Love scenes from Brokeback Mountain.avi

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Dave Glo
Unbearably sad movie of two people in love. I don't care if they're gay or straight. Love is love, and when it can't work out it's just damn sad. I watched the full movie with my daughter.
this song is SO unnecessary
Joshua Winstead
Rather have the movie sound than this song
Brandi Starr
Oh my heart! This is the sweetest and saddest movie I have ever seen. The acting in this film is PHENOMENAL!
The song just reminds me of game grumps
Aldo Salmon
I could not hold back the tears when i found out he left this plane of existance
Aiyaluna Yourke
this was intense.
soon as the song started all I could think about was Dan and Arin's jokes about the guy who sings the intro.
Merlin Arthur
gosh, perfect song, love the scenes too. i just watch the movie today
Veronica Morgan
*_swiggity swooty_*
Meanwhile their wives...
Thank you for making this video... This is one of the saddest, most heartbreaking love stories EVER... yet your amazing video gives only a tiny glimpse of this tremendous love story... thank you
Heartbreaking watching this ,the worst is when he knew he was dead,he was torn apart but have no one to talk to about it or to console his heartbreak.
Thomas Redman
The music is beautiful and fits the scenes beautifully.
Mobina Fh
Life is dusty, love for not being lost beautiful movie thanks for sharing
Samuel M Williams
What's the song playing ? I like it ...
garry Whiting
me and my gay partner Stephen Clarke who likes and loves broke back mountain film
Love is beautiful for everyone...
Soviet II
All gay men out there - can you imagine living back in the day where if men found out you were gay, they would form a lynch mob to come after you and beat you to death. OMG SICK! But that's the way it was. So much better human rights now.
Just seeing these scenes, I know without a doubt that this movie will gut me and leaving me bleeding. I do NOT have the courage to view the entire movie. There is a person that commented that they have never gotten over it. Oh my God.
Mark Stephen
With new age all things are possible
Ami Huchel
Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Razi Khan
soooooo nice and lovely😍👄💋❤
Frank Bethel
The name of the song is Enigma " Return "
David Devita
You have to excuse me, I think I have a bowel movement... . .
John Price Price
You have just made this 1000 times gayer than necessary with this music.
Veronica Arms
I have 2 male friends that are gay and one is in his 30s and the other is in his 40s. they had to hide what they were from everyone except me. they love each other with passion. they will be together or they will committ suicide together. one can't be without the other that is how deep their love is for one another
kammies cakes
This is some aggresive stuff
Wowie Falcatan
Heartbreaking movie.
Larry Bird
There once were two cowboys all alone out on a trail when they discovered they could sleep with another male now they’re having butt sex Cowboy Butt Sex Sodomayyeeeeeeee!!!!! 🎶🎶🎶
whoops my finger slipped
tony macintosh
perfect song ........ thank you. emotion indeed.
Aaron Blanchard
Squid S
I just found this movie in the basement, I’m pretty sure my parents accidentally bought it because it’s unopened
Emmatt Edo
Awful song
Mollie Raye
What song is this?
shania george
jerome dieudonner
if there's a remake i think ryan gosling could play ernis...
Dan Mackey
PROFOUND. No other word can describe this film.
wσrld's σkαчєst вrσthєrTM
Dude, I am confused about their love. It seems so forceful and violent. I dunno bro.
Da Goddess
I haven't watch this movie. They don't allow in my country tho. Hate my country for being Catholic
nikki jones
can u say mute button?
nikki jones
enjoy what you created. you will be dealing with it
nikki jones
I didn't click on it. they need to stop shoving it down peoples throats
nikki jones
no I didn't. I didn't watch it. I didn't choose it.
nikki jones
some people are just sick in the head
nikki jones
good news. I will be gone and you will still be here
nikki jones
the people that advertise it as a love story should stop lying to themselves and the public
Rayne Kimi
Ohh great. Now every time I hear this beautiful song I played for my children, I have to be reminded of homosexuals.
nikki jones
they need to stop lying about what this movie is about
nikki jones
grossest movie ever
nikki jones
they need to stop shoving their agenda down people's throats