Scratches PC Game Trailer

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Trailer for Scratches, a pc game by Nucleosys. Set in an old victorian house in northern England.

At the place I am living at I am hearing scratching sounds in the wall. I remembered seeing this game for sale at Walmart and out of boredom I decided to search this game and watch this trailer. It is almost 3 am. I notice how the scratching sounds at the end of this trailer sound similar to what I am currently hearing right now. I am slightly freaked out now and this trailer has proven to be much more eerie. I haven't even played the game and already I am immersed in it.
விஷ்ணு கார்த்திக்
Resident evil 6 take notes ! 
Krystal Harwood
I like these types of games other than the spooky themed Nancy drew ones where the ghosts are nevermind! um I am having trouble with loading the game. I keep getting something called ''couldn't load sCream editor'' or something like that. any way to fix it?
Brings back soooooo many good memories. Time flies like a motherfucker.
Krystal Harwood
i have a question. after I install the game and click on its icon, the computer shuts down and displays that blue ''windows recovered from a recent shutdown.'' how ca ni move past this and play the game?
i see this is on sale on Steam for 2.49... And, i like scary stuff (usually).  This trailer has me spooked already though.... smh
It's a CD/DVD so it's a disc, a disk is non optical eg a floppy disk, you're welcome.
I realise that now :3,
go play call of duty then.... this is a psychological horror not shooty shoot shoot
I found myself wanting cower under my bed comforter, even without jump scares or monsters! I don't wanna play anymore, ehuhuhu... D:
I'm going to have nightmares just from watching this!
Yeah, I barely got into Pathologic's storyline, and still I got nothing other than the general story. Too bad, the game's universe looks so amazing. But yeah. I'll stick with Yume Nikki.
Pathologic would be intensely creepy....if the translation weren't so bad. There was a fan sub project around for a while, but I don't think they made much progress. Too bad.
Lukas Nordentoft
it may be 2 years since he was here last, but i, for one, am still here :P will try out both of those, always looking for new games :)
if you like psychological horror, may I recommend Yume Nikki and Pathologic? :) (2 years reply ftw)
Send Me An Angel
The ending was terrifying though...
Ive played this game some years ago. It was the best Horror Game ever. No monsters, zombies or stuff. Just psychologial thrill, like someone said. I will play this tonight. Just wait for the night ^.^
@furubafuruba94 im a little late but it is on sale on Steam right now for $3.40
pretty good trailer
@furubafuruba94 Or you can go on to Steam and buy the Director's Cut version. I don't know the difference between the two, but I have to say, the Director's Cut was very good. 1 thing I know that is different is that the Director's Cut features an extra chapter
@Tomossj This game is tight, I played it for hours being stuck on the first little bit of it lol
@55RIste scary, thriler.
@Tomossj is this game scary or just a drama
The best game i have ever played.
probaly just mice.
Cloud Of Judgement
Amazing game.
My advise to everyone is to NOT play the directors cut of this game. The original was far better. This game creeped me out. It was kind of hard though. I had to use an online guide to figure out some of the puzzles. But over all the story was cool and the ending of this one was creepy. Just stay away from the directors cut.
I download it Free with the crack but idk how to start..i cant just Unlock the door...U know guys how?.tell me pls
@furubafuruba94 No, you can buy it in video game shops (like I did about 6 months ago) but there may not be many copies around now; I don't know.
@furubafuruba94 It was in stores but you can find it on amazon or other online stores if you want a disc version
my fav game in horror ganre, SOOOO captivating. and one of the scariest moments is MASK at the door/ The game autmosphere is amazing, it lets you to emerse yourself in a plot perfectly.And btw I found the end of the story is very sad more then scary.
Brittany Marie
This was the best mystery/horror game I have ever played. unfortunately I lost the cd : / I LOVE that house!
Fucking thing that wiped away the title screen made me jolt a bit xD
@DarthFennec Enjoy, it's really good. :-)
@Achilles94627 You should try the Penumbra series and Amnesia. :-)
Darko Bakula
@K1llerSpades yea, i would have never come on this site if i hadn't seen the Asylum game trailer which mentioned this game
I never thought a computer game could be as frightening as a horror movie but this one really was. There's no blood and guts and gore like so many computer games - this is pure psychological terror. A brilliant story line, very well designed, and genuinely eerie throughout.
best game to give you the creeps! no horror, no boring monsters or creatures, just pure psychologial thrill. less is more. good story, good scenario, good music, good trailer
Ivanka J
If you like this one I guess you can also try playing F.e.a.r , or Fatal frame...or dark fall (1,2)...scaryyyyy :/ haba haba
try darkness within ;)
Eternal Darkness for GameCube is a good psychological thriller
I have the Directors Cut of this game! It was pretty fun! (of course I played it at night which made it scary!) I also have Barrow Hill but I think Scratches was better. Does anyone have any suggestions to games that are similar to these?
No, it's already out.
this is the game with the famous 'haunted painting', isn't it? lol
i agree. that game was horrible at night, but i forced myself to do it. ahaha
Mortal's Corner
It is. ;) But refrain yourself from playing it with the lights off! ;) Just a friendly advice from someone who played it a lot [greek translation for Beacon multimedia ;)]. It's really a very good game. :)
esta elegant el juego
jesus that sudden pang sound always gets me
jill hill
Scary game Going room to room was a hassle. The story line kicked ass.
Brr...I hate scritchy scratchy noises in preepy houses! Looks like a great game!
looks awesome. I'm downloading the demo now.
this is the most realistic and best game ever terrific storyline!!