water feeder for bird cages DIY simple method , How to

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water feeder for bird cages DIY simple method , How to please watch full video

Natasha Jumarally
very nice👍👏👏👏
Fanny Aramburo Tamayo.
Carajo aunque no entiendo la escritura .. fantástico video .y muy sencillo. Me gustó. de cali Colombia
BBC9 Brahmanbaria
Nice video
Natasha Jumarally
veri nice
Dr Kamran Siddiqi
Glue is a chemical... It has side effects on health of little birds
Kuldeep passi dhuri kuldeep passi dhuri
Very nice.take care of birds.good think.avrybaday to don this.
Dena Redford
Toxic chemicals
Xochitl Morales
Le pones puros productos toxicos a los pobres colobri pince vieja no uses productos toxicos
div m
Please avoid putting glue on the inside
Edna Novais
Porque os pássaros estão presos? Set tem Free....
Lourdes Powell
Excelente bebedero👍!! Aunque no me gusta ver a los pájaros encerrados 😢
Rasieda doutie
Simple, very nice
yaneth ibañez
muy bonita la instruccion pero desafortunadamente los beneficiarios estan encarcelados. que tristeza
judy Fiebig
What do you think of adding clear marbles or such in the bottom to keep the level of water up and protect the little birds from drowning. I love how you built this.
Brijesh Kumar
Great idea god bless you do Good in life
what is the name of that glue, is that leak proof
Saul Andrade
hey carnal la neta de las netas,, eh mirado videos sobre como hacer comederos para colibris,,pero la verdad, este me inpresiono, por dios . felisiadas bro, i love your video and your talent bless to yo and all of your family, saludos desde mexico
Boss Boss
wow nice idea
Lola Galvão
A cola é tóxica. Pássaros presos é cruel.
Savari Raj
Asit Chatterji
Nice idea.
Marianita Gomez
Muy útil
Khan A
Khan A
Har cheez Desi
Fazlu Rehman
asad Asadullah
Arey Bahi wild parrot key liye bao domestic bird key liye nahi
asad Asadullah
Arey Bahi wild parrot key liye bao domestic bird key liye nahi
Eliza Wells
What did you use to seal around the bolt & nut? What was that yellow stuff? I have a smaller cage...but I'll try it with a smaller bottle and if I can't find a small bowl maybe I can find a deep lid from something. I've been looking for ideas of outside the cage water feeders & where the bird goes into. Getting lots of ideas. Almost there, I think. lol Great Video! Thanks
Adry Contreras
Excelente!!! Muchas Gracias!!
Dr. Md. Ahsan Ullah
Savari Raj
Khalil Ahmad
sir if i hole in back side of bottle when water flows without holes water cannot flow plzz tell me urgent
victoria isabel
Buenas ideas
What is the paste to paste?
Soleil Brillant
nilda cespedes
maneesh pal
Yh tube jo use kri kya naam hai
Eliecer Ruiz
me gusta muy bueno
Dadou Meziani
Mark Narayan !
santosh borade
very nice,
Jyoti Pawar
Very good
unk nown
Sadhana Shelar
खुप छान