History of iPod

With Apple recently discontinuing the iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle, we can take a look through the iPod's full history. Beginning in 2001 and ending in 2015. Although the iPod touch is still being sold, it may be next on the chopping block since Apple hasn't updated the iPod touch since 2015. Music credit: Misael Guana & Evence - Only You

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jun casilang
IPhone X for $899 iPod X for $199
Well the 3rd gen touch says January 11, 2005....
Terra King
Imagine Spotify making an iPod.
Alex Nowosielski
4:13 the iPod Touch 3rd gen was from 2009 not 2005
Pro_ Roblox
The iPod is still there! (iPod touch 7gen)
Yay! Yet another video on your channel, your "History" videos are so good :)
I have the fifth gen iPod Touch. But it is so slow now
Josue Lopez
This is so interesting really!
X Leshens
My first device was the ipod touch 4th generation... Dang
David's Tech and Geos
I watched this video on an iPod. (iPod touch 6)
If this was the iPhone price
Original iPod Shuffle: Flash drive with buttons!
Haha I remember my brother would download Diary of a wimpy kid movies in the small Ipods and I would watch them with my earphones while eating lunch *DE MEMORIES* 😪🐣
Ed Kazarajy
the iPod is the cheapest, most underrated and most consumer friendly device Apple has ever made
4:10 iPod touch 3rd Gen in 2005?
BangGamer 1338 YT VN/ENG
2015: NOOOOOOOOO, IPod is STOP! 2019: OMG!!!!
200 ok
apple: *slaps ipod gen1* this thick boi can fit so much thinner versions
4:14 An error January 11 2005??
Proud owner of the 8gb green version of the ipod nano 6th gen 😀
Still using my ipod nano 3rd gen :)
Jasmine Martin
So cool! I’m getting an iPod Nano 4th gen for a good, cheap music player that works with my vintage iMac G4 in purple (I call purple icy indigo).
この動画ipodで見てる同士 居る〜 居たら👍
Hisham mahmud
And i still have the ipod nano Genaration 5
I had about the 5th gen iPod back in 2014 and can’t find it God the memories APPLE BRING BACK THE IPOD CLASSIC AND REMASTER IT IN 2019
Javier Ambrosio
4:12 the 3rd gen iPod Touch was released before the 1st and 2nd gen iPod touches🤔
Manuel Abecasis
I have I pod mini, I pod touch 4th Gen and I pod 6th Gen
Selah Grace
I have 1 iPod nano first gen, two second gen, and one third gen. Where should I sell them to get the best price?
Nate Kenny
Couple date corrections, the 2nd gen Ipod classic was from 2002. And the 3rd gen touch was from 2009.
M PotatoCabage98
Battery on iPod nano 5 gen is all day?!! Omg
No Name
Nokia+Apple company= iPod
Andrew MT
IPods used to be so thicc!
Avyan Manchanda
I have iPod touch 6th gen blue and My mom iPod classic white
Azam Khan
OMG! The iPod nano 6th generation is really tiny and cute
Dewott Gen5fan! The Best Water Pokemon
4:33 Dude You Can’t Trick Us... With your editing. The iPod does not have a phone app.
PaganiGamer 64
I miss my ipod classic 6th gen and ipod nano 3rd gen, too bad it was stolen! 😭
Gaming With Brandon!!
Close At the and put m 8 Co- processor iPod touch 6 gen
Nuno BTD
1:09 iPod CLASSIC
captain night wolf
Imagine if i got the iPod nano and watched my hero academia on it IN 2007 XD
Windows 8
2007, 2009, 2005. Yeah things can come in negative years which is normal for iPod Touch righty?
Dank Nuggets
Hey you included feel good inc on the thumbnail! 👍
V. Sriram Sundar
Well, the OS on iPod classic 2004 is years ahead of that time.
History of iPod..... apple stops selling them in 2017
*brUh* *pH*TM
4:15 multitouch is not in 2005 ;-;
Zach Jackson
Øyvind Svanevik
One thing you did not write about the iPod Nano 5G, is that it features an FM radio.
Daood Zafar
iPod, a cheaper iPhone even though there are better android phones for £250
Antoxa Sher
Сделай подборку Apple Watch или Apple TV
PewDiePie Wins!
