Armin van Buuren feat Cathy Burton "I surrender" + Lyrics

Armin van Buuren feat Cathy Burton I surrender Taken from Mirage 2010 Armada Music / Armin Audio Written by Armin van Buuren / Benno de Goeij / Adrian Broekhuyse / Raz Nitzan Vocals by Cathy Burton Video done on my phone while landing at Stansted airport London Sorry for the jumps etc... Here are the CORRECT lyrics: Everybody's seeking meaning A place to call a home Something to believe in Before we're gone Everybody's seeking comfort Someone to be your friend A hand to hold on to In times of rain I need some love I need to heal The ache of no reason Has taken its toll I think it's time for giving up I think it's time for giving in Too tired to fight All I am I give to you You are home In you I feel my meaning I surrender I surrender Surrender Surrender I surrender

Don Demarco
14 deaf people
Zdeněk Choroš Havránek
Super hudba!
Don Demarco
Awesome tune
Usuário anônimo
mmm amazing.. <3
Akram Zairig
it's just David getta creat 12 account and he dislike this Music ! Fuck you Getta :p
Labamba rchive
THIS TRACK IN MIRAGE 2010 BUT IN Armin van Buuren - Mirage (Deluxe Version) 2011 5 TRACKS BOUNS
Nizar Cheb
I stopped my porn for this :)
1:11 + epic
Victor K Sunanto
this is real trance..
Radovan Abramovic
@DJCitadelUK it is :D
@gaga1298 i totally agree
cristian nicolae
@NME1224 why vocals, why words, trance is about music not words
Jonathan A. Carley
All I can say is Wow. Armin really touched another level on this one.
Ruben Handgraaf
2nd Comment, Totally agree with you!