Trump: I'd love to fight 'tough guy' Biden

Donald Trump said he'd love to fight Vice President Joe Biden, days after Biden said he wishes he could "take him behind the gym."

Trump would win
I would pay very good money to see that.
toddjon stevenson
That's my President😎
Ivo Z
Biden is a goof
Mike Bolderstake
Joseph Biden is slime oozing out from political correctness.
Sebastian Breitner
Joe "I molest women on Camera" Biden would get his butt kicked by Trump hope he also kicks out 90% of the Republicans in Congress who are snakes and backstabbers. Specifically Rino Ryan but I am sure the Donald has plans for Lyin Ryan, which dont include being speaker. I call Lyin Ryan SLEAZER of the house, since thats the best description for him he's a traitor.... Congress is a giant, rancid cesspool. Vote out all those Republicans who refused to endorse Trump. Time for a giant flush
Sean Harrison
Trump would devour him!
Humanity in Poetry
UFC 208 BIDEN VS TRUMP ! Dana make it happen !!
I guess they are going to meet at the front lawn of the white house 🏡
Rachel Morocco
they're both 70, neither are tough guys.
my money would be on trump...big league.
Jeffrey Nguyen
let's drop the gloves & start the fight djt
John Johnson
Should have posted the full speech but its cnn what did i expect?
Dan Moore
Trump the first politician I can honestly say I voted for ....that is cool 😎
Joe would kick trumps ass! Hands down trump would have no chance with his small hands. Lol
Can Teh Donald even make a fist with his tiny hands? I bet not.
I accidentally read the title as "touch guy".
Anji123 Passion
Koosha Las Vegas
Repent and follow Jesus only
The back of the 'barn'?.. lol
jon ono
When is trump versus rosie O'Donnell pay per view wrestling match? – via @haystacktv
MoMos Dead
Has Vegas set ODDS yet?
darell johnson
Biden Is a frail old man
Boxing Brain187
Trump a savage👌👌👌
Egooooo. Geez Trump...take the higher road!
Royal Swag Entertainment
Donald Trump has WWE wrestling techniques. He did a clothesline to Vince McMahon in 2007 !
Bri Town
biden would smoke the donald.
Vanessa K
Luis Fernandez
I'd love to see my leader trump fight Joe the child molester biden in a octagon under ufc rules!!!
john david
Trump is ahead of the polls..
Dez 22
Now trump wants to fight but when that guy tried to run up pn stage at one of his rallies he was scared shitless why ain't he try to fight that guy
Giovanni Naranjo
Can't wait to see the look on his face when he loses
Never Bernie
another example that shows Puppet Trump doesn't have the temperament for the big chair.
Greg Salcedo
Why not have a match with each other after the election win or lose. We'll call it the match of the elderlies.
man trump most win but that dumb smile Hilary is h going to get it because of the media
LandShark Clark
If CNN was trying to make Trump look bad with this they epically failed! He looks pretty good in this clip and Biden was clearly the aggressor.
Lose and go away!!...
Drumpf would love to be taken behind the gym (and diddled) by Lexington Steele!
haha...Trump would win the fight with "tough guy"
Marcus Fossa
Lmfao, I love this Trump guy more and more by the day. If they actually fight, it'll be the most viewed television event in history.
kenny meyerowitz
I would like to see a fight between Joe and Donald duke it out in Msg 2020 winner takes all we would make billions ?
LJ Hansmyer
is this real life? or WWE? only a moron would like this guy.. he talks like a teenager
Tyke Handsome
What a dull tool.
Jane Lin
Yeah, Trump LOVES a fight, unless it's in Vietnam!
TRUMP 2020!!!
R_ M
two 70 yr olds fighting lol. I'm good fam
Ea Wy
Shows the true colors Biden is made off. When an elected official behaves like this he should be handed over to Putin and see what barn he ends up under. We are to tolerant in this country with people like Biden and Hillary. I could imagine what would happen if I did the same.
Gladiator battle!
Jamie Malokas
American politics are easy to explain. Whoever is president, Dem or Rep, screws us over for 4 or 8 years, until everyone gets so sick of them we elect the other party. Then they screw us over for 4 or 8 years and we do the same. And so on. Vote third party in 2020 ! Republican = Democrat = Increased War Budget = Bankrupt USA
wicked lies
Dem or Rep Biden would mop the floor with a mommas but like Drumpf .Lets see a guy that grew up in a tuff neighborhood and has been in a real fist fight once or twice or a sissy born with a silver spoon in his mouth and tiny hands?
