Tom Ford | Fall Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Tom Ford | Fall Winter 2019/2020 by Thomas Carlyle | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - New York Fashion Week) #FFLikedalot

7 different looks in 5 different colors styled in 8 ways. #TomFord
A runway show is a waste of time for a collection like this. A catalog will do.
Eduardo Garcia Fuentes
0:11 Anok Yai 0:30 Rebecca Leigh Longendyke 0:42 Mica Arganaraz 1:01 Hiandra Martinez 1:19 Cara Taylor 1:40 Mariacarla Boscono 1:54 Gigi Hadid 2:07 Kris Grikaite 2:51 Selena Forrest 3:09 He Cong 4:04 Maria Miguel 4:58 Lineisy Montero 5:17 Nina Marke 6:37 Lexi Boling 6:51 Joan Smalls 7:23 Mariacarla Boscono 7:51 Binx Walton 8:12 Mica Arganaraz 8:52 Caroline Trentini 9:20 Anok Yai
The girl that opened the show was great. Her name?
Caroline Trentini slaaay the runway... That's how u supposed to walk girls...
QR One
Tom Ford F/W shows always give me the same rundown: 10% muted color palette 15% STUNNING 55% Wearable, but uninteresting, 20% accessory that's trying too hard.
Oliver McErlean
He wants his women to buy those satin trousers he'll need to fix the pattern - the creasing below the buttocks is just the result of bad design.
1:47 Mariacarla Boscono 8:53 Caroline Trentini
Every season I watch a Tom Ford show, I ask myself "has he always been doing ultra-wearable, commercialism, and I'm just now noticing?"....then I remember the edgy, risqué but not vulgar, youth driven, slinky, modern Tom Ford behind Gucci of the 90's and YSL of the early 2000's and wonder where the hell that went? Its still an incredibly relevant point of view! Even his reintroduction collection back in 2011 was so gorgeous and now it just seems so watered down. There's nothing wrong with the clothes....but there't not much RIGHT. I'm somehow reminded of what Donatella was doing 10 - 15 years ago at Versace, and that's not a compliment.
I can't find who did the music. Anyone know?
Sinuhe Guzmán
Obviously all is top quality and super wearable, but this was super monotonous, like a luxury Zara... And those elmo hats... Not even models look decent in them, hope not that many idiots think they can pull them off in real life.
I absolutely despise Tom Ford. He's a really mediocre designer who used sex to sell his unoriginal and banal clothes at Gucci, now for he's brand he once again puts out season after season a collection that, just like him, thinks that is more important than truly is. Also he's products are so overpriced in an attempt to be the Hermes of America and in general his brand has a very snobby and outdated way of luxury with it...
peter marbunz
nothing special..boringgggg
Name of the music??
Aleks T
What songs are these? I can’t find them anywhere 😩
Hannah HBIC
The first 6 minutes or so were quite monotonous. The dresses in the end were great though. Love Maria Carla and Caroline Trentini.
Jose Manuel Hernández Martín
Tom Ford siempre es lo mismo. Da igual que diseñe para Saint Laurent,Gucci o su propia marca. Pereza absoluta
Conrado Vidal
Marc Jacobs by Tom Ford!
Ceecee A.
I really like the starting pieces and the coats
Michail Sykianakis
Tom Ford got lazy. This is really his worst collection. Where are his glorious Gucci days?
vsboy 25
Females wearing Tom Ford always look like a million bucks
Ouakkali El madani
Raluca Dudescu
You may find in this collection the American infatuation, but you may not find the stylish look.
Ekaterina R
the songs on runaway were different it wasn't hip-hop
Cindy Morre
Once again, the beautiful Joan Smalls wins, a great face and a phenomenal walk.
Actually, I'd much prefer wearing the men's fashions. Some of those suits a WOMAN could seriously sport.
Beautfil Beautiful collection. Carol Trentini 😍😍😍
Samuel Ornelas
tom ford honey you need to Get It Together, this is a mess
Gigi's walk was amazing 👏👏👏
Team Caroline Trentini
Queen Caroline is back!
Damian Singh
The fur coats were gorgeous and some of the suits but hardly any variety
Owen Beharry
Love how Tom use a lot of the older girls.
Jhana Moreno
The finale girl looks like she's gotta pee or something
Jack Chau
So dated... gurl bye. Tom Ford is probably already making enough money in the make-up/perfume department that he doesn't have to put much effort into the clothes.
