What's Your Rashee? - Salone Kya | Priyanka Chopra

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i dont want to be mean about sagitarius ppl but so far its true that they are sexually driven and its based around all the Sagittarius i know and even celebs like taylor swift has been kinda proven
Piyu Karande
omg so true ...i portray something else at home and i like astrology too and i can lure and attract too ....nd i can dance too 😂😂
Mahi Ahmed
i'm actually like her 😂🤣🤣❤️
aradhya kapoor
Priyanka nailed this movie!!
Payel Hazra
i am also saggitauras😁
sofu c
I am not like this 😠
Manisha Jha
Not always sags😎 are like this😂 We r intellectual 🎒nd have leadership 👑qualities too which r way more imp.. than this.😂
Sharmin Tariq
Sagittarius here
i am a gemini and may be Sagittarius is the best sign for me.. i think compatibility between these two signs are awesome. .
Mihir Kaushal
song is not too gud but ..... but the character played is well as most of the sagis are like this
Mangesh Mhatre
Music is great and lyrics and mix what a song
Khadija Deep
Omg Priyanka She's Stunning in this role
Rajshree Khara
libras and saggitarious are good match
I am Sagi.. and very bad in everything they try to portrait here :D
Be Happy Always
I wish I was a sagittarius too
Re Sseulsseulhae
When I was younger, I thought this was Aquarius XD (I'm Aquarius)
Reshma Majumder
This character is so apt to describe sagittarius woman
mouli dey
They r easy come and easy go
Shruti Paul
I am Sagittarius
Chanchal sundari baala here😆😂😂
Myheart Ofline
Love this song!
Parminder Bhogal
M sagittarius
Saika Malik
Sagittarius too 😍
Abdallah Mami
ana tani nhab hadi song bzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf
sugandhi tiwari
i am a saggitauras
Roberta Verissimo Guedes Verissimo Guedes
Priyanka Mishra
Spirituality 2 show inside exuality
Shipra Bhatt
Sag here!
Shosho Alkhaldy
Sohel Rana
i don't believe in zodiac sign
hawraa youniss
Nabeel baloch
m same like her 😂 n m sagi
Horaaa Horaaa
فديت هاي لاغنيه
Armaghan Ul Haq
Like me and love u priyanka
بريانكا تشوبرا عاشقة
احساس عالي بيسي
shuvomoyi shuvarthy
me sagi!!!! <3
شهوده كيوت
رائعه الغنيه 😘😍
مغروره وبكيفي
Afifa Sharmeen Asha
Ha ha ha. Fv. SS sir's music.
Mahi Ahmed
me like 😂. i’m sagi too 😍😝😝😝😝
Sagittarians are like that... They are smart highly educated like shown in the movie Bhavna is Phd. And yes being a fire sign, sagittarians are really passionate about many things like sex. You would find the similar liking for sex in other two fire signs Aries and Leo too but in their own ways. As shown, yes sagittarians are seductive. Leo might be forceful and dominating. Aries would typically never miss any chance .
Harshal K
I Love This Song and Character of PC and her moves are awesome.
satya shiva
Me too saggy And this song is perfect for me One side i am very intelligent and spiritual And other side i am always horny And yes me too very interested in jyotish Nice 👍🏼
Suman Das
M sagitarrius.. bt dont knw m religious..
Priya Sen
I'm cringing so hard
riya kasturi
Taurus was missed out
Anita Mishra
aamir majeed
I am a Sagittarius man
Ashfaq Shaikh
idoudi nader
.اغنية رائعة
حوراء السعدي حوراء السعدي
اتموت هاي لاغنيه كلش احبهه
رشا رضوان
واو رووووووعة 👌❤❤
Hussam Hussam
Hussam Hussam
Reham 100
يقولون وأنتي تتسمعين أغاني يراقبك ملك الموت والجن بس للعلم حتى انا اسمعها ومن أشد متابعينها 😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻
كيوت بنوتة
ياربي شكد احب هاي اﻻغنية
Shosho Alkhaldy
اغنية حلوة
Ekanayake Nandasena
E priyanka ilove You okay ilove You welcome Sri Lanka 💍👪💘👍
Zainab queen
حلللللووووووووووووو كثير واو
Mohamed Samir
Na Ri ...
Kozite Kandrouchi
احببت هذا الفلم كثيرا
مجنونه بريانكا تشوبرا
اغنيه ولا احلى بتجنني بريا
_made_ _mag_
همس توتة الأنوثة مااعيدة
اغنية روعه
nesrine bourouina
Mewtant Gamer
Mona Abd