10 amazing Goals RUINED by Teammates in Football

Teammates ruined goals in football ft Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Nani, Paul Pogba, etc...

Monir Bikai
The half of the video was about Ronaldo ruining his teammates goals
Joris Harms
Lol, Ronaldo being angry with Nani while he ruins teammates' goals as well
Sam Lao
CR, the best defender
MTA 10
Im a Messi fan but Gareth Bale shot the ball straight at Ronaldo and Ronaldo couldnt move away in time,dont blame him for that,he didn't do that on purpose,the ball hit him he didn't hit the ball
Ronaldo 3 times isnt a suprise
Fran Picasso
Cristiano when his goal was ruined: -"Nani?"
Lucas Kris
Now we know that Ronaldo is better than Messi because he is good at defence as well
Þór Pétursson
You know the drill 1 Pelé 2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3 Dybala 4 Maradona 5 Ronaldo 6 Messi 7 Mbappé 8 Neymar 9 Salah 0 Suárez
Alperen Karagöz
0:40 Stupid
Shameem Ahmed
I felt so sad about Paulo Dybala because of Ronaldo and I felt the same about Ronaldo because of Nani....But Paulo didn't react badly!⚽💜
Ronaldo-3 Messi-0 Messi is the better player change my Mind I’m waiting...
XØ Music
No wonder why EA give Ronaldo a better DEFENSE than Messi
A 442oons Fan Who Loves Ronaldo
Dejan Loveren: I am the best defender Ronaldo : hold me beer
srijan magar
Lol thumbnail was just epic nani??
Came here for the thumbnail, NANI
lmao x2
This is the reason why Cristiano is somewhat close to Messi. In stats. Cristiano will do anything to get that +1 goal added to his name, while Messi could care less, his mind is on helping his teammates and motivating them. If you genuinely watch and understand football you would know Messi > Cristiano
Good Gamer Rayeed
Now feel RONALDO how DYBALA felt when u ruined HIS ONE!!SELFISH, Just wants to add his name on the scoresheet!! Dybala did not react because you r his senior, Remember what was your reaction in Nani's CASE?? Learn something from Leo! HUH!?
manu gheorge
Dybal's goal was the best But ronaldo ruined it
dabesaround nstuff
How is ronaldo even considered good??? Hes a pro and still has the shittiest positioning ive seen in a while for a forward
Navaneeth 10
Examples for ronaldo's selfishness😂
Ishmam Adnan
1:40 Ronaldo didn't do it on purpose But the other two were done intentionally
SoccerBROS 86
Love the thumbnail man. 2:12 is hilarious
Rocket 7354
Now choupo moting would earn the number 1 spot
Salvador Ramirez, Jr.-Segura
2:04 he blocked it with his nalgas
Hi mate how Are you
Ronaldo is so selfish unlike Messi. Messi is the goat
Alistair Elias
When I saw the Dybala goal I immediately knew it would be included in a compilation...
People are going to start comparing messi to ronaldo now......
roblox chanel
This video just mean ronaldo is selfish and more like goal that ruined by Ronaldo
Luumuno Kapoka
50% of Video- Ronaldo ruins teammate goals Other 50%- who cares Ronaldo ruined his teammate's goals
Freaks Gaming
Well I have to agree Ronaldo tops the list in every topic...
0:43 Elementary school recess be like...
Haha, Ronaldo gets so pissed when it happens to him
Ronnie's only really screwed up the Dybala one. Bale hits it straight at him and Higuain's close control is so terrible it looks like a pass - if anything Ronaldo was in a much better position and it was Higuain that prevented him from scoring. The Ginta Universitetas one is amazing.
Scorpio Snake
Ronaldo was angry at Nani because blocking his teammates goal is his job .
Suleman Dogar
how dare you to put lord bendtner name in list soon your channel will be destroyed
Thomas Kiriakou
Someone copied your thumbnail
Yeetos Cheetos
Dybala: Nani? Ronaldo: .... is that what the anime on my tv bill is? Dybala:.....yes.. and no.
Avinash Sunil
3 rd CR mistake was accident.. messi fanboys don't kill me as I m a messi fanboy
Oh No No
*"i wAs mAKinG SuRe iT wENt iN"*
Keano Roemgens
0:47 fighting over who gets the goal XD 😂😂
Elmo woRLD
The first clip Ronaldo didn’t even touch it with his head and also Nani it was already In
Fair enough Ronaldo had his share of denying a goal but there's no denying that final 'goal' would of been the best goal witnessed by anyone that beautiful bit of skill then the lob absolutely unbelievable!
kareem arar
Just compare ronaldo's reaction to everyone else's when they get their goal blocked by teammates.
When women plays football 0:54 :D
shruti adhvaryu
Ronaldo's best achievement Playing against 🐐 Messi 🐐
Vojtěch Nepraš
Nani wasn't offside, bad call by referee. Lord Bendtner showing MERCY to opposition - legend.
