How to make an ashtray that absorbs the smoke !

Diagram :

Gabriel wut
As a regular smoker may i point it out why this is bad? The fan will burn the cigarrete way too fast if you let it resting in the ashtray. You should try build a second chamber for the fan a little bit far from the ashtray itself.
Jef Rey
you need to speak louder, even at max volume I can barely hear you!!
Cool idea but just need to improve at filming and editing!
Parth rajoriya
It consume cigarette automatically..if you want to quit smoking ..use this ashtray and watch your cigarette disappearing automatically
And where did the smoke go? It has no filter, no air container... it disappears or what?
Brandon Baxter
Grate design for anyone who wants Ash all over there house
Ricky SP
It will absorb your smoke ? and the rest of your cig ! Great novelty though sir, but would cost me lots yet fewer puffs ???
razali abdul aziz
I can't hear you???
Cute project, thanks for posting
The English is understandable and clear, clever design, simple enough for anyone to make, thanks! I will try this with a slightly larger design.
Jef Rey
I made a far better wone using a cheap 120mm computer fan, a small trashcan, old plastic ashtray and a big 6v lantern battery.
Haman Tv
Great job and your English accent is understandable, I repeated the video just for listening, so Subscribe for the nice project + Like for the accent.
Jason West
I love it. You could do one better than the others especially if you created a beautiful and classy design that matched the other cigar ashtrays - large and ceramic maybe with gold accents, etc. Cigar smokers want class and sophistication. Something that itself is a piece of art. The smokeless ashtrays on the market now look cheap and for cigarette smokers who don't value their smoking experience. An ashtray that is smokeless, but a piece of art in itself. Cigar smoker will pay $50.00 for an ashtray or more than a hundred for something rare or exceptional. I would.