You said the 3rd gen iPod touch was in '05?
Mar 2005 coming home from apple store with my 512mb shuffle (back then that was a lot of memory) couldn't wait to get on itunes and transfer me songs good ole days ..
Daniel Chvojka
2:50 - 6th gen? That is 7th generation :) But awesome video!
I still have my iPod Classic. Superb device that hold up really well to this day!
Debbie Spears
I still have the iPod touch 4th gen in 2019!
Ipod nano 1st gen had 1gb memory too. I have one and it is a trash just beautiful
Met Product33061
Mistakes iPod 2nd gen was released July 17, 2002 The iPod mini second GEN was released on February 22 2005
good night moon
ipod nano 4th gen is my favorite, i remember asking my dad if he can buy me one but never happened haha forever be my dream ipod ❤
Ryde_a_ Ryft
3:56 - 4:07 do you not know how time works
「Sugarbunny Project」
lol i’m actually watching this on an iPod Touch G6
You missed the iPod touch without back camera and only front camera
Quartz The Parody-er
the 6th gen i pod nano is smol
ipod classic one of my favorites
The iPod nano 6th Gen is like an iPod Shuffle, but only with a display.
Bruh iPod is a cheaper iPhone 😤
Victoria Ilyasova Shapiro
1:14 was my favourite iPod Classic
Ch33seBurg 1230
The iPod nano 6th gen was my favorite
Michael the Metalhead
$500 dollars for the first iPod. Sweet Jesus
2nd gen iPod Nano brings back serious memories for me.
Also,iPod nano 7 has bluetooth.
Hanna Jang
I love Ipod 5th generation. So classy. Wih I could buy one now :/
Uthman Baksh
Since Apple hasn't released a new iPod since 2015, this video is current in 2019!
Terra King
3:46 I actually used to have an iPod touch like this one. My parents wouldn't buy me an iPhone so they went on Craigslist and bought me a used iPod that was cracked, but not intenstly cracked, it was just one line. 4:41 But when it stopped working, they bought me a Blue one of those iPod's on my birthday that was two years ago, and now I still have it today.
Pye Ltd.
iPod classic 3 is the best as it brought the 30 pin dock and the whole click wheel and play buttons were one mold of plastic and that means no water can get in and the click wheel will never were out
1:01 yesss gorillaz 🎉🎉
4:11 *September 2009
The 3rd gen ipod touch has an incorrect release date.
Cesar Alvarez
4:09 typo right there it says 2005, the previous one was release on 2009 lol clearly a TYPO!
Andrewhapooha Lollipop
Oh, I remember click wheel 🤤
Chance Smith
1st gen iPod nano specs were wrong, I still have my first gen Nano that I bought in 2005 for about $160, and it's only 1gb. Love the channel btw, just subscribed!
Music & Edits
Steve Jobs era iPods looked the best and had the best prices for what they offered.
Private Boi
Idiot you missed video playback on iPod Nano.
Ben Whittall
I've always loved the look of the 3rd and 4th gen classic ones. Just so cubey and retro.
Maverick Griffin
iPod first gen is T H I C C
Antonio Andrade
Parabéns belo trabalho,ficou muito bom !!!
Nuno BTD
*insert comment for ipod mini*
Mobile Gamer
Degital Eclipce Unver
自主規制しますので360万円になってしまいました私の名前英語だとglass worldと言っておきましょうとっちめてだって manwithamission知ってますもの👤
Redd Anims
4:32 I was watching on this
Matt Halpain
awesome video, very helpful and informative info and entertaining to see the history of iPod
Rain Norris
Ironic that the 5th Generation iPod Classic looked better than the 7th Generation iPod Classic.
Met Product33061
You got the dates mixed up
Nuno BTD
0:07 the click wheel is super duper different
Fairy Mimi
my grandpa has an iPod touch but then he lost it permanently Edit: 1 like=1 more iPod 10 likes=It is repairable after cracked
Paul Saharov
I Do Really Want To Play.
Why first gen was released together with 2nd gen
Wintea owo
Not Competent
I watched this video with my iPod touch 6G :D
Mason Fowlkes
Hey Apple Explained! Quick question, what do you use to make the animations and glyph icons in your videos?
Mark Zabala
I love the history vids! ☺️