Omar Hakim: Montreal Drumfest 2013

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Vic Firth signature artist Omar Hakim performs Alice in Chains' ANGRY CHAIR with his group the Trio of Oz. If you're familiar with "Angry Chair", check this out. It's like nothing you've heard before! Omar's signature stick is crafted in Honey Hickory and features a round nylon tip for a brilliant cymbal sound. When the gig requires something a bit lighter, Omar reaches for his trusty AJ1 from the Vic Firth American Jazz® series.

JohnX Drum Lessons
Very hip.  Very musical.  Plenty of chops, but never over-done.  Beautiful!
I'll always remember Omar playing on tour witht Weather Report. He was very impressive.
Omar has the skip in his beat that's so funky. Pure love and music from this guy. No wonder he's so in demand. Beautiful!
Love Omar! Glad to see him back on real drums after promoting Roland for so long.
Krisha Actually
I want Omar touring with Daft Punk next year...
Robert Dore
The first time I ever saw Omar Hakim was in Mike Mainieri's band rockin a rather nice set of Grestch drums, then later with Weather Report as Peter Erskine's replacement and lastly with Sting on the "Dream of the blue turtles" tour.Each and every time; he had something fresh to say - he's 100% musician.
Absolutely brilliant
Don't often see drummers enjoying themselves this much-he lets rip and the music goes with him.Pure joy.
Can barely hear his bass drum even with decent earphones. Is it just the mix?
Man this is SO tasty... 
Rodrigo Soares
Excellent playing!!!!! Very lifeful, joyful, congratulations, Hakim!!!!!
Gully Foyle
Great Mr.Hakim will be drumming for rockers JOURNEY next months.
Stamp Jockey
I love this guy - Omar gets better with age.  And he has those Pearl Masters singin'!
Nothing but love for this drummer extraordinaire -- still amazing, still funky!
Carter Mize
He meshes together so well with the other musicians. They connect on an otherworldly level.
Theatre Mad
I remember Omar with sting in the early to mid eighties and he was a monster player back then and is a monster player now. He's one of my all time favorites.
Great drummer, what is with those toms being so loud!
Journey must have some taste coming up with the sub like Omar but they got to be paying him LARGE a week to show up and play at that level.
Walter Hudson
One cool cat, his playing puts the S in smooth
Jon Weisberg
Who the hell would give this a thumbs down? I saw him in 83 with Weather Report and he was incredible then and here he is 30 years later reinventing himself. This is the best I've ever seen him.
I would say that Sting made Dream of the Blue Turtles a great album because he wrote it, but i'd prefer to say that Omar's playing MADE that album..
Love Omar - animated. Love his signature sticks and snare...
mortimer snerd
Finest playing of cardboard box's I've ever heard!
Chris Russo
Rachel Hakim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..AKA.... ZZZZ !!!!!!!!
Nice ! more rock should get jazzed
Rennan Queiroz
Muito bom!
Jeff Smith
Not to "nit pick" but if he would have shown a little more enthusiasm at the ending, it would have been worth setting through... kinda lack luster.
gustavo eduardo diaz baiz
un gran baterista, una leyenda
Darien Brown
is this a forum or a place to vent?
Russell Reilly
I agree, the drums are up front in the mix.....that being said,who cares?
Kirk Marshall
i really like his small diameter hats
Pedro Coimbra
Thx ET's for sending this to my planet!!
Eric Sandoval
Love that he uses two rides
Rian Robinson
OMAR!!!still my dude...
Trevor Rising
take the music out of the Technique and you are left with nothing
Jezreel Enriquez
Fancy Clown
Saw his work on daft punk's grammy performance. Amazing!
You will never expect such a cover... RESPECT!!! Alice in chains!
Richard Murphy
Everybody Practice well. MerryChristmas, Ciao
Chris Mangrum
That was some angry sticks!
Renee Gregory
This here absorbs all the negativity in the world.  Understand?  No - then you do not belong here.  Period.  So, get out!
Russell Reilly
Omar is incredible !
Bill Grayson
This is an excellent video...Omar is one of the best...The pianist is killing, I wish she were more present in the mix. Very nice though!!
Dominik Pintarić
This guy has machine like precission
Yeah man. I got an Omar Hakim poster from Pearl at my parents house that is over 25 years old. One of my favorites back in the 1980s and one of my favorites in the 2010s.
booyaa!!!!  i agree with Omar....still my favorite after all these years....he is definitely hooked in....such snap , energy, and musicality...if everybody played like this.....we'd be better off...
Bob Ayers
Nice i like when is more drums than other instrument plus is first time i see omar hakim playing. Wow
This song was done by another trio feturing Bobbie Rae who produced and re arranged this track and was also a vic firth artist by the way.. The parts are the same as the track was done by rachel Z and the other drummer before Hakim showed up.. The former drummer who was also married to this guys current wife before he replaced him in the same band! They wont credit him or her trio that recorded it and toured it for years but I saw that group and they where great.. This is a poor replacement and shame on them..
Puro ossigeno.
All the phrases he plays are so smooth and musical!! Passionate, but still beautiful touch!!
John Di Raimo
Great clip of the trio. Beautiful playing by Omar. However, the audio for the upright bass could have been a little louder. He gets lost in the mix of drums and piano.
Micheal Jerrod
One of my ALL time favorite drummers
tom richardson
This is one talented cat
W. Maximillian de Johnsonbourg
Still got it.
Enzo Guazzoni
The first song is a jazz version of Angry Chair from Alice in chains! jajaja that's amazing.
I got to meet him after the "We Want Miles" concert in 2012. We had a great chat! Thanks Omar !!! :D
Tj H
OH MAN. yea. My first, albeit unknown at the time, exposure to Omar was Dire Straits. BEST. DRUMMER. EVER! Years later, i realised all the songs i loved the drums of, were done by him. IDK who'd give this 20 dislikes...
jacques prevert
4:24 whah....
Wow, he's so passionate
Ryan Conley
what's the song
Juan José
Muy buena la banda, pero como siempre y una vez más tu calidad para hacer sonar tu batería no deja de asombrarme, Omar Hakim. Eres un grande entre los grandes, un verdadero maestro para mí. Salud, Omar!
Luciano Calage
Professional Youtube User
Larks' Tongues In Aspic
Very musical
Warren McCrory
Barret's Music Education
poor guy plays pearl. 
ok....who's the female on the piano ?