10 amazing Goals RUINED by Teammates in Football

Teammates ruined goals in football ft Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Nani, Paul Pogba, etc...

Monir Bikai
The half of the video was about Ronaldo ruining his teammates goals
Higuain: **Has an open net and is gonna score** Ronaldo: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Jeshua Esher
What a tackle by Ronaldo against Higuain
Oh No No
*"i wAs mAKinG SuRe iT wENt iN"*
Jxmin_ 07
Obviously Ronaldo ruins other people’s chances then rages when others do it to him
Sam Lao
CR, the best defender
When 3 kid fight for the ball 0:50
0:43 Elementary school recess be like...
darth vader
2:14 what a goalline save🤣🤣
Keanu Reeves
Can we appreciate the goal line clearance by Nicklas Bendtnener
XØ Music
No wonder why EA give Ronaldo a better DEFENSE than Messi
Rohan P
Why just not name this video as Ronaldo ruining team mate goal
Pulse rirro
why does ronaldo complain? does he know how many goals he’s ruined
Pseudo original mais pas trop
Now there is Choupo - Moting x Nkunku
Shiva Ravi
Ronaldo best defender in the world for his teammates
Lol, Ronaldo being angry with Nani while he ruins teammates' goals as well
Ginger Rabbit
That's why higuain hates ronaldo
Luumuno Kapoka
50% of Video- Ronaldo ruins teammate goals Other 50%- who cares Ronaldo ruined his teammate's goals
Syed Haroon
Cristiano: hat-trick vs athletico no Cristiano: hat-trick in this video🤣🤣
Nishan .P
And the winner is Cristiano Ronaldo 😂
paulo dybala
0:40 this is why people don't watch women football 😂😂😂
Saul Marquez
#9 Nobody: FIFA Pro Clubs: Mine Mine Mine Mine
Jonathan Gomez
Damn that Higuain CR7 one was embaaarrrassssing 😂
Anand Mishra
2:30 That was actually one of the greatest goal line clearances you'll see. Had to be LORD BENDTNER🙈🙈
Enrique Flores
Ronaldo: gets mad when his goal was disallowed Also Ronaldo: blocked 3 other teammates goals
2:40 How does that even happen? HOW do you do That!?
Aus firdaus Aus firdaus
So Ronaldo better than mustafi at defending
Ludwik Kurski
Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting x Christopher Nkunku
Fran Picasso
Cristiano when his goal was ruined: -"Nani?"
0:40 laughing so hard!!!
Michael Joseph
Ronaldo has ruined lots. Yet the only one which is ruined by his player mate at the end, he acts as if he is innocent. 😁😁😁
Karma is boomerang CR7
M Shah
Ronaldo might as well be a goalkeeper with the amount of goals he’s stopped
Basher Blaster
Penaldo is the GOAT of ruinning other players goals.
Mmmmichael1234 Gaming
Ronaldo: i am the best at ruining teammates goals Woman at 0:45: hold my 🍺
Ronaldos goal disallowed by Nani was already over the line
Rebel King
Thumbnail's "Nani" is not player Nani, it's a Japanese word that means "what the..."
srik r
jeez, Ronaldo they are on your team
hung duong
Half of the video is Ronaldo ruining his teammate goals.then I saw Luis Nani...lol
Rainbow Muffin
half of these are just ronaldo ruining the chances of his other players from scoring...... don't get me wrong ronaldo is an exceptional player and definitely one of the greatest of all time but would you see messi do that? G.O.A.T
Rohan Talukdar
Ronaldo just perfectly showing that he is the most selfish footballer
Lucas Kris
Now we know that Ronaldo is better than Messi because he is good at defence as well
Ronaldo-3 Messi-0 Messi is the better player change my Mind I’m waiting...
bisho gurumayum
Why cristiano destroy teams goal because ..he is so greedy of goal ..only he want to score big greedy player
Michal Mackov
1:45 it wasn't his fault (I'm a Messi fan btw)
3 times Ronaldo 😂😂
Ronaldo 3 times isnt a suprise
Ja men det är ditt fel
Bendtner is the most all round player in the world, he can even be a goalkeeper
Geany kade
if every defender is good as this man at 2:18 , no need of Goal Line Technology 😁😂
Km Fahim
Anyone saw nkouku's block??😂😂😂
Erick Ruiz Ruiz
messi has done the same but hay messi fan
MTA 10
Im a Messi fan but Gareth Bale shot the ball straight at Ronaldo and Ronaldo couldnt move away in time,dont blame him for that,he didn't do that on purpose,the ball hit him he didn't hit the ball
MUFC Highlights
Wow Ronaldo stopped lots of goals
Curiosity !!
