TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2 B-roll Footage Part 2 - Behind The Scenes (2016) TMNT Movie HD

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Eddie Romero
I'm looking more forward to this movie than any other this year! My childhood is back!
Fugitoid 123
4:55 Yay! Bebop and Rocksteady are idiots in this movie!
4:30 Sheamus?
Simar Hunjan
First ! .... who cares...
Jacob DeMarco-Cronin
Baxter stockman, Shredder,Kraang, Bebop, and Rocksteady how are they going to fit it in?
Anton Rei Nacion
sheamus is a wrestler the white man
Final Theory Games
megan fox so damn hot
Anton Rei Nacion
sheamus is a wrestler the white man
Looks like fun from start to finish. 🤗
Zero Fortnite
Is that karai?
Akbar Sarosa
Remembered I watching this movie since i'm a child with animation cartoon version..Raphael is my favorite character he use a double sword to defeat his enemy like a Bebop and Rocksteady but Krang is easy to defeated..how about Shredder is a main character as enemy..
Zach Rose
Magan fox is cool but RAPHEAL is awesome my Favirot Turtle
Lil B
Just saw the movie
Hypervenom Cavanzon
Chingiz Saralaev
MarvelDame Quinn
It's nice to see Megan Fox getting along with the Turtles' actors in motion capture suits.
flo pocius
emil conrad
velikiya alpi super
This movie have lots of fun. Same with being off camera.