Randy Barat
He just wants to sniff Trump’s hair, thats all
David G
Trumps presidency is like watching an episode of WWE. Funny, fake but entertaining.
Elmuhager Elmancy
we're about to elect a mob boss as president of the United States. Here's a quick and honest words from someone who knows Trump , “HE NEEDS TO GET ON HIS HORSE & GIDDYAP BACK TO HIS GILDED BIRD CAGE IN DUMP TOWER.HE HAS NO INTEREST AT HEART BUT HIS OWN , KING CON IS HIS GAME.” Victoria Gotti
Ok guys theyre 70 year old men
OMG Trump triggered again. He's so predictable. Yet thinks the media is unfair to him. Stop saying stupid stuff and go with policy you hypersensitive teen.
FearEclipse - Clash Royale
Wonder why cnn is curing the video to make trump look bad......
Dan Moore
He probably want to smell your hair trump
Michael Miller
Hey, crazy uncle Joe... you better tighten up your hair weave and put some extra glue on those dental veneers, because your tough talking, do nothing, wimpy DemoRAT ass is going to be Trump kicked! Bend over Joe... who's your daddy now?!?!?!
michael 031484
if they both want to fight each other so badly then they should do a charity boxing match. maybe donate the proceeds to helping the vets or something.
Mark Metz
Trump 2016
Frank B
Anybody in the universe besides The Circus Freak Trump who is under Joe's poop even ! Now Trump is hiding his dead Racoon under a hat, how is he going to hide his taxes, grow anotjer head & hide it under another hat.
Bob Radford
Donald, would beat Old Joe more black and blue than a policeman's uniform, and put him down like a sick pet.
Steven West
Forget about Trump conceeding, after in your face DOJ. FBI criminal behavior, every red state will file a rit to break away from the federal government if the election is stolen. If you think the Bundy Ranch standoff was bad, I can only image millions of 2nd Amendment Americans showing up to the white house and wont leave until we have our 20 trillion back.
Athena Creamer
Biden has issues with mindlessly and misfortunately popping off. To Putin threatening surprise cyber warfare. He pointed out his handler with the nuclear codes at a rally. AND NOW this foolish challenge. ANSWER A FOOL ACCORDING TO HIS FOLLY LEST HE BE WISE IN HIS OWN EYES. (Proverbs)
Biden is a joke and his career is over
Doodelay Explains
this guy is an entertainer only. nothing about him should be the face of america on the world stage, Jesus
Nick Bauer
I am getting really sick of Joe Biden. What a pathetic and juvenile man! He is supposed to be in his seventies but he has the mind of a little kid! He literally acts like a little kid! Cretins like Joe like to talk really big and tough and then they get the crap beaten out of them in real life and wind up crying like little girls on the floor. What a punk! One day he is going to open his mouth to the wrong man face to face and really regret it. It never fails!
Lyna space
Trump for President!!
Per Amundsson
If someone is tough behind the microphone it is the Donald. Lat year he attacked McCain for being captured by the enemy in Vietnam. He recently attacked the Khan  family, whos son served in the US military and gave his life to save his comrades. Donald says he is conservative and loves the military, but he has never served and worn a uniform. Why not put him in some special forces unit (not that they would want him) and let him parachute behind enemy lines. I wonder how long he would stay alive. Donald also loves MMA and bloody cage fights, and invited the UFC boss Dana White to speak at the GOP convention. If Donald is such at tough guy, why does he not enter the cage himself to fight at one of his casinos? Donald is only tough behind the microphone, otherwise he is just a small piece of shit.
Anton Leimbach
Five draft deferments show Trump is a coward. Only a conservative would run away and hide behind medical excuses when his country needs him.
Trump 16!
Nom de Plume
00:34 "You know when he is "Mr. Tough guy"? When he is standing behind a microphone by himself." ...said the guy who has stood behind a microphone for a year and a half acting like a tough guy...
Mark Metz
ibd polls . Most accurate poll in 2004 , 2008.2012 with a 0.9 percent rate of error ... has trump at 43 and clinton at 41 .... cnn and the others use " real clear polls " rated as the #6 th poll .. lmfao ...This is how the media plays you
Cameron Westling
I know I shouldn't say this but I'd love to see Biden kick Trumps butt. Biden is in way better condition then Trump, plus he has normal size hands so his punches would have a bigger impact. 😀