Armin van Buuren feat Cathy Burton "I surrender" + Lyrics

Armin van Buuren feat Cathy Burton I surrender Taken from Mirage 2010 Armada Music / Armin Audio Written by Armin van Buuren / Benno de Goeij / Adrian Broekhuyse / Raz Nitzan Vocals by Cathy Burton Video done on my phone while landing at Stansted airport London Sorry for the jumps etc... Here are the CORRECT lyrics: Everybody's seeking meaning A place to call a home Something to believe in Before we're gone Everybody's seeking comfort Someone to be your friend A hand to hold on to In times of rain I need some love I need to heal The ache of no reason Has taken its toll I think it's time for giving up I think it's time for giving in Too tired to fight All I am I give to you You are home In you I feel my meaning I surrender I surrender Surrender Surrender I surrender

Great masterpiece! Surrender, find peace, a new wish to live! be thankful
jean billy
Truly amazing voice and music
NEBESKi Racing Games
Classic tune.
Usuário anônimo
mmm amazing.. <3
Akram Zairig
it's just David getta creat 12 account and he dislike this Music ! Fuck you Getta :p
Labamba rchive
THIS TRACK IN MIRAGE 2010 BUT IN Armin van Buuren - Mirage (Deluxe Version) 2011 5 TRACKS BOUNS
Nizar CHEB
I stopped my porn for this :)
1:11 + epic
this is real trance..
Radovan Abramovic
@DJCitadelUK it is :D
@gaga1298 i totally agree
cristian nicolae
@NME1224 why vocals, why words, trance is about music not words
Jonathan A. Carley
All I can say is Wow. Armin really touched another level on this one.
Ruben Handgraaf
2nd Comment, Totally agree with you!
Zdeněk Choroš Havránek
Super hudba!
Don Demarco
Awesome tune
Don Demarco
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