Hello MydarkFriend
Queen carolina trentini
A.R Rucker
This show for some reason reminded me of Marc Jacobs from any past season, LOL😂, also I was getting vibes of past Gucci and YSL collections that he designed when he was at both houses. Maybe Tom should just give in and revive Halston
A bit boring compared to previous collections, and not really a good choice for music.
the show was over when joan smalls went back. The cheap chain dresses were unnecessary after seeing all the "buyable" looks in all colours.
obi cymatica
I expected this from Ralph not Tom but the model that closed the show was epic in that basic outfit
Fabian Franz
In fact BASICS BASICS BASICS !!! Oh god that´s so BOARING !!!
Justin Friello
What’s the first song in the video??
Vreeland Gardner
Some of the pants are so badly fitted, I'M amazed the picky queen would have allowed them to walk the runway
Jimmy misle
Love the collection - but It was boring till Gigi Hadid showed up :)
Amy Mor
Lee Romero
Esos TRAJES estan poca madre! Ole tom ole 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Very Gucci x Tom Ford during his time at Gucci
Niko X
The collection is not bad. The satin pants just ruin it.
Carmen Gigrich
What a yawner....a shiny yawner
So tom ford, watched a 1970 movie and decided to go with pimp fashion?
So cool
Michelle Vidal - Fashion Illustration
Pablo Gonzalez Perez
Miu miu shades 0:11
jason nosaj
2010s Gucci
Retro MouseX
Like the hats thoses women were wearing.
Nik Man
What a load of crap
Lena R
Music 😍👍
Sydney Chandler
Loved the coats, loved the gowns, the women's trousers...super luxurious and wearable.I getting one or two of those coats...can't wait.
The clothes don't even fit the models correctly
Simone Capone
Best moment of the show 7:22
rune kristensen
somehow tom stayed in the 90ies. smokey eyes and models walking old school!
someone ran out of creativity
Those hats 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Madina Vadache
YSL resurrect .. blast from the past ..
Maya C.
Nothing special but definitely highly commercial. Typical American sensibilities. That's why American designers weren't considered designers in the 70's. It is because of collections as dull as this.
Christian Ureña
The saving grace of the collection were the dresses (starting at the 7:22 mark) and they aren't that fantastic, Tom Ford has a very strong (stubborn I'd say) point of view and it gets really boring really fast, he always shows similar silhouettes in different colors and textures but that's it, this collection seemed really tired
Vasilisa Naym
Tom Ford, I love color combinations.
alanah bellydance
revisiting what made him famous in the first place.....why not??
Sheila Kitson
Awesome! Love those colors, love them!!!
Alejandro Matehuala
Simplemente combinacion de colores, texturas y elegancia.
Фазиля Мирзоева
Классно шикарно, можно бесконечно смотреть, такой стимул, шедевр, такой креатив, такой драйв 👍❤ люкс...
lee lear
what is the name of the first song??
Elizabeth A Daly
Come thru Tom 😍
0:00~2:07,2:07~4:48,7:35~10:28 what's song name? Plz
Trinity Fairgate
This is Poppin!!!
Dandy F.W 20
Blair Edwards
@FFCHANNEL Can you please provide the music here??
Blue-haired girl
This shows from 2010? Why so sadly?...
Bonnie Wagner
not his best work.
Fernanda Reyes
At least the colour palette is interesting
Blair Edwards
What is this music though??? So good!
Color palette, courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent.
Niko X
I love you binx!
juzi Tan
See a pall of darkness
I always love the colors in Tom Ford
Its lit
leyton jackson
Pootie tang realness.
Tonya Pendleton
Marie Summers
Yeah I stop wearing Ford clothes when he refused to dress the First Lady. And it's a shame because I liked his stuff I just didn't like his political attitude the fact that he made it so public. For the price I pay for his clothes I shouldn't have to have to listen to his political opinion on national TV. My two daughters stop buying his clothes too. It's a shame because I really saw one of his dresses I wanted to wear to the auto show in Chicago
Ian P
tom ford makes soccer moms trying to be femme fatal clothing.
Jhana Moreno
I love Mariacarla's Ally Maine inspired hair color.
Love the color combinations. Fabulous!
Edna De Jesus Lopes
thank you beautiful collection
Jack Willson
Gucci‘s loss
Baba Ji
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Carlos Abreu
Nice clothes boring fashion, next!
Shane GUO
Gigi hadid is so ugly🙄
Яна Войтович
Collection shows FROLOV and ARUTIUNOVA