Michael Phelps Last Olympic Race - Swimming Men's 4x100m Medley Relay Final | Rio 2016 Replay

USA wins gold in the men's 4x100m medley final and set a new Olympic Record in Michael Phelps' final race at the Olympic Games. Watch all Swimming Finals from Rio 2016! /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

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they swim like fish and i swim like cat trying to get out of water😭😭😭🐟👏
Jalen Stimes
Ryan Murphy broke the world record in the backstroke split.
Gloria Liu
...Somehow, after watching Free!, I manage to understand swimming better.
Uzak Ufuklar
Murphy and Peaty were the stars of this relay...
Fabulous cat on a unicorn
I only swim freestyle.
Geoff Bruce
Adam Peaty is outrageously good. It was only like 12 years ago that going 1:00 was insanely fast for the 100 breaststroke now you've got this guy going 56s and 57s every time.
NateG Gaming Vlogs and more
People think Murphy and Petey are the best WHAT ABOUT NATHAN ADRIAN
If Peaty was American there would have been a new WR
Stephen Speck
It was over when Nathan Adrian dived into the water
Mahi Khan
Christ Peaty destroyed that field, James Guy did very well too, almost matched Phelps. Hopefully those two young guys get a strong backstroke or front crawler to go with them.
Kook Alan
Phelps is the greatest of the greatest Olympian ever period. His record of 23 gold medals will never never be broken.
Some of us might be here because of "Free! Eternal summer"
I only swim free
Dirty SMS
Murphy is legit but a 56.59 breaststroke split....are you kidding me?!? That split is as dominant as Lezak's anchor in 2008. No one in history has ever been close to that fast.
Parvin Nityananthan
go phelps go
congrats to ryan murphy on the WR.
Kiki Kee
Reminds me of watching "Free!"in reality
John Smith
Fastest 4x100m Medley Relay using the fastest ever split times: Ryan Murphy - 51.85 Adam Peaty -56.59 Michael Phelps - 49.72 Jason Lezak - 46.06 = 3:24.22!
Mochi Chim Chim Wifey
I memorise all the strokes their gonna perform is because i keep watching free and My Mr. Mermaid🤣
Ikhwan Ari Muniri
Imagine if murphy, peaty, phelps and lezak are one team. Unbreakable world record
Keni Sweet
Omg when they put the camera under them I was like holy so mush abs
Aoife Weir
Can I just say James guy did very well as well because butterfly isn't his best stroke and he was able to keep up with THE Michael phelps
Pink cat
Adam Peaty was great here and done very well
My dream is to someday be the greatest swimmer of all time.
Sam Price
Peaty swam amazing, James guy pretty much matched phelps, Britain now just needs a strong freestyler and backstroker
floofie mae
I'm honestly only here because of Free!
5:59 Makes me cry...
Robin Jay
Everybody is here talking about Free! And phelps.... I'm here for Cody Miller, awesome guy.
Jennifer Huynh
Nathan Adrian killed it for Team USA 🇺🇸
Ricky Chen
5:00 "Michael Phelps and his team." HUMMM.
I started to watch you this year but you have gone like other people that i love.. I wish i could watch you at least one time.. Love you Phelps.
Edde 2004
Just me watching in 2019??
Adrian took a 0.4 second lead over Britain and immediately converted it to a near second lead, right from the relay exchange. If that weren't enough, he swam his fastest 2nd 50 ever (24.44) to finish. Had Miller swam a relay split he's well capable of (58.87 flat start best time) like a 58 low, instead of 59.0, they might have pipped that WR.
Aaron Cena
funny how the originally British countries won along with Britian
Ann Minz
This was recommended to me by youtube after watching all the seasons of Free!. And now I can't help but imagine the guys of USA to be Makoto, Nagisa, Rin and Haru😂😂
So, my coach tell me everytime that i must breath every 3 times. My face now is like *REALLY BRUH?!*
I came here after watching free! 😂😂
anelisa just anelisa
The ab view from the bottom tho!!😁
56.59 by Peaty. If he swam that fast in 100m breaststroke, it would have been another WR for him. Amazing swim #TeamGB
What Adam Peaty did is just incredible, I couldn't believe my eyes when I see him closing that big gap, GB went from 7th to 1st, that was phenomenal.
Esteban Piret
Adam peaty 56:59 in the 100m breastrock
None tv
imagine.... murphy(usa), peaty(gb), phelps(usa), and chalmers(aus)
Josh Davis
Phelps has a horrible turn and still split a 50.4 amazing!