Amol Paradke
Now Ronaldo fans will say this guy is clearly a Ronaldo hater😂😂😂
Squirrel35533 Griffin
Poor Ronaldo 😅
Ginger Rabbit
That's why higuain hates ronaldo
Michal Mackov
1:45 it wasn't his fault (I'm a Messi fan btw)
Ronaldo is a hypocrite, when Nani ruined his goal he got super pissed off but when he ruins it (more than once) he just stands there like a clueless idiot, joke player
Random Person
I am not a Ronaldo fan,but Dybala's and Bale's goal might have been the result of poor calculation on Ronaldo's end. The one with Higuaín ,however,can't be interpreted as anything other than selfishness.
What about Harry Kane claiming eriksens free kick
Michael Hartley
Ronaldo: i am the best at ruining teammates goals Woman at 0:45: hold my 🍺
Where's Ibrahimovich butt save?
Chima Nwaneri
0:40 you see why girls are so bad at football It was a joke please dont hurt me
Elias Salvador
I thought this channel spoke anime
reycarlos 1
Ronaldo prevents so many good goals, but gets angrier than anyone when his is prevented
Rainbow Muffin
half of these are just ronaldo ruining the chances of his other players from scoring...... don't get me wrong ronaldo is an exceptional player and definitely one of the greatest of all time but would you see messi do that? G.O.A.T
David Meskoski
HAHAHAHAHAHA WTF was that 0:45, so greedy Lol
Pedro Passos
was that cristiano x bale needed to be hre or this video is just an atack on ronaldo?
0:40 laughing so hard!!!
Tahsin Tasnim
Dybala with that banger somehow got ruined. I liked how Dybala didn't react much while Ron completely loses it
Alan Kishor
Why does cr7 go behind glory? Maybe I think that he should learn from Messi He reacts too much for that goal but Messi is not
Uchiha Madara
1:14 I'm gonna leave real 🤣😂
Max Macmahon
2:03 😂😂😂
Jebin Mathewvaidyan
All the dislikes for this video will be Ronaldo fans of sure.....
srik r
jeez, Ronaldo they are on your team
D.J Cheetah
I like how Ronaldo blocked a lot of his teammates' goals and they were like "Ahhh man!" And when one of his teammate block his goal ONCE he's like " DUDE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! WHY DID YOU DO THAT I WAS ABOUT TO SCORE! YOU'RE SO *BAD* AT THIS GAME!!!" XD
Roger Michael
So much ronaldo in it
Grade E Quality
Lmfao Ronaldo trying to steal the ball from Higuain.
misnad qasim
This Ronaldo😡. And see him getting angry when his goal was missed😂😂
lmao x2
People referring to Cristiano incomplete goal because of Nani. The ball was already in nani just did the header but the ball was already in when nani headered it. So it should've been a goal. Even then pique left Nani onside so it isn't Nani's fault.
Vojtěch Nepraš
I think Ronaldo was pissed because it was Spain - Portugal match and the rivalry is too intense, so the goal was extremely important to Portugal. Don't see it as selfishness. Anyhow Nani wasn't offside because of Pique position, so it's referee to blame.
Louis Tan
I like Messi But Ronaldo is a goat
Toni Ailton
Chupo Moting will be the new no.1 forever. Hard to beat him in the next 150 years.
Rick Claark
To be fair Ronaldo’s third one wasn’t his fault. Just unlucky.
Mo Playz
Het Raj
when nani stole it, ronaldo was like cmon lemme score a chip goal, messi out there scoring tons of it
Ishalin Maharaj
Damn how could i forget his majesty Lord BENDTNER
York Niu
You have to admit, the third time Ronaldo was just in the way though it wasn't his fault
Chapgazh Andari (ca4897)
0:45 Talk about the Chemistry...
Kyle F
Before I even clicked on the video, I knew Nani would be number 1 😂
Maribel Agudelo
Lol Now we have to add the Paris saint German one 😂 I can't remember the names of the players involved! Help.
Pavlos Gogol
It should be: Best saves in Football!
Rebel King
Thumbnail's "Nani" is not player Nani, it's a Japanese word that means "what the..."
Aisling O'Leary
I felt so bad when CR7 Stopped Higuain from Scoring
RaG3 Curlyy
Im seeing a pattern here
قاری عبداللہ
💗Woo 💗Amazing Video 💗Woo💗
Darth Vader
3:05 Ronaldo: Luis Nani, NANI? Luis: Omae wa mou shindei ru
Ridwan Noor
1:10 cant stop laughing😂 Poor Argentine Higuain.
Pixel Gun Gaming
That thumbnail🤣🤣
Saida Kauser
The ball didnt even touch ronaldo when dybala shot it Edit: He did deny Gonzalo a goal though.
Arun Kumar
Karma for ronaldo Ruining 3 goals
GOAT ronaldo 😂
RealGamer YT
Ronaldo wants people to admire him
0:40 OMG.. 😂 I saw this match and it was so CRINGE.. BTW this team Is from Lithuania :D
Ryan Dominguez
CR7 He scores, he creates, but most importantly he is great at defending goals.
Ryuzaki Holmes
1:37 We can't blame Ronaldo here. It was hard to escape from the ball coming fast