Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 02] 'Bill’s Special Pill'

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Tokio Hotel
Tokio Hotel TV proudly presents : 'Bill's Special Pill'
Isabel Legrady
I just love how in every video there is a comment about Bill's sexuality. Please, guys, didn't we all grown up? I sincerely thought we were over this by now. But, anyways, the photo shoot looks great, I'm so excited for this! Shut up and take my money!
Amy Santana
Bill should be 100% open with his sexuality... I mean, the only thing he has to do now is say it, cause in my opinion, he can't hide it anymore... Not that I care. I WILL STILL LOVE HIM... <3 WE ALL  LOVE BILL KAULITZ NO MATTER WHAT!! (realx girls!!))
Jane InVain
Georg with short hair appreciation comment.
Brooklyn Rose
(': Bill and Pumba.. <3
Sirley Bejarano
OMTH! Todo esto es más que perfecto... I love you guys so fucking much! Aaaww, Bill... Gustav... Georg... Tom... Pumba.... ♥ Haha... Love you!!!!!!!!!!!
angelica olmedo
I hope he's kidding about the drogs 😰 everything else just perfect 😍
Caja Van Wonderen
6:08 - "Main role: Pumba Supporting roles: Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing & Gustav Schäfer" That just made my day :')
"there's usually only one person in the middle, that's me, that shines like a star" - it's been five years and it's good to know tom is still the same guy <3 
Monica Morris
There is a permanent smile on my face now. Pumba Bill are just adorably cute. They're still the same, they haven't changed one bit.
Alien D
"Tom, can you do your fckn' job and take these shoes out. Come on, u know the rules. If my assistant is not around you're my assistant".  LMFAO, I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW X'D.
Veronika Kaulitz
Absolutely New Tokio Hotel I Like It! I Really Enjoy Every Second This Video! I Love You!
If Lady Gaga and Bill had a child would be the most perfect creature on earth
Veronica Lucero
It hurts me that they have changed the logo. but i still love you guys and i love #tokiohoteltv Thank you very much for make me happy everyday. ♥
alba wg
Bill Kaulitz, you are the most perfect man on earth. I will continue saying this until the day I die. TH für immer ♡
Jason Clarke
So all those outfits and stuff are for the album? Looks really cool, I can't wait to see it. Can't wait to hear it too, of course. And Bill is so adorable with Pumba.
Ivette Chipuli
The leader of the band should be Pumba *.*
Tais Wind
Смотрю и плачу.... Георг ты просто бомба \(^0^)/
Alyssa Mangham
Wow. Tom has become even more of a babe!
María José Lagazzi
I think you should speak in german guys, and then sub it. I just think it would be more natural ;)
Apparently in the third chapter I'll see some twc scenes. Hurray!
Rachael Sadlier
Can't wait for the next Episode! I feel like I'm 14 again!! I love it!!!!!!
Shaker Make.
The photo of bill and pumba definitely gonna be my new lock screen
jane BTK
puuuumbii..!! i can't describe my feelings to see you all together and how happy you seem to be that this "old life" kind of starts again....i'm speechless...!! the outfits are just stunning and you look handsome as always! <3
You guys are just too perfect to be true <3
honestly maybe its just that ive kinda grown up but i find georg to be the most attractive by far now
Wow! Bill knows how to do push-ups !!? <33333333 Love you more and more <33333333
Catarina Marques
The photoshoot's clothes are so amazing, their sense of style is even better now!
Niloofar Maktoum
Thanks #Aliens for sharing this video..❤ And I ove it Ŧ
Patty V
Heyy Main role thing was true! lol btw. I see that Pumbi adores Georg... oh oh oh Bill, long hair: absoluutely yess...hahaha Tom, please!... Küsse guys
Lorens THeAlien
The music in the background sounds awesome
OMG beautiful video <3 Omg i love you sooooooooo much guys :') Make me soooo happy :***
Luked Guit
Tom proved that even impossible things like being the middle one of four is possible! :D haha
Anna Rebaudo
ahhh!! I'm sooo curious about all those historical costumes!!!! :DD
Gabriela Chinaglia
Hey Bill, you are ready for the next carnaval here in brazil hahahahaha i love this video
Tom, Georg, Gustav, Bill you are amazing! But sorry guys Pumba is the best haha :D Can't wait for the next episode. Kisses from Poland <3
Kimberly Bendixen
I can't decide, who is the cutest one, Bill or Pumba :3 <3
Arianne Via
That background music again. OOOOO I loooove it i'm just getting more and more impatient for the album now! <3
Bill was just workin' those outfits! YASS BILL! Love you guys! I really wish these episodes were longer!!
Me dieron ganas de llorar cuando ví a Bill con Pumba por alguna extraña razón): simplemente perfectos, como los amo, son hermosos y perfectos<3.
Fanni S. Stilinski
Gustav & Georg's relationship though
OMG Pumba is so sweet and the way Bill treats him, aww*-*
Ese pumba si que tiene mucha suerte :(
Niloofar Maktoum
Ŧ Thank you Tokio Hotel for this beautiful episede Ŧ
Luz R.
