Breaking Up and Crying in Public (Podcast #67) | VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash

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Welcome to VIEWS. In this weekly podcast, David Dobrik, a 20-year-old, sexy, millionaire YouTuber and Jason Nash, a 40-something single dad with a vlog of his own, take you behind-the-scenes of their vlogs and show you what living the “YouTube life” is really like. Join these two as they confess their most intimate thoughts, discuss pop-culture, and dissect their own contentious relationship. New episodes drop every Thursday!

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Agnes M
Jason don’t forget you’re divorced and now in a tumultuous relationship. Meanwhile you never heard any of this drama when David and Liza were together. Age don’t mean shit.
I know David is being jokey, but I can tell he's getting so tired of Jason's shit. He's gonna blow
I’m so sick of Jason telling David that he’s young and he doesn’t understand anything. He loves to belittle people who are younger than him. 🙄
Walley World
yooo...trish went to a play with her ex??....imagine if Jason even said hi to an EX in public??....Trish would kill him!!!!!
I love jason and all but he is SO blind to the fact that his relationship is unhealthy and just fucking weird, he thinks because he's old he's right about everything
annoyed '
Their relationship is so toxic and unhealthy omg
Brenda Thayer
Jason. YOU ARE WRONG! I’m your age.. 47. It’s NOT an age thing at all!! It’s not a matter of trusting her or not. It’s just wrong. Plain and simple. David is right on this and you are being defensive.
Jocelyn Figueroa
Jason has been so annoying lately. What's with this new "I'm better than everyone" attitude? I miss the Jason who was grateful, considerate, and respectful. Is this what being a D List YouTuber does to you, or is it simply old age?
Walley World
David has a point..
j. siegrist
Jason.....David is so much wiser than you in every way. Hes not perfect, but miles ahead of you. You wont listen to anyone. I used to love you, but you are listening to childish Trish vs. Brilliant David. Dumb
Cue The Rain
It’s the cycle of belittling, Trisha loves to belittle Jason and in turn Jason belittles everyone else. Can someone slap him back into reality. He’s so god damn entitled and annoying.
Kimi Smith
David is right....Jason gets SO defensive about him and Trish. It's ridiculous.
Ashley Bowen
David is low-key irritated you can hear it in his voice 😂😂😂😂
Davids opinions are so much better and wiser than jasons. Jason is always using the age card thinking it makes him somehow better and smarter..
Jason has zero self awarness and it's honestly embarrassing. Loved David on this episode.
Eyiamoni Apeji
ughhh Jason!!! let this girl go. I've tried to understand this relationship. you aren't good for each other!!!!!
Sean D
Jason it’s not that they’re young Ahahah you’re just letting her walk all over you, open your eyes bro
I actually think that Jason was just so tired of being single that he tolerates this bullshit. Girl I'm just saying that's tragic
oliviuh a.
jason is saying this as if he’s dating a 44 year old when trish is closer to davids age so her thinking and reasoning for going out with her ex to phantom is probably closer to david. honestly the way jason defends her sounds like he getting manipulated by trisha which is v obvious lmao
James O'brien
Jason isnt the smartest person when it comes to relationships. Especially with someone like Trish. Even though David is much younger he makes a hell of a lot more sense than Jason.
Travis Francisco
Jason grew up in an time erra where u bundle up emotions BUT when back against wall he gets sooooooo defensive cuz he doesn't want to talk it out. Trisha and Jason relationship is very toxic. Poor guy
Kaylie F
Jason is bipolar why would you reject a 3000 dollar ticket and saying david is just a dumb 21 year old first of all that "21 year old" made you famous made you able to pay your bills and jason is dating trisha on and off like give her respect my goodness i cant stand jason anymore david is so sweet and thoughtful jason is just idk
Maxwell Logan
genuinely love jason's content, watch him everyday when I can, paid for his patreon, get excited when he's in other people's vlogs, etc. but the reason I started watching him initially was because he seemed so nice, respectful, grateful, and like he honestly cared about his viewers and his friends. now he's changing for the worse, he only seems to care about trisha and to be honest, he's becoming quite a cunt but what do I know, I'm only 18. you know who else is around 18? the vast majority of your viewers
Jason is so kind. But needs to realize there is other vagina out there that will be kind back.
I'm only like 10 minutes in and I came to 2 conclusions. Either Sean is gay or Jason is a cuckold...
Hannah Ben-Iesau
That makes me sad that Jason wouldn't care if she would go with her ex ... To me that seems like he doesn't care
Jason, you need advice from a 20 something year old because your girlfriend has the mental game of someone that age. At the same time, its 'good' calling out David as young since he calls you old.
So according to Jason, anyone that isn't close to being a senior citizen, knows nothing about life
Hazy Frymire
can someone make a video titled "david trying to convince jason that trisha is cheating for 5 minutes straight" that'd be great
Mira Noire
My boyfriend isn't going to see any ex without me there.
