from , inter alia. Jewel and Mambo Sun. compare this to Left Hand Luke.... which is great in itself for me seen nowadays. The thing to note is that you like the Zinc album most which is only a sign of his great style creating capabilities. All the best ....
Stephen Kater
All the artists are drawing pictures with their songs and records and all but when i see Tony Visconti i see someone who draws an even bigger picture !! Love Tony !!!
Philip Sanders
he don't have those guitars
Song Shed
Really interesting. I've grown to appreciate 'Tanx' more in recent years but still think 'Zinc Alloy' was the start of Bolan's creative decline, or rather, musical rut he was in.
Marie Marie
Why is the interviewer chewing gum during an interview?! LOL Other than that, this is good find. It answered one of my questions. Thanks.