Omg!! *w* Bill is so adorable <3 He´s giving me a heartache <3
Fiorella Trinidad
it's amazing... I love you Tom, love you so much :)
I missed bill's laugh so much ♡♡♡
you have no idea of how much i missed tom all going > "ah i'm so handsome i'm the only shining star of the group ahhhh i'm so hot", you have no idea how much i missed this this is SO important to me i'm SO glad it's happening
Fati Machrou
I want that pill !!! And Bill too :3  miss u guys :')
Agust D
Oh por dios!! Bill haciendo lagartijas!! ⊙﹏⊙ mori
beni bird
Bill doesn't need any woman or man, he's got his baby <3 his pride and joy lol
I fell in love with this piano at 2:54. Can't wait to listen to the hole song. <3
Defintily my favorite episode so far. <3 loooooove it ! Bill is so cute with Pumba and yea...thank you so much, guys! :) i'm so happy to have you back. <3
"You know the rules - if my assistant is not around, you are my assistant." - lol
Caj Hal
I´m so excited for the new album, i wanna cry
i used to have this crush on Tom, but since he grew a bread naw, Georg will be the next victim. lolol
Roxy Hurricane
nice pill, send me some, Bill :D so I could try out some different hairdos
Fitzy Films
I love the way their English is improving :D
me here
My favorite band since 2005 <3
Fergie Little Alien Queen Of Suburbia
I want me some more for it grows hair  they had never heard that strange, that you hair grows up in 25 minutes is real I believe that, but I find very little time for it grows so fast and long
Greta McDonald
Pumba and Bill are just so cute together it melts my heart.
1:07 , you see BILL's Long Hair hahah 😂
This made my day! Thank you guys, It's so cool to see you again ♥
Hoseok Hates Snakeu
Wow...I love you guys. But the drug thing scared me :O I hope you were joking :(
facefreshlike asalad
it's crazy... i still love the guys
Adél H.
Does anyone else think that 'something new' is the song in the intro? If yes... oh my god, this video was uploaded more than 2 years ago. I feel like something big is waiting for us :) dream machine <3
Patricia Pereira dos Anjos
Bill, it's beautiful to live !!! :) I love all ...
Diana Castellanos
Like I say so I just love it, every time I get more excited about the new album I love you #Tokio_Hotel 👽
Larren Pereyra
Bill doing Push ups!!hahahaha
Aurora Morgenröte
Ich finde euch immer noch genau so toll wie früher ! Freue mich sehr auf mehr von euch Jungs! :)
Alyssa Nic
Oh my god bill is such a diva :D
Miguel Barros
can't wait to hear some new tracks!
Maia Bonello
aaaaaaaaa you guys are soo sweet @Tokio Hotel  ^-^ its so great seeing you together again :D and how adorable is Pumba ....... :)
You killing me. I can't stop laughting and smiling. Your my hapiness guys, see you soon ;-) 
Next Wednesday episode 3 yay! 😊
Maria Alien
beautiful Pumba I adore !!
brenda bianciotto
lo quiero subtitulado al español :'(
Fergie Little Alien Queen Of Suburbia
what pill is? as it is called?  where they are sold? 
Evelyn Tvd
G for Gladiator? :O
"Hey that's a woman... ugh ugh... Klo!" :D hahahaha Gustav!
Daniela Ariz
Pumba it's so cute *-* ♡
Mathilde Leborgne
I'm sure Bill will thank pumba in the album booklet ! His puppy is so cute ! :')
Aileen Mercado
5:19 to 5:40 the main reason why I love TOM!!!!!
Sana 459
Intro was really good. I really like that music. 
Yeah, just killing me with all the bare arms. Thanks, guys. Pumba is adorable. <3
Gustav, what's wrong about wearing white shirts when it's raining? 3:D
Andy Andrade
Soy la única que extraña el pelo negro de Bill:(
Ксилема Кетон
Bill is gorgeous 💕💕
Thank you so much for share your things and experiences with us. For me is so important see how you are right now after two years. I love you, keep it up !!!! <3
Jhoselyn Listing
Bill estoy celosa .-.
Niloofar Maktoum
I love you my prince, Bill Kaulitz❤ You're so lovely
You guys, are perfect together. I love you so much ❤️
is that natalie? the one who hugs bill? lmao I'm kinda jealous :'c I've been a fan since 2005 omg how time flies :'3 I'm so friggin happy that they're back ♡
Maddy Kaulitz
Awww ich liebe die stelle wo pumba reinkommt während georg sein fotoshooting hat ^-^
Maria Mantas
Perfect!! I missed you all love you guys! ♡
Mari Kaulitz
I'm crying Kflajckkakc I love u GUYS!<3
Larren Pereyra
all I can say is "I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL!"
Panda Billy
Господи, вы такие хорошенькие и милые:3