Tamiya TT 01 ezrun brushless 5.5T test run, speed test

hi, this my tamiya with EZRUN 5.5T 6000Kv brushless system, run with ORION NiMH 7.2v 4000ma batery

don´t use NiMH batteries with brushless systems. Always use LiPo battery with brushless, otherwise you don´t get the full power and drive time because of to low voltage.
ronnie tjikoeri
does the stock setup support big nimh batteries like 5000mah
Tacon 2838-380-17T Brushless Motor 3900KV for 1/10 1/12 Car Trucks..HobbyWing Justock 45A Brushless ESC with metal center drive shaft, and a 3S lipo. About 43ish miles an hour. I have a Tacon 5000kv 540 brushless motor still put to the side, but I actually like the 380, just because the power comes on smooth and I don't have to worry about internals nearly as much, drive gears,differentials ect.Always get rid of the power system + and drive shaft in this car, they are close to garbage.Hobbypartz
Najma Abdulla
ofcourse i agree. who can believe it even you showed this?. and i can suggest u , its so easy to get this auto insurance on a single call. its worth a call here : bit.ly/14o2arH?=rtqeehp
my TT-01R type E runs with 22/61 stock gearing, 5000mAh 7,2v and Team Orion SV2 METHOD R 15X2 turns brushed little bit over 45 kph (gps). Thought yours would be a lot faster
gazza foster
Thats quick man!!
Süleyman Gül
kaç para ki böyle rc ler kardeş
James Katpil
what brand is it
arif göçmen
benim arabam daha hızlı
Tyler Carden
What kind of tires
Carlos Rojas
k jevi
shane stevens
slap a lipo bttery in it. it'll go heaps harder
gazza foster
Did you find the EZRun a reliable motor?
Денис Потапов
Я русский))
Ruslan Sergatsov
Devon metters
And its only 3000kv
Devon metters
Use either titanium or plastic parts for light weight. My 17.5 goes faster.
Carl Cronje
What gearing are you using? I've seen sport tuned motors gone faster! All that aluminum parts is just making your car heavy. And there is no control over the car, On a track a silver can would beat you.
Diogo DaCunha
spur and if its stripping it your not meshing it right at all ive had brushless systems run flawless on carbon gears even plastic without an issue
Joshua Hutton
hi i need help i got a tl01 brushless but i put a 9 t motor and esc and it stripes my metal sper gear
Mati Mateusz
hhahah cool
if you wan't it to go steady with this motor put on stratos or mazda 6 racing carozza, which is windtunnel made,.
good car bad driver
When going brushless, do you HAVE to upgrade the receiver???? And radio?
Come on guys :D ha ha ha thats surely not all ....even in stock ! I watch this two days ago. after them i build my TT-01 E same like his just with an 9.5 Lrp Vector X11 as surce a 3600 Orion cell 7,2 too and it goes with stock ratio 61 (ok i use an 20t Pinion) 46,7 km/h (i ask cops with radar-gun) after 4th pack gearbox goes down :D . But he got it for test ... so i see is not only the ratio wrong ^^ maybe you let check your radar-Pistol ;) Better luck next try
salim ali
TESCO !!!!
use lipo battery on ur ezrun 5.5t engine, 60A ESC sure more fast than this.. but nice car
Eddie Grice
ive got this in my monster truck and clocked it in the car doing 50mph gona turn up the timming and see what i get then
Taylor Massey
yeah,i am using a brushed version at the moment. I am scared to move up to 3s lipo though XD. Ive heard of the spint 2 esc burning up.
honeslty it's stock,(PInion is 23, spur gear is 90, 48 pitch) the venom lipo battery i have does most of the work right now. And i'm really doing about 47ish. The drift version may be different than the flux (which i have) but i dunno:)
Taylor Massey
what gear ratios do you have in yours? mine is set up for drifting right now and can go about 30-35 ish. I have it set up for torque and acceleration, not so much for speed.
5.5T with 3S will do about 20mph more and will also last alot longer
Triplicity Damystery
That's slow man. For that motor and its not even in mph. Change your gears. My flux does about 65 outta the box
Dude, this motor is designed to run on 2s lipo only!
my sprint 2 does 50 and i think that's still slow!:)
my friend thinks 10mph is fast and he is new to rc lol
Lunchy and the Punk
for a TT01
35mph is fast?
is this a good kit, cause i want to buy an on road, and i' debating between the tt-01 or the associated tc6
how long does your battery last?
Off-road Nation
if i get one or the kit can i just put one in right away gears/diffs will be fine
der standart motor fährt NIE 45!
Lunchy and the Punk
Cripes. That's a fast TT01.