Chaosmos Space
1:23 ~
Neiman Ian Kong
wow all the english countries australia britain and united states got a medal
get 100 subs for no reason challenge
well I have asthma.. So it's hard for me to breath when I do a stroke :/
Why is it so much more dramatic when the Iwatobi/Samezuka Swim Clubs did a relay. LMAO
Pius Twelvetrees
Awesome dive and turn on the anchor lab by Nathan Adrian.
CousinGamers RB
Michael Phelps is the GOAT.
Rocky Gacha
Bro by the time the were at the end of the second lap man I would be 25m in smh lol
Eureka Opium
Nathan Adrian is a brute
Sindhorn S
See me again tokyo2020
Deadshot ALVIN
Michael Phelps will be missed in Tokyo
I only swim free.
Rocky Gacha
Cody Miller's hair is so shiny dude what conditioner do u use?
Buddhisha Dharmarathne
At least Phelps got his sweet revenge that year🌟💖😍🎉😍😍
Ooh!! Footage
Ryan Murphy . I thought Micheal phillips
snsd gg
Exausted just by watching them
raimal bharwad
phelps is the greatest of greatest olympian
The Goonies
Ryan Murphy Cody Miller Michael Phelps Nathan Adrian Best to relay ever
Kaddy Crew
GO AUSTRALIA (I’m an Aussie from Sydney)
Canh Le Minh
Phelps was good at butterfly swimming
Legendary Gaming
holm ts is right
Alex Fleur
Is that freedom? -Rei
Sergio Barreda
Only Great Britain needs a good backstroker to get the gold in Tokyo.. I don't know if USA can defend the gold for the 5th consecutive time.
Edward Zhang
Yee saves the day!
FIFA Lords & Legends
where'd the national anthem go?
Jacob Small
I have had Cody's gold on my neck!! (I am serious.)
Anna Milne
I love MP i am his biggest fan omg
Monserrat Marcial
natación es el mejor deporte para bajar peso para alergias y el corazón Jajaja Yo igual voy a natación Me encantaría nada como ustedes Bueno
Watching this again after some time. Forgot all about Peaty in this race and came to see Phelps do his thing. Christ on a bike that breaststroke leg is absolutely outrageous! 56.59! What?! He literally exists in a separate realm. Phenomenal.
Niño Torres
United States of America🙌🙌🙌💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👌✌👏👏
i think i dont swim in pool, i think im just in a bathtub
Rachel D
Peaty, flipping heck! So exciting to watch.
Aditya Khare
@2:18 the commentator said "UAS"😂
Hector Rellosaa
Who came here because of free
Gui Seb
Last time Phelps was in the olympics....
Night Glide
free! brought me here to be honest
Suchi Lai
All the hard work has been rewarded at this moment 👏🏻👏🏻
Me before joining a team: Wow, that's pretty fast. Me after joining a team: HOLY JESUS THEY ARE BULLETS
Voossk Kls
he did it again #MP
Tony Phang
No matter how many times I watch this,I still keep my crying face.. You all make my world being more bright..
Max Mi
Speed, mr Murphy! Speed!
Vikas Yadav
Michael Phillips is like America no one can beat him
Argyroula Star video
i. k.
such a legend - he’s inspired me since i started swimming when i was like 2 years old 😍😍
Tbh I don't like sports or should I say I hate it !!! ( bc I am lazy 😶 ) But after watching animes like ( free! , yuri one ice , prince of tennis , and so ) I became one of the fans of sports ...and I now am in LOVE with sports !!!
*Aquaman has left the chat*
Claire Elizabeth
1:24 as a former swimmer, that sound is both nostalgic and terrifying.
Meow Mix
I wish my butterfly was as fast and good as Phelps (or any Olympic swimmer really) 😩 I get EXTREMELY tired after a 100
We ❤️ you Phelps!
Jason Bui
Wow Micheal Phelps went 50.30 if he swan that in the 100 fly final he would have out touch schooling by 2 hundredths of a sencond
b chaithan
I read it as Michael Phelps lost ..... And I clicked after the race gets done I again see the title 🤭
ADAM PEATY LIKE WOAHHH . That's amazing!!
underwear boy
i do back stroke and this is the first time i've seen one of these and i had like a flashback before he said go and my heart is racing
Jay P
USA team the best, aquamen ...
Soul Melody
I'm so proud of Team USA swimmers. Great job, boys!
These guys are faster in water than I am in the air. respect!