NBA Playoff Preview: The Starters

On Thursday's Playoff Preview, the guys break down and predict all eight first round series: Who will win the battle of the MVP favorites, Harden or Westbrook? Does Portland have a shot against the Dubs? Can Utah top the Clips' big 3? Can playoff Paul George surprise the Cavs? Will the veteran Bulls put enough pressure on the Celtics? Is this the year the Wizards make a run? And, will the Greek Freak be able to top the Raptors? Watch The Starters weekdays at 700ET on NBATV and get more of them on their website:

David P
So much better when Trey is at the table with the rest of the guys instead of doing that stupid twitter part of the show
Adam Ahmed
Why aren't my boys in the video? SMH
Oscar Robertson blew a 41 triple double lead
Zach Zar
"my sons could come back from a 4-0 lead in the playoffs" lavar ball
Ivan Sinohon
Tas: I'll pick the Clippers over the Jazz because they have experience. Skeets: The experience of always losing in the playoffs? SAVAGE AF hahahahah
_Sparkylikea _
Hi ever clicked something so fast
Jeremy Hayes
So the Warriors are the favorites to win. In other news, the sky is blue
Ruben Velazquez
Imagine if Jabari wasn't injured
Damian Batista
I think Cavs/Pacers, Clips/Jazz, Raps/Bucks, and Rockets/OKC will be the best 1st rounds.
Voltaaic xd
The Grizzlies and Spurs matchup is gonna be good.
Bulls upset the Celtics in 7 games. You heard it here first.
sxt35cc hurtf
the bums gonna be shocked when the bulls beat the Celtics instead hahaha
Riley P
Derozan you da real mvp
It's that time of the year!! IT'S PLAYOFF TIME! HELL YEAH
Jaws 1133
Rockets beat Thunder in 5. Then they upset the Spurs and round 2. And then we watch an awesome shootout between them and the Warriors
NJB_ 007
Don't let the playoffs distract you from the fact LeBron made KD cry in the 2012 Finals, and Kyrie embarrassed Curry in the 2016 Finals
These white boys are corny, but they do have good content
Kyle Pappos
Trey at 7:00 said pacers have 1 superstar against cavs 3 and that 3 is more than 1 but you never know the thunder and warriors blew a 3-1 lead last playoffs so you never know will the cavs blow a 3-1 superstar lead to the pacers in the first round?
Anthony Draghi
don't sleep on the bucks vs raptors series. Raptors in maybe 7(6 I think). Will be awesome
Curry McFlurry
My Predictions West: Warriors in 4 Spurs in 5 Thunder in 7 Clippers in 5 East: Bulls in 7 Cavs in 6 Raptors in 5 Wizards in 6 REMEMBER THIS COMMENT
Adam Ally
AYO treys back at the table
Isaac Gartlan
A western team has a better chance beating the dubs than an eastern team
TCS Productions
Lavar Ball the type of guy to ask a prostitute, "cash or credit??"
Vijay Patel
Blazers in 3
Good Muse
This show is called The Starters but none of these guys started a game in their lives.
it feels like the 72 burning questions was like a month ago.
David Hamilton
Bulls in 6. Im a cavs fan
Andrew c
Jeeper D
Westbrook for MVP, Giannis For MIP, Gaymond Green/Gobert the Gobbler for DPOY, MIKE D'Antoni for COTY, and Daryl Morey for GMOTY. Saric for ROTY or even Brogdon. Like if you AGREE
Raptors will beat Cleveland and go to the Finals
Blazers in six
Mikel Best
Im surprised leigh even picked a winner in the bulls/celtics series... he absolutely hates boston as well as rondo
Brian Deeb
Last time I was this early MJ was still considered the goat
I said the warriors was goin 67-15 like in December
CabdiRahman Abdi
Pacers in 6
Sal Hamad
I really believe that the bulls will upset the Celtics and then possibly go all the way to upset the cavs in the conference finals.
My playoff prediction (i'm from the future so believe me) Western: GSW in 4 SAS in 5 HOU in 6 LAC in 6 Eastern: BOS in 6 CLE in 6 TOR in 6 WAS in 7
Jonaspoc Munchangel
pacers might pull the upset on the star studded but mentally weak cavs.
My first round prediction: GSW vs UTA HOU vs SAS BOS vs WAS MIL vs CLE
Michael Polanco
tarik omar
Sorry for that just that this is my first time this early for a video
Jeremy Foshay
I honestly think itll be raptors vs warriors
this is my world
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, and Doc Rivers will get injured for the rest of their careers, and will lose the series #ClippersBadLuck
Israel Javier Serrano Concepcion
Bulls in 7
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All about Boston
I feel like raptors will sweep bucks
Nick Sigalas
[email protected]
Alex Amy
UConn blew a 111 game win streak lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serge Iblocka
I'm gonna bully the cavaloss
I've only used the raptors once in 2k and only watched one of their games, they were lucky that ispy was such a hit now everybody says the Derozan goes in
Edward Malcolm
Bulls barely made the playoffs but yet people have the audacity to say they are going to win? Lmao celtics play better when they're doubted so keep doubting them more fuel for the fire
Admiral Bulldog
i HOPE BLAZERS upset the Warriors.
Moku No Kami
so many shitheads hoping for the Cavs to lose. nothing new. they've been rooting for lebron's adversaries since the mid-00s. the biggest bandwagonners are lebron haters.