I have this car with a 8.5 but i broke all the diffs. How you solve that problem? I need help!! Thanks
Kardanwellenreiter H
lächerlich 45 kmh.. :D
how much faster would it be with a lipo
why would someone do that to a tt01. T_T that tt01 belongs in the trash lol
matthew stylianou
how much run time do you get with this system?
Mad Rock Crawlers
@82kyliesexy most item from ebay, and other online RC shop :))
where did you get your hop up from
Jacob Ford
@MrAaron9468 Are you legit man? For 700 GPB ill make you one, but faster :)
Jacob Ford
Man you need a little 3s lipo in it!
aaron hughes
holy fukin shit ill buy it aff ye fer 700 quid
my brushless is up to 125 kph, it s a super levant(tamiya) tuned by myself :D make new videos and learn to drift, 'cause that looks freaky good if you can
Whats the stock gearing for the TT01. 28/62?
on nimh is slow ... test lipo ;)
@MrBushchicken69 5.5t brushless motor. Yeah it is stock.
have u had any problems with the bevel pinion can i have broken to with my brushles sin it
Bush Bavaria
i dont believe tht gearing is stock
i have a schumacher mi1 with an 8.5 t brushless and an 85 amp speed controller, dont know its top speed but it spins tyres at speeds close to your fastest...
Michael Clerc
is it not too mutch fore a TT01?
my colt10 electric with the same 5.5t brushless goes faster than that
NICE CAR! Ezrun has good prices, that is what I USE IN MY 60+MPH CAR! i subbed 2 U ! (sorry about sending more than 1 video response, please remove 1) THANKS MY FRIEND!
use LiPo, NiMH have low discharge rate
Tj Botten
I was like, 'WOAH!' then I saw the kph on the gun
Kenneth Bjorvatn
Hei, hva heter den tingen du brukte til å måle hastigheten?
4s lipo and youll be drifting at 49kph...
Ben Mecham
i cant imagine this thing on 3s.... :D
i am 90 % shure that that moter isnt running 100%
Lewis Latham
Hey I want to make my rc car faster heres what I got Alloy tt01 Brushless 3000kv motor Bigger wheels 11.1v lipo (lightweight version) Dunno the gearing but I'm happy with that Light oil damper shocks Digital lightweight receiver Anything else I can do, it does between 45mph and 50mph at the min
what does brushless mean can someone please tell me
Hamfish Fishman
hey i got that motor in a hpi blitz and the motor gets really hot even with low gearing
I know the video is a little dated. But if you still have the cars and have not made any upgrades. Go lipo. I clocked my TT01 @ 65 kph with i little bit more to give. I was running on a 35 amp ESC with very small 9t motor. (EZrun). And a cheap 2s lipo. You can seriously get more preformance out of this thing :) I now went 2s on a 5.5t and 60 amps esc. for a total costs of €50. But the speed aint funny anymore XD
whats the battery life on that thing?
Bunker Boi
i take that back it looks kinda cool ;)
Bunker Boi
why is the front all gay and the wrong colour?
Patrick Farr
i've installed the motor, did it reduce the range of the car?
why won't you use lipo? its very powerful than the battery you're using right now
Silverflame Gaming
my 13t goes just as fast. Well did. But thats another story. change the Pinion gear and the other for more speed.
Jaime Alamos
hah mini car lol love it
General lurik
pft my 27 turn non brushless goes even as fast STRANGE HUH? 58T spur gear wif 24T and a 5100nimh accu 0.o
Gal jau isbandei tteske su lipo baterija? Kokie tuningai yra vertingiausi varzybu atzvilgiu? Aciu
evil Bunny
i kinda wonder why everyone is so hyped about this... honestly. ever try and drive some track with that much power against someone with a "common" 5.5t brushed motor. all i see is wheel spin and lack of control......
Damn who needs a Lamborghini when you can have one of these?
General lurik
@anataking i was able to get a ready to run for €120 in the netherlands only a battery and charger and i was able to drive
Patrick Farr
how long does the 4000 mAh battery last ? (running time)
Alejandro Santos
nice sound! go turbo!
Hobby Fun
how much does it cost for a tamiya tt-01
Hobby Fun
how much does it cost for a tamiya tt-01
@Allexxx96Reloaded motor turns, the lower the turns, the faster the motor :)
drew Halverson
hobbypartz. c o m is a good place to buy these
Lewis Latham
I got mine on eBay with 90 min speed charger and 3 batt packs rc and car with on and off road wheels for £50
how much do thees things cost, 60- 100$ bucks or more?
@STdemoniac have you tried to change it to 55t spur and 28t pinion gear? :) I have this (55/28) gearing in my TT-01, want to buy Ezrun the same as yours and wondering how fast it will go with my gearing
Mad Rock Crawlers
@Skoti89 yeap mate, gearing ist stock :))