Eyiamoni Apeji
ughhh Jason!!! let this girl go. I've tried to understand this relationship. you aren't good for each other!!!!!
so basically jason said he wouldn't have even considered taking trish to Hamilton if it wasn't for the fact that he could've gotten work/a video out of it, how thoughtful he truly cares 🙄
wow she went with her ex-bf? omg!
Addison Kramlich
I understand where Jason's coming from. You cant stop someone from cheating, if theyre going to cheat they're going to cheat regardless. Maybe she wouldn't maybe she would, him fighting with her and freaking out isnt going to stop it from happening.
Dolly Doll
Omg, are so stupid. Maybe you are 100 years old, but David is so much more wiser and mature. Yes, David...guy who scares his friends with fricken cockroaches!
Stay Weird
Jason doesn't like to hear when he's wrong specially not from someone younger
I couldn’t care less about their trash relationship. New content or you’re gonna lose many a sub!
angelina brede
David’s relationship with Liza was clearly more healthy than Jason and Trish’s relationship. So that’s why you should take the advice Jason, it’s literally the most valid point.
s noel
Jason isn't that secure, that fact is clear. He's not secure enough to draw a line and set actual boundaries with her. Because if he did she would leave his ass in a second. There was huge issues with food and the boundaries were "set" and quickly broken and he closes a blind eye but she's running wild. I think its interesting he thinks Trisha's behavior is healthy and okay; on the same coin his behavior/reaction isn't healthy either. If Jason can't hear a friends perspective and in response to belittle a friend because he doesn't like what he's saying, that speaks volumes.
Dudes want blowjobs when they wake up, not mofo Hamilton tickets. And she calls herself a pro. 🙄
YahBoi CJ
i dont wanna say it, but jason might be a soyboy cuck :(
Bre V
Jason take David’s advice please lol
Sean is gay. That's why he doesn't care. 2nd) Jason, just keep saving money and enjoy her money. If it ends- oh well. Jason can get plenty of better women :) chill
Mikey Shim
Was there no podcast this past thursday? Or is this channel not uploading the new ones anymore???
Also - bullshit that Jason haaad to go to Hamilton when she bought last minute tickets. It's ok to stay in. It's ok to be tired. Sometimes you gotta plan ahead.
Supersuks K.O
Woooo never been this early to anything in my life 😂😂😂
First listening to his comments from the previous podcast about people having anxiety and our generation to now this and his continuous use of his age as an excuse for everything, I've lost all respect for him.
Winona Forever
David dodged the question about why he doesn't drink 😂😂
Squanchy Partyrick
At 30, married with kids... I still would be pissed if my hubby went to see a play with his EX.
Marie Johnson
Jason thinks he's a lot smarter than he actually is
there was maybe some small hope jason and trisha could work out, but after this? Trisha is crazy.. and Jason is delusional. *their relationship isnt fun to watch anymore..*
Life and Rice Animation
Oh my ......... Jason......... That was weird
Sophie Monigold
The way David was like “oh yeah I guess that’s what it is” talking about gay guys liking straight men for the challenge it seemed like he was pretending to have just realized that..I think he’s gay
so once david gets a new girlfriend he will never hang out with liza again?
Alexandra Kountz
So I have a question, isnt David best friends/ex's with Liza? What if he gets a new girlfriend but Liza invites him to a show? Should David not go? I'm only asking because I'm in love with David 😂
Renee Peralta
Jason ur delusional!!! Im 42 not young ur a door mat and ur afraid to be alone and yes it's bothering u!!!
Jane Smith
Jason, you are right not to be jealous or care about Trisha seeing an ex. If my partner wants to see someone else, then that is their choice. I want my partner to be with me only when they want to be. If we are naturally monogamous, great. If he leaves for someone else, then that is better for us both that he doesn't stay with me out of obligation. Energy spent on monitoring a partner or keeping an eye on them and giving ultimatums is energy wasted! Spend your energy on enjoying the good parts of a relationship and if the relationship doesn't resonate with you, then move on. Don't waste time in judging the other for their desires and choices. are so true to yourself and on track!
Srishti Verma
Can people stop judging the dynamic of David and Jason's relationship? They both benefit from each other and it's not gonna change.
The Singing CNA
Ugh!! I was reading the comments before it really started and I kept seeing the ones about Jason being rude and I have to say I totally agree. I liked him on Vine, but I have noticed little remarks he makes about his children/friends/life in general on his YouTube videos, where he is really belittling them or acting like he doesn't care and I am not here for it. I know he's an actor, but I feel like there is truth behind his words/actions, even when he's doing a bit. He just seems so high and mighty now. And yeah, when you get older you usually get wiser and have a lot more life experience. But, just because you're older doesn't mean you should totally disregard younger people in your life when they might be trying to help you. I could see how it might annoy you, but you don't always have to throw it in their faces that 'they're young' and 'they don't know anything about life.' It's super annoying and just paints you in a whole other negative light.
