Bikinifitness 158cm FINAL 2018 IFBB World Fitness Championships Bialystok

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Gary Pugh
I didn't see any of these girls at walmart today 😂
Ogrgels Lair
BTW co ta zuza tlaci ten zadok tak dozadu, sak ako kobyla prisla na to podium :D
Alexander from Jutland
I just realized.. the song is a strobe remix (originally comes from Deadmau5)
All made of plastic, rubber and electronic components.
High Velocity
So hot !!  This is what guys are looking for.  The stomachs are flat but no crazy abs at this event.  Looks perfect to me.
Colin Hargreaves
Little darlings - 158cm is 5'2" I think - *ABSOLUTELY STUNNING*
DJ Ned Roy
shame not 1 is natral
every woman with silikon wtf!
Ogrgels Lair
brunettes was not allowed on event :D
Pedr Hiltbrand
4:10 , your welcome! 😬
Colin Hargreaves
I would of went in reverse order - even the girl that won with the heeed is stunning
Peggie Mcquillan
They all look alike. Cant tell the difference between them. Lol!
Alex Ilica
Loving the high cut bottoms the Euro girls wear. Wish my American sisters would ditch the low cut 70’s look and get with the times... High cut is always SEXIER!!!
Bruce Dressel
Tranny fest ...
Nishkar Thulsie
These slender benders with breast implants need to bulk up a little bit. All their bodies look identical
Tough one, top 3 were all excellent . But #275 had that edge.
Lawrence Jelsma
I liked the ballerina hand movements of #275 ... Other girls rigid and not as graceful ... But ok!
Dmytro Bychko
Donna Schur
Ha! I got the winner right!
Randy Harris
Sexy ladies
Beej J
1st two are like little girls with toned bodies?? An odd favourite criteria. 281 was the one for me.
234 pny
All great little ladys
maka paka to życie
видео с муаром портит впечатление от просмотра, а так - классные девахи.
Анастасия Николаева
281 самая-самая
Peter Hobbis
Magnificent young women! Love their high sticking out breasts and especially their sexy butts so totally on show!! A thrilling trend that girls these days show their butts when i bikinis etc.. Butts may be in public view these days but so sexy!!
Thomas Immler
cool interessant
Angus Timmons
275 the most Beautiful
Roli Rivelino
Music to commit suicide to.
Dario Antonini
Passate a vedere i miei video e iscrivetevi al mio canale , grazie in anticipo 💪🔝
Pedr Hiltbrand
Hey all you ladies! That’s how an ass should look!!!! Not that cellulite infested kardashian blubber.. Take notes here... 👍
Eric Solo
Girl with the smallest tits wins!