The Fall-Winter 2018/19 Ready-to-Wear Show — CHANEL

All the looks from the Fall-Winter 2018/19 show, presented by Karl Lagerfeld at the Grand Palais in Paris on March 6th, 2018. See more about the collection on Soundtrack: The Liminanas « Dimanche (Feat Bertrand Belin) » Courtesy of Because Music/Because Editions / Wagram Publishing The Liminanas « Ouverture » Courtesy of Because Music/ Because Editions / Downtown Music Publishing A.R Kane « Love from Outer Space » Courtesy of Luaka Bop The Liminanas « Istanbul Is Sleepy (Feat Anton Newcombe)” Courtesy of Because Music/ Because Editions / Downtown Music Publishing Erol Alkan : A Hold On Love Courtesy of Phantasy Sounds / Bucks Music Group

Dripping Flowers
The sets of Chanel shows are always so amazing!
Alexa Carolina
I always wonder what the models are thinking as they walk.
Vay W
i like that i can actually see people wearing these clothes
sand ara
Who's here after the legend Karl lagerfeld passed away 😩😥
I would've loved to see how they set all this up. its breathtaking
I've never noticed before that in most of Chanel shows models walk in flat shoes or at least comfortable ones
Filipino Archmage
Chanel have the best runway designs. This looks like a legit autumn forest.
Sebastián Arias Guerra
After two or three boring shows, Karl reinvention the style. LOOOOOOVE THIS COLLECTION. The set, models, clothes, atmosphere, music, ALL IS AMAZING!!
Nan G
I've watched alot of Chanel and this one touched me
Olga Nikiforova
I like how models wearing flat shoes )
A world without Karl Lagerfeld. NO! I don't want to think about it. He is the last truly great designer of our times.
Luan Lopes
🍁🍁🍁🍁Oh my God! This collection was a show. The connection between the scenery, the clothes (new fabrics, textures and models), and of course the music made me shiver. I honestly do not know what to say anymore about the genius of Karl Lagerfeld, he must be from another world. INCREDIBLE. 👏👏👏👏
yumiko kido
R.I.P Karl Lagerfeld.
Thank you Karl for all that you have done. An incredible human you are as your spirit will forever live in the House of Chanel. May you return to your forest of creativity.
Leo Krdnz
😍🍂🌾Another season more CHANEL surprises us with its beautiful landscape of a forest in autumn, and its new creations, I loved the colors and the accessories in black. Especially since it reminds me of the frace of Mademoiselle CHANEL herself. "I imposed the black, it is still a strong color today, black obliterates everything around it" Thanks Karl for this beautiful postcard and for the collection...*🚬
Victor De Traversay
No doubt, Paris week was/is/will be at the top. Except for Dior..
all the girls were so beautiful!
Krista Roman
Incredible showing!
Sylla Atlas
A million times more authentic, melancholic and touching than Dior’s strange big tree/forest theme. Karl, this is a masterpiece.
Frederik van Holland
Two of my favorite models opens / closes the show: Grace Elizabeth / Luna Bijl!
Chris Coombes
I wonder if the trees backdrop will be recycled into new products.
Dior more and more is falling behind while Chanel is letting out an armada of wearable yet unique couture with every new show.
Kitty Cooper
So excited I’m walking a Chanel show in a few months💖
Sylla Atlas
Grace opened!! And Vitto, Kaia, Yasmin ❤️❤️
Rukhshona Davronova
That’s the thing about Karl’s designs, people can actually wear them on a daily basis.
Lesley Vlot
Grace Vitto and Kaia😍😃😃
Breathtaking as per usual. I loved all the different combination of the textures. SO completely unexpected. So Coco mademoiselle. I loved all the surprises with the pops of color and silhouettes. Extraordinary!
It is official. The new Trinity is Vitto Grace Elizabeth and Luna
Destino Circular
Luna looks amazing with that dress. I miss Mica Arganaraz in this :( Karl you are the best!!!
Alexandra S
First Chanel show for Adut and I hope not the last one 🖤
Rice made Jackson hot
Chanel always shooks me with their segments it's amazing
Sara S
RIP Karl. You were truly ICONIC!
Dmitry Zorin
At the beginning a concept of the house design reminds me a lot the VIPP Shelter by Morten Bo Jensen. ;P
mirus bzs
Ohh poor trees 😠😠😠
Prinzessin auf der Erbse
Oh this is a beautiful alternative catwalk 💜
Grace Elizabeth and Luna Bijl, Chanel Muses
billy joek
Damn I hope they didn’t cut down those trees
Sorry Karl, not your best Collection. The most one for me doesn't look new at all ( look H/W 12-13 ). And Bags and Accessoir are not always able to make a new Look. Great sets!
Selman Gökçe
Last kisses from Mr. Lagerfeld! R.I.P master!
Augh Bable
Woah, nice show and atmosphere !
seiji iwaguro
Xotic Enigma
Bravo! Karl Lagerfeld was a true genius and his mysterious personality was reflected in his personal style and creations.