Boola L
"Well this is gonna make me seem gay.."😂😂😂
Lalalalal Lalalall
jason really pretends age difference makes such a difference, you can be 50 and still have less experience and insight AND a different perspective than somebody who's 20, its just his tactic to avoid accepting advice that he knows he can't argue with
La Barbera Tejana
I think Trish hanging with her ex is potentially dangerously if she is rash enough to pay $3,000 when drunk. Buuuut, I just don't think she is the kind of person that would cheat on Jason. Buuut drunk Trish...idk her that well.
Cue The Rain
I thought Trisha was the toxic one in this relationship but Jason disgracing Hamilton TWICE makes me realize who the real toxic one is
I'm so confused on the Brandon ad. Like wtf is it? Is it even real? If so what is with the disclaimer at the end? I'm so confused its funny
Eyiamoni Apeji
Who complains about over-seeing Hamilton. God I wish I had your problems
Jason your in a relationship of convenience, Trisha has someone to torcher because she's a drama queen and Jason has someone to be with so he's not alone. Either way the relationship is toxic and isn't going to end well because you both are public figures.....and sometimes I feel like you use each other for views and clicks
hot bread
jason’s laugh has become the embodiment of his relationship because everyone wants to know what’s the tea
Rusty Ranger
Am I early enough?
Jade Lucas
Stop blaming the age Jason!
please get a proper set with you guys sat round a table talking
Alexandra Kountz
David doesn't have to be single ;) I'll take one for the team
I’m gonna say it, I wish David had a different mate to do the podcast with 🤷🏻‍♀️
annoyed '
Yall. Every one knows Seans gay. Thats why Trisha hangs with him and thats why Jason doesnt care.
jennifer Loy fairhurst
FFS we're bored rigid with their relationship!!!it's so tedious!
Mr. Simon
Damn this was intense
PJDLS Entertainment
I'll see Hamilton with Trisha! :c
Ajay Chaitoo
How dumb can one old man be
Sarah San Valentin
David is mad 😂
Kirbby Emoton
tbh. my friend was in a toxic relationship just Like you're currently in/out, Jason. She would yell and scream at him, make her call her on the hour every hour, he couldn't hang out with his friends, is very manipulative and verbally and physically abusive. She would get jealous of any girl who talks to her. he can/t go out without her. And hella controlling. I remember I hung out them way back then and she would blame and yell at me for just wanting us two guys day out. she would make him feel bad and not want to go, so yeah. Word of advice, RUN! you deserve better
j. siegrist
Do any men, of the highest paid tubers have Patreon? Does Nystadt? Any men? David understands people, business, relationships so far beyond Your years. Your dad tried to talk sense to you.....he was being mean. Youre childish, immature.
Aaron McGill
These comment sections are always just people hating on Jason for still being with Trisha
David, please learn to read. Depletion is pronounced deh-plee-shiun
Brittany Whittington
A point David should have or maybe was trying to make was... well first let me tell you I've been with my husband for 11 years, so I have plenty experience. It wasn't always easy either. I was 17 when we first got together, he is five years older. So I get where you coming from when you say your not a jealous person. It's not healthy. What ever happens is going to happen. Unpopular opinion, cheating isn't the worst thing, most of the time it's not what ends relationship, other shit end relationship, and cheating is just an out come. I would have no problem with my husband going out with an ex. But I feel like the way trish did it is kinda fucked up. She went with the ex just because she was mad at you, and she lied about it at first. That is one thing I can't stand. If my husband wants to go to the movie with his ex, fine, but fucking lying is a disaster waiting to happen. If a person lies to you all the time, how are you ever going to trust them. And runs to an ex every time you don't want to do something she wants to... come on Jason. I like both of you, but I just don't agree.
Suzanne 123
I don't know what's toxic-er this comment section or Tjernobiel
David I know they're always joshing you about being gay and you're saying you're not gay all the time but even if you were there's nothing wrong with that, you don't even have to put a title to it. You don't have to tell anyone anything. I'm attracted to women but I just straight-up don't put a title on it there's no point you can do whatever the hell you want and it won't make you less of a man
Lisa Sawyer
David walking into a gay men party is me as a girl walking into a sausage party
Gerald Leonard
Been waiting for the podcast all day today haha.
I'm sorry, but Trisha is really toxic to Jason. It's just not okay to do that to someone.
j. siegrist
Jason, Jason, are going to sound like the worst boyfriend too. Trisha warps everything in her favor.
Hamza Siddiqui
Dude what happened? You have'nt posted the last two podcasts
Mimi Murdaa
Ellah Mwaura
bro did anybody get all of davids voice cracks cuz that should be a compilation! lol {- - >}
this is sad. i hope Jason's not using Trisha...seems like it.
cass janette
wow this was a good episode
youtube comments are strangers problems
dani love
I love Trish but it pisses me tf off that she does things with her ex.
Walley World
Thera Warren
Totally agree with Jason... If you trust someone doesn't matter who they go out with. My partner has gone out with his ex wife and I had no issue with it at all. He would also never have an issue with whoever I went out with. It would not bother him AT ALL. We are older and I agree it comes with age. If someone is going to cheat they will cheat.