Exact character of women between themselves😂😂😂😂 At 0.40
Dybala: Nani? Ronaldo: .... is that what the anime on my tv bill is? Dybala:.....yes.. and no.
Dipesh Purkuti
Conclusion:Ronaldo got the taste of his own medocine
Lee Dobson
Ronaldo be like Why always me😞
Cian Bailey
Literally just proves how fricken selfish and a non team player Ronaldo is and I love it
Avinash Sunil
3 rd CR mistake was accident.. messi fanboys don't kill me as I m a messi fanboy
Alperen Karagöz
0:40 Stupid
Justin Ha
나니? 난데스카?
Lenura Baymakh
How many times was Ronaldo in this list? And how many times was Messi in this list?
Menahil Hassan
Some of them are just mistakes or other player just making sure bowl goes IN
misnad qasim
This Ronaldo😡. And see him getting angry when his goal was missed😂😂
eris wind
C.Ronaldo karma for ruining teammate goals 😂
0:40 they are all just too greedy and this is not teamwork. They are all playing solo
Anjana Gupta
Ronaldo scored a hat trick in ruining his teammates goals
Amol Paradke
Now Ronaldo fans will say this guy is clearly a Ronaldo hater😂😂😂
Meena Kathir
Man UTD are interested in Ronaldo again as a replacement of Phil Jones!
What about Harry Kane claiming eriksens free kick
Fair enough Ronaldo had his share of denying a goal but there's no denying that final 'goal' would of been the best goal witnessed by anyone that beautiful bit of skill then the lob absolutely unbelievable!
Random Person
I am not a Ronaldo fan,but Dybala's and Bale's goal might have been the result of poor calculation on Ronaldo's end. The one with Higuaín ,however,can't be interpreted as anything other than selfishness.
Shameem Ahmed
I felt so sad about Paulo Dybala because of Ronaldo and I felt the same about Ronaldo because of Nani....But Paulo didn't react badly!⚽💜
Keano Roemgens
0:47 fighting over who gets the goal XD 😂😂
Mimin Hangsing
background music plizzzz??
shruti adhvaryu
Ronaldo's best achievement Playing against 🐐 Messi 🐐
Kyle F
Before I even clicked on the video, I knew Nani would be number 1 😂
Elias Salvador
I thought this channel spoke anime
Suleman Dogar
how dare you to put lord bendtner name in list soon your channel will be destroyed
Top 1
1:52 Karma for acting extremely injured.😂😂🤣
Vojtěch Nepraš
Nani wasn't offside, bad call by referee. Lord Bendtner showing MERCY to opposition - legend.
´´amazing´´ haha. only dybala´s and ronaldos goal was good the rest is just normal.
the crazy ronaldo goal 18/19 @
We don't have the same definition of "amazing"; but I lol'd @ 2:11
Pavlos Gogol
It should be: Best saves in Football!
Cristiano Santos
Im agressiv now
Pranjal VW
Christiano: "omae wa mou shindeiru" Goalkeeper: "NANI"
Tahsin Tasnim
Dybala with that banger somehow got ruined. I liked how Dybala didn't react much while Ron completely loses it
Where's Ibrahimovich butt save?
Þór Pétursson
You know the drill 1 Pelé 2 Zlatan Ibrahimovic 3 Dybala 4 Maradona 5 Ronaldo 6 Messi 7 Mbappé 8 Neymar 9 Salah 0 Suárez
Rocket 7354
Now choupo moting would earn the number 1 spot
Rick Claark
To be fair Ronaldo’s third one wasn’t his fault. Just unlucky.
Shajal Sanju
Wow!!! I like it Ronaldo selfish his 3 mistake selfishness from ronaldo
Uchiha Madara
1:14 I'm gonna leave real 🤣😂
srijan magar
Lol thumbnail was just epic nani??
Tech Beats
as he said... the fifa must give 100 rating to cristiano
Aidan Drenny
I don't think that CR7 touched Dybalas shot
Don't think these videos would be right without nani 😂
all rounder of entertainment
0:55 That's why women's football doesn't have that much publicity!😂
Elmun Lun
Always Ronaldo😂😂