Only Tany
this has got to be my favorite show . The clothes, the set, the music. Amazing.
mahtab kihanfar
Chanel is always NO1 IN FASHION show location it belong only to chanel brand and chanel name I love it too much.
Lady Yellow Bird Travel
I love everything from chanel because special
Regi Kurnia
I think, one of many great things about Lagerfeld's work in Chanel is the tweed!! I have been fascinated with many new look of the tweed, and yes the silhouettes of the whole collection is rather the same, but the tweed always in different colors, different texture, different material and I think Karl is very aware of that because Chanel was famous for it. I always wait for the tweed section in each of Chanel collection, just superb.
Beautiful things and great atmosphere and scenery. Nice try! Well done.
Maggie Ho
Can i have the list of background music? So nice!
Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory
Il me manque Paris. Merci a Monsieur Lagerfield pour telle beaute
Aww Karl must be an environmentalist, cause hes been recycling for the past decade🙄🙄
Sophia Dy
How do I get to watch Chanel’s fashion runways?? How do I get invited ? Lol
v i k
God Bless. A true genius. ❤️🙏🖤
Maria Mills
Love Chanel! It brings me so many happy memories in Paris 💋
Booty Lucios
Hopefully one day I too can walk the Chanel runways 🤩😩💋
Victor De Traversay
You're So Vain
Wonderful! At last not only the blessed tweed clothes.
Faaria Haamidah
Love this! ❤️
Amazing show!! Félicitations karl! Yasmin and grace killed it
Giberish Boner
the level of set design/production for a fashion show in this one is crazy.
Fu Chuyao
sounds track plz!! the sounds are amazing, especially the first one.
gabriella s.
this. is amazing.
Imami keke
DEFINITELY for my Grand ma
Kaia has been giving me life! Omfg.
Simona Gillarova
Hamilton Gonçalves
Linda coleção....muito bom gosto!!!!
Jasna-Maria Jahrens
I love the way the cameras are positioned. It is so much more eye-pleasing in comparison to several years ago! Great job!! I also love that you started to put the word "the" to your Video. "The Fall-Winter ..." sounds so much more inviting and rounded. It makes the title whole! :) And I like it a lot that this season seems so have something very convincing. I can not say why, just gorgeous and convincing. NOT LIKE "PLAYING TO DRESS UP", no instead it has something sophisticated yet magical. I love it a lot! Thank you for your great work to everyone in the team! Greetings from Hamburg! <3
Zenith V.I.M
Best collection this season
Barbie Pena
I know I'm already going to love this. Just pressed play and immediately a like!
U Har
I loved this show. For me a lot was modern and cool. Would love to wear this. What a difference a year makes.... Karl is gone.
seiji iwaguro
The Fall -Winter 2018/19 Ready -to -Wear Show Show ━CHANEL 👏👏Wonderful
Marx Pablo
E ainda tem aqueles que falam que Chanel não é a maior grife do mundo. Que coisa linda!
木枯らしの中っていうの? いや、もう設置がオシャンティ
Rania Langouretou
LOVED THIS SHOW! Both the clothes and the set were amazing!
Peeano Latumahina
Outstanding location, models, clothes, atmosphere, love this collection 👊🏽 ♥
DAr Dar
Having emerged from the bois de boulogne the models should enter a replica of the champs elysees/arc de triomphe
вау! как атмосферно! наряды красивые, модели очаровательные!
Keisha Bryant
Wow .... The pieces ar so beautiful, I would wear everything.👏👏
chanel i cant find your spotify channel
Karolina Krzeminska
Amazing! The forest, the music, the collection. Karl ❤️🍂
Ange Rebelle
Bravooo karl just wow ....incredible showing
That's the best show of Paris Fashion Week F/W 2018!
No words Karl & his team!!! Everything is perfect!!
Well, it is definitely Fall
Diego Prosen
Elegant, superb without surprises. Classic.
Lilian Regiane
Wonderful! Congratulations! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Beautiful fabrics/textures/colors - classy w/edge. Grt music.
Ana Hewett
Beautiful collection! 👏💖👍
Ariana Sanchez
Okay but y’all better watch out for ski mask 👀👀👀💀💀💀
Elisabeth Steel
Love the show! Especially the knitwear! I'm always impress with Chanel!😍👍🤗❤️
Анастасия Стар
What the amazing music? Love this collection
Kitten Black
definitely the best collection for the past 3 years
célia kaby
👌👍👏👏👏💋💖💖 Merci Mr Lagerfeld. Vos collections sont toujours sublimes. BRAVO!
Dre S
black+rose gold+gold+white+dark green ❤️
Amazing art of venue for modeling!💐
Always a beautiful, elegant, wearables and feminine collection. In one words, amazing.
Bonita Arks
Karl 👏👏👏😢
Magnifique. Une inspiration, un travail, un décors au top !