The Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong - OFFICIAL PROMO

The official promo video for the Rolling Stones' 1994 single "Love Is Strong". The track was the first single from the 1994 Grammy award winning album, Voodoo Lounge. Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and produced by Don Was, the song features Mick Jagger on lead vocals, harmonica and maracas, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood on electric and acoustic guitars and backing vocals, newcomer to the band Darryl Jones on bass guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, and Bernard Fowler and Ivan Neville on backing vocals. The video was filmed in New York City and directed by David Fincher, who went on to direct Fight Club, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, the Social Network (for which he won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for best director) and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which garnered him an Academy Award nomination. Robert Duffy edited the video at Spot Welders in California, USA, and received the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) award for Best Music Video (Short Form) in 1994 for his innovative editing techniques. The directors of photography were Gary Waller and Mike Trim, and Fred Raimondi is credited with special effects, who were all nominated for MTV Video Music Awards in 1995 for their work on the video. Love is strong And you're so sweet You make me hard You make me weak Love is strong And you're so sweet And some day, babe We got to meet A glimpse of you Was all it took A stranger's glance It got me hooked And I followed you Across the stars I looked for you In seedy bars What are you scared of, baby It's more than just a dream I need some time We make a beautiful team A beautiful team

The Rolling Stones
Love is strong and you're so sweet  You make me hard you make me weak  Love is strong and you're so sweet  And some day, babe we got to meet
1965 official
That moment when you realize that this BRAND NEW Rolling Stone's single "Love Is Strong" is 22 years old.
The Rolling Stones
A glimpse of you was all it took  A stranger's glance, it got me hooked 
Grutu Tm
2018 ?
BEST Knopfler LIVE
Absolute masterpiece!
Jeff Smith
How the hell did we get from 1994 to 2016 so damn fast? Anybody???
Helium Road
The Stones always know how to just BE cool.
Thomas gunns
I remember watching this on vh1 music channel back in 1994 when I came home from school
Erick Prospero
The best decade 90's (music and video games)
Jeff Smith
Who the hell is cooler than C. Watts?
W Bailey
I first saw this video when I was 6 yrs old and I got scared of them thought they were real giants. lol
rodrigo fletcher
what the hell only 2 millions of views this deserve 100 millions
Michael Mallon
The Original Bad Boys of Rock and Roll!"
Madeleine Hague
The last really good LP the Stones have done, IMHO.
Lisa Hobbins
I love the Rolling Stones, the Greatest Rock & Roll Band ever!!!
Это круто, как жареный лед...
The Rolling Stones
What are you scared of, baby  It's more than just a dream  I need some time  We make a beautiful team 
Dra. Rock
Anthony R.
20 years??? allresdy? What a DRAG IT IS GETTIN OLD!!!!!!!!!
The Music Junkie
I was 12 when this came out. My life changed. They were showing tons of shows about the stones. Since they were about to tour and voodoo lounge was coming out. I watched everything. And became obsessed. Still am to this day
The Rolling Stones La Leyenda viva del Rock and roll
Paul Wilday
1994 I can't believe it was that long ago! Amazing video, still looks so impressive.
Maya Natalia
Que sexy <3
Greg Jay
I need some time..... Keith Richard The epitome of cool.
Neil Jones
Mick is the coolest guy to walk the planet. This video must have been tricky to make back in the day. Great song with a terrific pace. Makes you want to be there.
RayinPa U.S.A.
I love this Song , Man it takes me back . Charlie beating on the water towers got him to smile . the Harmonica sounds excellent with Keith's riff's . all of the scenes are played out so well . gotta love the Videoagraphy with this video . Ray in Pa.
I love this song, I love this video and I love Rolling Stones: forever :-)))
Mind Funk
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Revertino Tse
Went to the Stones Concert in 94. Edmonton. Commonwealth Stadium was Sold Out. I was sitting in the Floor Section. Awesome.👍👍
Paul Staker
I wish a modern Godzilla movie can be made like this.
Ahead of this video was an advert with David Tennant advertising broadband or something and he gets on my TITS he really does
Ellen Diane
I can't help  it:)
Thuman Ellis
when i see comments. that put dowm like hes ugly cant sing dance etc.I always know its just green eyed jealousy keep rocking mick the greatest sexiest performer there ever was im gonna enjoy it they'll never be another Mick Jagger!!!!!
Julian Heredia
los mejores del rok!!!
Michael Dean
I grew up listening to the Stones, but THIS is the song that made me a Stones fan. When I was ten, Voodoo lounge was the first album I paid for with my own money - still have the cassette!
ricky asadoorian 72
got to love Voodoo's Lounge!
