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Layla Ismail
These are fails mostly because the pole is not installed properly.
Say no to cheap poles
Sad part is some of these women are really good but the pole wasn't
Important note: if it's coloured it doesn't work
That small pack of screws. They're not in the box by mistake.
Brandon Osborne
xpole or nothing , yall should know that by now.
Half of these were probably cheap Carmen Elektra type poles. X-Pole, Platinum Stages, or Lil Mynx are reputable brands. If you see a pole that is less than $150 run far far away. Your safety isn't worth saving $100. You'll end up spending more in the ER if you fall wrong.
John Smith
How hard is it to anchor a pole so it doesn't fall?
Sharna Hadley
Guys this is an exercise and if you guys want to say stuff like that it's fine where all entitled to our own opinion I pole dance for the exercise not to get Money or anything like that.
Clearly someone could profit by starting a business that secures stripper poles.
Uber Megustador
am i the only one that doesn't find pole dancing atractive/sensual/sexy ? (i am a man)
Zara Banks
At least know something about how to install a pole! And use a gym mat. Pole dancing is just as intense and athletic as any other SPORT.
I feel like the first thing all pole dancers should do is watch less pole dancing and more how to videos on installing a pole .
Dereka H.
my former occupation... i had a lot of fails... LOL!
Alexis Ragsdale
one time when I was at School we went outside and this kid in my class started pole dancing on the light post and all the girls were watching them it was hilarious
Szilágyi Szabolcs
1:54 wow that ass :O
омиреконцы со своими шестами уже давно достали...
Any woman who goes as far as installing a pole into her own home is a total skank
Chiamaka Igwe
alright. I'm definitely crash mat just in case.
Lucy No name
....soooo tell me again why a bunch of people that are so disgusted by pole dancing are looking at a video with "pole dancing fails" in the title? Oh yeah, that's right, they just want to complain...like someone actually gives a damn.....
This video was about 3 minutes 35 seconds longer then I needed it to be.
them poles are weak asf
jeff Webb
Don't people realize that one has to have a very strong metal pole firmly attached TO the structure? Is this rocket science?
у них в каждой квартире что ли шесты?
Angel Medina
Esos si son qlos no kmo loz q tngo en ksa xdxd HAILGRASA PRROS
For anyone considering taking up pole dancing, do your research first. Visit professional pole dance equipment sites, they always have all the info you need to make the right choice before you waste your money and risk your safety. We are in a time where we have the world at our fingertips. Take a few minutes to do some research first.
Haha its always the best when guys try to get on it. It always goes horribly wrong!
World of Fails
like this girls *LOL*
I want to get a pole but I'm scared this will happen
Bianca Dort
the dog can out of nowhere tho did anyone peep that lol
Nicole Gore
One girl had crutches in the background. How convenient. If you must get a at home pole, don't go cheap with poles that don't screw into the ceiling. Then again, I have no clue on this subject.
Лиля К.
Pourquoi ces barres tombent-elles toujours ??!!!
I_Love_ BTS
It just wasn't meant to be 😂😂
Damn she broke the pole
Mel Arc
Tinha que ter BR 😂
Naima Ramiréz
Sluts! xD
Mei Youengi
Faroek Nasierkhan
people if your fat then don't pole dance. Just leave it and do something else.
As God's entertainment manager I must demand you to give me the phone number of the girl at 3:15 Thank you for your cooperation.
Coco DeVille
I can believe how lucky they people who were next to the poles that fell didn't get wacked. That could do the worse damage than the falling.
Amanda Wright
Wow these people are so stupid
Filed Away By April
All these pole fails are the actual poles failing wtf
They gotta get their poles installed properly lmao
muffin the hanster
I just love how some of the people are try to be hot and probably end up in the hospital 😂😂😂😂😂
The little Dragon queen
2:40 go home Cindy you're drunk
Benjamin Velasquez
Hey girl you look sexy 😎
Mr. Yeetersons
They arent supported well ...duh
Павел Сергиенко
Dutch Barracuda
Does no one know how to install a dance pole? 10 minutes, 6 screws! That's all it takes. Damn it.
Pole is not installed prope......Shuttt da he lup .... Only thing matters is the music in last clip
Daniel Cid
imagina las posibilidades !!!
Strippers who didnt make it into GTA 5
Yan Fonseca
Blabbla Fr
it was so hard for me at the begening but when u practice more it turns easy best dance ever 😍😍😍😙😙
Cori abad
Jajajajajajajaj a is fanny
Them Polish people sure know how fall hard for their audience.
Oleg Mykha
Okay watched, fapped lets move one now...
Well I'm first for once!
Инга Озерская
ну вот хули тут смешного ,если эта тяжелая стальная труба прилетит по роже смешно не будет однозначно
Emeka Nwankwo
Seek Reht
sorta feel bad for the last girl cus it probably cost her the competition... but... she was prrrretty aggressive with her spinny spins
Dharmesh Solanki
Music in Last clip?
Gabby Kozma-
1:28 she's the girl I forgot where I saw her but if u search girl air walking on pole that's her!
What is the song playing at 2:21?
Mich Tsomething
imma need the chick in the 2nd vid to get some better footware those Family Dollar pumps leaning to the side
most of them ladies can dance on my pole if they want to ; )
Valeriie M
This is way too funny not good watching at 2 a.m 😂😂😂😂
Ve Na
костыли в углу не зря стояли
Cosmic kitty
1:50 they are so stupid. they put the pole in the drywall there was no beam!
Aaron Knee
Even with the fails, some of you have talent. Keep on falling in style~!
Captain Everything
Pole Dancing is so over rated.
isabella carrozza
reasons to get an xpole
Hugo Freitas
What's the name of song in 1:33 ?
That bad ass is too heavy. lol
Jade. B
qu'est-ceque cest quces gens
Plymouth Fury III
Gravity separates the losers.
Rockman insfran
1:06 dat assssssssss
Giebbie Serah
cant watch to the end
can someone explain to me why the pole comes undone when someone goes on it? would it happen if it is installed properly?
Árpád Gyarmati
2:23   music name?
Emily Tesnow Photography
jesus gonzalez
lo hases super rapido
# haters gonna hate
The way how they fell killed me lol😂😂😂😂
Monika MK
Reaper AOD
2:09 the guy said "i'm waiting for him to fall with this lamp" aaaaaand guess what lol
TGfan and anime678
nitro tube
Pole is stupid idea to buy
Andy Rogers
Failed Hooch practice...lmao
Todd Kornick
I feel bad for laughing
Kim Crawford
Epiphanny Taylor
Why is there a baby on the pole?
Abigail Delgado