GSW is gonna blow a 3-0 lead in the first round.
Western Conference 1 Warriors vs 8 Blazers = Warriors 4-1 (Blazers can take one game) 2 Spurs vs 7 Grizzles = Spurs 4-0 (Grizzlies simply aren't a playoff team) 3 Rockets vs 6 Thunder = Rockets 4-3 (One man team vs one man team, this will decide the MVP, but if they can lock down harden with roberson thunder could steal this one) 4 Clippers vs 5 Jazz = Clippers 4-2 (Simple matchup, not too many surprises) Eastern Conference 1 Celtics vs 8 Bulls = Celtics 4-0 (Not even a competition tbh) 2 Cavs vs 7 Pacers = Cavs 4-3 (Biased prediction, BUT we all know paul george does usually outplay lebron against him, even in the playoffs) 3 Raptors vs 6 Bucks = Bucks 4-3 (Bucks can pull off an upset, raptors almost got beat in the first round last year.) 4 Wizards vs 5 Hawks = Wizards 4-2 (EVERY single game is a close game by at least 10 points, very equal teams)
KickGod no. 3
Hahaha i wanna see your faces when the bulls win the series against the celtics.. 😂
Mark 2909
Maybe another blow on Lebrons ear is coming
lol clippers ain't a big three. they're big whiners with an overrated and overly emotional coach. out in the first round again
Ownage Tv
Byron Tan
Bulls will upset Celtics in Game 6
Turtle God
I like the Warriors #Gdubs
Testos Tyrone
I'll m picking the Grizzlies over the Spurs, Utah over the clips and Chicago over Boston. There will be some big time "upsets" this year's playoffs.
Shastraveer Thapa
Bulls beat Celtics in 6-7
Go Blazers
stutter box
pacers in 7
King Of Dreams
go hawks
Larry J
Jazz in 7
Ibahn Flanders
i am the goat. remember my name
MR 07
Predictions(Don't hate) WEST Warriors in 5 Spurs in 6 Thunder in 7 Utah in 7 EAST Celtics in 4 Cavs in 5 Raptors in 6 Wizards in 5 Conf. Finals WEST Warriors > Spurs in 6 EAST Celtics > Cavs in 7 Finals Warriors > Celtics in 6
Klay Durant
blazers in 6 .. 😂😂
Emanuele Arca
Go skeets go okc not rockets, players of okc are oladipo Westbrook Adams kanter Roberson hate Houston and harden run okc I will not keep calm when the thunder are on goooooooooooo
Mortal Kombat
rockets in 5
Bulls are going to beat the Celtics! Chicago will upset Boston !
Paul Constantino
Bulls in 6
greatest Mexican alive ?????
golden state in 4 Spurs in 6 rockets sweep clippers in 7
Nba Bros
pacers might sweep cavs
Serge Iblocka
Bucks will blew a 3-2 lead
Unbiased Facts
Blazers fan, Warriors in 3
Dylan R.
Thunder in 7
Colin Hayes
Matt The Knicks Fan
harden is the mvp imo, I know y’all mad at me And probably call this blasphemy But I know some Christians who tote pistols That a blast for me
One day I'll be first comment
Marvin Dennard
warriors are going to win the NBA Finals
Lol people are saying that the Celtics will lose in the first round. I don't think that will happen this time. This is our first time in the brad Stevens era where we have home court advantage. I definitely think we will get to the ECF. So don't doubt the Celtics, they can definitely win this first round series
Cavs won't make finals.
greatest Mexican alive ?????
that moment u realize Westbrook will win the MVP but will get sweeped in the first round
Red Hot Mixes
My predictions: 1st round: Warriors beat blazers in 6 Spurs beat grizzlies in 7 Rockets beat thunder in 7 Clippers beat jazz in 7 Celtics beat bulls in 6 Cavs beat pacers in 6 Raptors beat bucks in 7 Wizards beat hawks in 7 2nd round: Warriors beat clippers in 7 Spurs beat rockets in 7 Celtics beat wizards in 7 Cavs beat raptors in 7 Conference finals: Spurs beat warriors in 7 Cavs beat celtics in 7 Finals: Spurs beat cavs in 7 2017 NBA Champions: San Antonio Spurs
tarik omar
Warriors sweep the western conference 👍
"I will blowout the monstars in the 2126 universal playoffs without losing a single game, or breaking a sweat, with my hand tied behind my back, while simultaneously punching MJ in the face." -lavar ball
Chris Stokes
go kyre
Yoav Gutterman
skeets the only one with the balls to pick an upset! come on guys really?
SSnape Life
GS -5 Clips- 7 Okc-7 SA-5 Boston-6 Cavs-5 Raptors-6 Wiz- 6
Axle Gallardo
1st Round Golden State Warriors Vs. Portland Trailblazers (Game 5) Semi Finals Golden State Warriors Vs.Houston Rockets (Game 6) Western Conference Finals Golden State Warriors Vs. San Antonio Spurs (Game 6) NBA FINALS Golden State Warriors Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (Game 5). Finlas MVP- Kevin Durant
Kyle Johnson
Cavs and raptors have the same record even though lowry and DeRozan have missed 30 games this season raptors would be first seed by a large margin without injures you hater's are funny.any other teams in the east would have fell out of playoffs & raptors are only team top ten in offense and defense besides warriors and Spurs