Сауль Альварес - Шейн Мозли (Saul Alvarez vs Shane Mosley) full fight

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5.05.2012 г Сауль Альварес - Шейн Мозли

felip uno
I think canelo respected shane too much to ko him or something.
2012 - Canelo at 21 was fighting on the undercard of Mauweather vs Cotto 2013 - Mayweather vs Canelo Canelo at the age 23 challenged Mayweather and got schooled by the king 2015 - Canelo at the age 25 schools Cotto Canelo is improving no doubt about that!
tom c
Is there a cutman who isn't, "one of the best in the business" lol
That Canelo can punch boy wooo. 40 year old Shane taking them though.
Shabaz Ejaz
36:04 Canelo throws a no-look body shot to prevent any counter punches to the head. Unbelievable skill.
Kenneth L
Saying Mexican looking Mexican is like saying American looking American lmfao
TMT 50
Bad ass undercard
Vernon Jenkins
So much respect for Sugar Shane mosley, I was never a fan but I'm glad I watched this fight and man Shane is well deserved of all the respect he is given. Camel is something else at such a young age he is well beyond his years.
make up Artist
mosley got destroyed I felt bad for shane...viva canelo
Trush Tucker
pacquiao will give canelo work
canelo...cuando caias bien y eras humilde
Kenneth L
Canelo has a style that even if he loses will still bring people out. Let’s be honest Floyd is a great amazing fighter but his draw was based on that 0 on his record he wasn’t the most exciting fighter
ghost tripple
Amir khan should have boxed canelo early his was to expreenced when khan fought him bruv
Roniel Hipolito
Manny Pacquiao knocked Mosley down.Mosley did not fight Manny toe to toe but he did in canelo's Fight
Phil Tanics
Gotta love Sugar Shane. He fought so many greats and had an epic career. Its a shame that he tested for PEDs after De la hoya 2, but if he only took them that one time to beat up golden girl, its fine by me haha. At 40 he certainly didn't have a chance to beat Canelo, that boy was born to beat people down, hes a scary fighter.
Lucas Biglia
a este moshley anciano golovkin lo hibiese noqueado en 6 roud
Agapito Clavoduro
El mosly ya iva d salida. Yo mire esa pelea ese dia pelio. El coto vs al joto floy
Neto La Neta
Los jabs de Mosley van directo a los guantes de Canelo y el uno dos va a los antebrazos😂😂😂😂supervendido Mosley😂😂😂😂
Erick Olivera
round 6 canelo stopped showing mercy
Lmafo. I mean who fights a who round????
Roberto Villa
i wonder who punches harder canelo or pacquiao because pac drop shane and canelo didnt .. the way shane fought pac was like he was intimidated and when he fought canelo he can to fight . dont know why .
Giovanni Reyes
Ludovic Manga
Damn mosley has an iron chin
Vic Litty
At 1:05:38 canelo could have knocked him out but he had respect for Mosely. Much respect to Canelo for that.
GGG would have knocked canelo out.
David Mendoza
that's because he's the best middleweight in the world