Carlos Santana with Paul Reed Smith | Musician's Friend Exclusive

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Carlos Santana talks with PRS guitar founder, Paul Reed Smith and explores what to look for in a new guitar. He says the best guitars serve your creativity—they feel comfortable (not fussy), like an old t-shirt so a musician can focus on playing from the heart. Carlos salutes Paul for his mastery in guitar making, expressing that because PRS guitars are so solidly built, musicians who play them can draw forth the song from inside themselves with ease. Read more about Carlos' signature PRS guitar at

Peter Cooper
Everything seems right until Orianthi appears. I respect Carlos and Paul... but Orianthi ? That's just marketing...
arturo imperial
carlos santana make prs grate
These are a great way of meeting people, and can be invaluable if you have moved to a new town, and don't know anybody.
Cj Fisher
I could listen to him talk all day! Laying in bed rn and it's like 3 in the morning but he is like Morgan freeman with his words!
Pavo gaming/Tru moo 47
I thought I was color blind when I saw the vid pic
Colin P
Wash your mouth out!
Colin P
Looks like Paul's strugling not to laugh, I love Carlos but he does come out with some coblars!
Sensible Musician
Wow a rock star who actually gets wiser with age and has good, insightful, lovely things to say! He understands music AND the role of the instrument. Santana seems impressed with PRS's operation - plus he's just edifying his friend - but he seems pretty unsentimental about the instrument itself; he likes people and music, and the rest is just tools LOL. I never would have guessed that Carlos Santana is a balanced, decent human being. Now I am interested to know his biography.
Mads Sanden
Love Carlos, but sometimes he can be a little confusing :) LOL
jimmy Whitaker
I agree with him, with a well crafted guitar, if you don't sound good,It's not the guitars fault.
Love Santana no matter what he plays. That said I prefer Carlos tone and sound best when he used Gibson Les Paul's and Yamaha SG2000's with Boogie amps.
just make him play, don't make him speak
Eric Gibb
5:32 I said biiiiiiitch, get over here!
Eric Gibb
spot on! well said.
Josh Rubner
looooool 6:07
Lance Flanagan
this guy is making no sense.....
Jorge Pérez
ACDC's back in black
SONG AT 4:20?
orianthi just playin but getting no notice.
Santana is right on. His analogies crack me up but they fit. If you don't understand what Santana is talking about in terms of guitar choice and being a musician then I suggest you watch the video over again. For me, PRS guitars have a great feel to them and tone like no other. However, they may not be for everyone. If we all drive Chevy's it would be pretty boring.
I love PRS, but I prefer Carlos with his old SGs personally.
I have deep respect for Carlos Santana but this talk about 'integrity' at PRS leaves me ambivalent; the increased emphasis on esthetics and special orders with more importance on looks than playability seems to indicate that PRS is thinking more about money than integrity.I have five old PRS and my number one sounds better than any of the private stock I have tested them against....does that make sense obectively speaking? What are people paying 8,0000 and more grant for?
at what point did speed equal skill? Santana has got it right: the only thing that matters is what you're saying; how you are saying it comes AFTERWARD.
Joel Anderson
WTF is Carlos talking about...
Whats up with the picture of Paul giving Carlos the reach around at the beginning???
jooshy notes
What was that rambling on choosing a guitar? Great guitarist, bad focus.
the background concert footage, is it on DVD?what concert?title anyone?!please?!
John Denner
Thanks for sharing the new video ! John Denner
haha they forgot to tag this under "comedy" , "funny" and "retarded"....and i never knew steve jobs other name was paul reed smith XD
Towards The Sunset
@KotowTV Gilmour's #1, man! But Santana is a very soulful player, and in my top 10 for sure ;)
Nick Costa
@KotowTV fusheeny,,,Im gonna explain something to you...Maybe it will sink in...maybe it wont...The problem is many forget the basic reason they started playing guitar in the first place. "IT'S FUN". basics are and always will be the template for any playing or composition because without have no foundation of wich to build something. Technical virtuosity is a god given gift. Soul and being able to transcend feeling is on a whole other level of musical consciousness. Think about it!
Peter Archer
Carlos IS the Master...not because of the "technical aspects" of what he plays, rather due to the Way He is what you do not play that creates music, the silence between the notes, the placement of each "step" along the path of the song....this is WHY Carlos is the master as he is instantly recognizable as a "voice" from his guitar transcends "style or technique or scales", as those things are givens and have Nothing to do with Playing Music at all.
@KotowTV You can't be for real!!.You obviously no nothing about guitar playing and if you should happen to play, you are probably horrific...I don't care if you don't like his playing but the man is a brilliant master at his craft.You certainly have not listened with your ears.I could give a rat's ass about what guitar magazines write about him or what others say about him.All the great players out thier hold the utmost respect for his playing....What a moronic comment you posted...
@KotowTV if he did not know one note on a scale, or read for that matter..who cares!!!, carlos's playing is beyond one can top his feel and heart...
Al Johnson
its cool to see Orianthi in the video too
@KotowTV Al DiMeola is a great shredder. He doesn't use scalloped frets or any special guitar to make him sound clean and he picks every note individually. look up friday night in san francisco and elegent gypsy.
@KotowTV Paul Gilbert all the way for me.
Huh? "Clarity of certainty"? ok.........
@KotowTV Not as bad as Kirk Hammett. "Hey, Kirk, what scales you know?" "Well, I usually stay at the 12th fret..." "What about effects?" "EVERYTHING MUST GO 'WAH WAH!"
I wouldn't mind his one scale style if he did his older style with it again and not this new pop shit.
@KotowTV hahahahahahahahaha! funny stuff.
Two great guys! I own a PRS and love Santana's music.. it's what it's all about! ;0