Ellen Diane
ohhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hana Ptáková
Great song, great video, great Rolling Stones🎸.
Daniela C
mick sexyy!!! XD
Bele tte
j aime
Radek Ventruba
Friday, night... #loveisstrong #therollingstones
Georgie Dacey
awsome song.
John Hintz
Love is Fuckin stronger than Dirt.New and Inproved AJAX™ Couldn't mitigate the Stink that is Staten island. Think on it and get back to me O:-)
Dedi Setiawan
i like.....
Jörg 66
Soo cool the stones forever
Cathy Bober
....great song...Seedy bars are great....Booze is much less expensive! xo
ronin assassin
I was playing the harmonica parts on my balcony last week, the neighbor's love me.
Rock Beto Albanian
likeeee mmm listener very
Francisco Javier Sanchez Bernal
BRICOSTONES. Ya está todo dicho...
Long Hood 74
greatest band ever !!!!
WordPress Lover
Why did I notice this song now and not sooner? Damn.
Rolling Stones - We Love You -18/8/1967 released
Voodoo lounge uncut live from Miami, out soon. Yeah!
peter mills
This video is really good. But what a FANTASTIC record this is! That 'pared down' Rolling Stones power is untouchably brilliant!
Taylor Wam
David Fincher ♥
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong - OFFICIAL PROMO Love is strong And your so sweet You make me hard You make me weak Love is strong And your so sweet And some day,baby We got to meet .
Commander Nelson
Yeah find a pay phone in NY now.
Adalgisa Sampaio
Linda música bom dia bjs carinhoso da amiga feliz segundo feira
song is strong,love it...turn up the bass and the treble off course
linda langston
This is the best video I have watched in the entire music history
Daniela Tavares
Eita musica sexy sem ser vulgar!!! Adorooooooo
Аркадий Герасименко
what a class. unmatched
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong - OFFICIAL PROMO - 1994 Love is strong your so sweet  Someday baby we got to meet .
Keith's biography is awesome!! Life!!!
Dickyhifni Setiawan
stones for ever
Mike Hand
The Rolling Stones - Love Is Strong - OFFICIAL PROMO Love is strong And your so sweet You make me hard You make me weak Love is strong And your so sweet And some day. babe We got to meet
patricia munizaga suares lagos
Que puedo no decir para mi son mis padres mis amores love youuuu
Pauolo Garvellano
IIIIi loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....stones!!!!
christine JAUTEE
William Main
Top video..
"You got me rocking" Guys! "Don't stop" making music! But "Time waits for no one"
Vanesa Correa
Evgeny Klein
Such a good video.
MUSIC EXPERTS in what key is the harmonica played in this song?
See it or Flick it.
When I first saw this, I kept waiting for me of those stoplights to hit Mick in the balls.
Revertino Tse
Great Stones Concert back in 1994
Otto Greenleaf
Happy Birthday today(December 11) to bassist Darryl Jones. Cheers!
Анатолий Железнов
роллинги и битлы дали толчек от совка к чему то еще кроме дешевых патриотизмов
Mick Jagger AB Negative what a gift to the world he has been. A Bird, a dove ,a child of Aquarius ABBA , a father ,  King in his Kingdom A Stone of  Thor , with words of might. Never fear, with a ear you will hear. Bourgeois delighting you in mysteries Kings of Kings, you chosen few of  Odin  
essie finch
Grace Conzo Stovall
I love you Mick <3
Ellen Diane
s on a s;)
Ana Cristina
garoto enxaqueca voltando a ativa o meu CV em resposta ao anúncio publicado na edição anterior foi enviado às suas ordens para o dia de hoje.
Beatriz Bengolea
2018 abril
You make him hard, you make him weak
Hamilton Junior
the video confirms, is the biggest rock roll band of all time
Maria Callous
love the music but these are bad boys...and they are rich too....lardie lard.  Girl look like dancing vipers.  o it up.
Lorenzo Artola
Greatest band ever! One more time to argentina please!!
Ferdinand Alexander
Another awesome overlooked great song by the Stones. Great video as well.
The RS 90's and 2000's videos are pretty original, among the best from this era.
Melbourne Mike
This is like one of those...Do you remember the movie or the song....I think we all remember this video...The album was fairly forgettable...was it Voodoo Lounge?
essie finch
Anna Vera
Oh YEAH! 💋
Ginny Rhodenizer
love is strong for you baby sweet to eat
marc razor
beautiful titans
jessie the great
micks laid more pipe than any plumber lol
leo jones
The Nephilims.
Paulinha Lima
excellent play list
Robert Tellstrom
super talent
Barry Keit
The STONES will always rock !!! BARRY!