2018 Elite PRO Slovakia Bikinifitness

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Rodolfo Gramaccini
N. 19 💯💯💯💯💯💯
G Daddy
Lots of hard work and sacrifice!! Truly dedicated to the sport!!☺
The implants always throw me. I'd like to see a competitor without them for some contrast.
Ken Greene
My gosh, I could never be a judge - They ALL are so fit and beautiful! I applaud their hard work and dedication!
These are by far the most beautiful women in the world. Anybody can have a pretty face but not with a perfect body!.
medicann mgtow420
15 a 16 are best
chris miller
16# Yana Smith Kuznetsova
CL00D Clood
Mic X
Had a long time to see interlace video on Full HD. DE-INTERLACE NOW PLEASE !.
John Laudington
Respect to these ladies! In a word...flawless. Everyone one of them was spectacular. It would be a sin to rate such beauty and call even one of these women less than the other.
Татьяна К
А цветы только за победу вручают? Вроде крайние тоже женщины.
chris miller
# 15: Name?
Rodolfo Gramaccini
THE FACE n. 16 🏆 SECOND N. 15 🏅
S Lit
I'm glad to see SILICONE and STEROIDS are still in use......🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Beautiful ladies!..
It's like they all went to the same posing class. Same movements, same stupid floating arm. Creativity 0/10
Mac Clark
I just see a perfect Target Rich environment, serious rear pockets.
Edward Harshaw
OOOOOH would I just LOVE to play with this FULL BLOWN TOY
C.A. Nux
lose the heels and all the paint and then we see who the real talent is.
Frank Morris
Fried chickens
Erhan Yıldız
I am writing with my left hand
Blair Stan Sinclair
all of them are winners !!
Beautiful girls....not one had a visible tattoo and would have diminished their good looks if they had. It's like putting a sticker on a Ferrari.
Billy Seward
bring it on baby gotta love them legs
Rodolfo Gramaccini
Rodolfo Gramaccini
THE BODY n. 16 & 19!!! 💖
Rodolfo Gramaccini
9:16 FANTASTIC 💘💘💘
Hans van den Dolder
#19 ,wow
Ke Pete
Wow, 16 is a real all round winner, she really does have the best arse out the lot of them n not to mention her all round, better looking n all that hair. Can you imagine she is you're partner you are walking through the local town together, daytime n she is about 10 foot in front of you. Hahaha you would not be able to take your eye's from her ass as she walks. A real beautiful
Erick Naranjo
The angels are beautiful and also strong they have that characteristic
Laura S.
The fitness level is one thing but the high heels and jewlery and hair is another. It's just another beauty pageant. More fitness less jewlery.
Juan marcial Carrillo aguilar
Todas unas bellezas 😘😘😘😘
Ola V. Ogurtsova
Can anybody tell me what the second track is? I dig it
Mac Clark
16 would make beautiful little momma.
tonka toy
is it wrong to be turned on but scared at the same time ?
keepnitreel 4me
Those high heels must eventually take their toll.
Pedro La Porta
its crazy how incredible 16 is <3
Timothy Gould
They would look so much better if they would just walk and move normally. They walk like the alien lady that went to the White House in the movie Mars attacks.
I’ve been to Slovakia. The diet was terrible, but I don’t think that these ladies are consuming peasant’s soup, swimming in pork fat.
mal elegido
leonardo 124!!!
Me sorprende los hombros
Fromandos I
вау... как рябит!
marcel hotovcin
tak krasne zadocky som este nevidel , ato cislp 15 a 16 nieco super , no ako mozu rozhodnut ktora je ;epsia vsetke boli uzasne krasne
Remember , women are NOT sex objects damnit !!!!!!!! unless of course they are getting paid
Rodolfo Gramaccini
1:31 BACKSIDE 15/16/19
оооо трансвиститики хахахахаха
This is what real women should all look like.
16 name?
Slovensko, už jedu..
wtf den les de comer a esa pobres mujeres estan muy feas
the high heel shoes are a turn off. not athletic. not functional. Let them walk naturally, flex the leg muscles naturally
Vincenzo Notaro
14 is a trans !
Pasquale Gelardi
S Lit
To bad thier ALL MEN.....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