ROLLING STONES - Carol - 1964

ROLLING STONES - Oh Carol. One of the Rolling Stones earliest TV appearances in the US... on The Mike Douglas Show. "Oh Carol" appears to be live. That song is followed by the Stones lip-syncing "Tell Me." Next is silly banter between the Stones and the host, who then invites onstage a couple of out-of-control girls from the audience. Be sure to click on the link and the very end of the clip for the final song, "Not Fade Away." Check out the metal chair that's blocking the wide shot...

Brian Jones..............need I say more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robert Pfister
Great with Brian Jones, i see them in Kurhaus Scheveningen 8 august 1964.
Mike Douglas was always kinda' hip in his extremely unhip way.
50 years gone and they're still here !!!
Françoise Theys
.The best version of this Chuck Berry's standard was done on "Get Yer Ya Ya's out" in 69...
Mike Douglas and most of his audience were just kinda', sorta' getting used to the Beatles, and then . . . this!  For better and worse, the times . . . they were a changin'.
Ross Carroll
You can tell it's such early days!
Licinia Wrench
Brian Jones and keith so good together
e r
that's my grandma meeting question grandma, is Mick my grandpa? just funin.
The early Stones, such precious Stones !  So much great rolling ahead of them !
This is amazing. The Stones were a great band from the very beginning. Brian's playing is really great. This is not a an easy song to play rhythm to. There's no distortion from the amps. 
A sober Brian Jones before the drugs ravished his creativity.
Brian Jones Alaways Elegant.
C. W.B.
i can still remember screaming at the tv i was 13
Bill Wyman seems to be jacking off instead playing the bass.
pedro fernandez
Such a damn shame that Brian gave in to drugs.
I didn't know Keith could move that much.  I guess that's before his smack days
Who would've guessed way back then that they'd still be rockin' 50 years later.
Yes. The influence of Chuck Berry and American Blues is unmistakable here. The Stones took it to another level and we loved it.
marion cobaretti
the days before keith richards became a vegetable
Bingo Long
Great Chuck Berry song in 1958 - Beatles covered it in 1963 - Stones did it OK. Both the Beatles and Stones took so much from the true King of Rock and Roll - Chuck Berry. Lennon said "If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry."
Tom Cunningham
I miss Brian.💕😊☮️🇨🇦
Bruce Frendahl
This is the early version of Chuck Berry's hit by the Stones. Compare it to the Stone's LIVE version from 1969. They have developed by that time into the world's greatest rock band...and it sounds like it. Jagger is his classic self.
Howlin' Waters
Brian sending Mick up in public, "Mick's more popular with men." Classic ribbing from bandmate 😆
Brian Jones was the master
Scot Douglas
About two weeks after this was filmed, on I guess July 30, 1964, I was playing in the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel in Limerick, Ireland, and a bus pulled up and these guys walked out, and as the blonde one walked by me he said, “Don’t call me da-da!” and another one laughed. I was four years old.
ron shuman
do you really think that audiance came to see those old guys sitting with mike
Gefletschtes Gebiß
Bill Wyman plays his bass guitar like a double bass.🎻🐒?
Nice to see a bit of film with Brian playing
Geoffrey Head
Rolling Stones "Carol"... I'll learn to dance..... I wont you back... because the years are flying by so fast... 51 years it was Yesterday... :)
St Pauli
I propose a thought,Brian Jones was a one off and possibly the best guitarist ever.His sound was so special.
Brings back memories. My sister was a Beatles fan, but when she saw the Stones they won her heart.
Monique Rodriguez
Ugh young mick 😍 I die.
Nice mix. You can hear Brian's guitar and nothing else.
brian said he was more pop with the men, Just Wow !! ...either way 50 yrs later I love to see them LIVE !! ..while we/I'm still Alive !! long hair started in 1960 ?? i thought it was pop during the 1800's as well
David Bowers
Brian is rolling on that rythem guitar
Jeff C
Yes, all Brian Jones ! The real deal.
William Perry
In those years, rock music was still considered strictly young people's music, as Mike Douglas implies in his intro.
Brian....."Mick's more popular with the men....." heavy foreshadowing here!
Bolivian prince
The 3 chicks looked so virgin and tender
Mark Roberts
This aficionado has never seen a Stones appearance with the first number performed live and the second lyp-synched. For all of you relative late-comers to the Stones notice the mic placements of Brian and Mick as opposed to later appearances with Brian being shoved more and more into the background. Keith introduces himself using his proper name "Richard". You gotta love Brian's quip that Mick is popular with the men.
Augusto Pinto
How beautifully shy people was back then.Those girls was about to faint.
Colin Dale
Oh Oh Oh Carol - Chuck sends his best !
Greg Boudreau
Wow is this ever cool !
Luiggi Michael Riwu-Kaho
it's been 56 years and will continue to rolling like stones. Amazing !!#
Jimmy Tee Rex
Its pretty obvious where Jagger got his moves from-Brian Jones.
Charlie What :)))
They are so young here. Its fun to watch Mick just learning his moves and getting comfortable as the leader of the pack.
Frank Mccormick
Shite, the flamin groovies version would blow them and Richard's weedy guitar off the stage
Douglas Gorney
A rare Mick and Brian duet. Can't really hear anything else. Maybe a hint of Keith's lead.
Hard to believe this band would be recording "Sympathy for the Devil" in four years. It's like day and, er, night.
Nice 12 strings guitar on Tell me & nice vocals of keith without any microphone. Miracle.
Jimmy Cain
I remember snatching that album up when it came out and I still have it. When I heard the Stones for the first time it was a life changer. Brian Jones was the Stones in the beginning, he was out there.
"the music is reeking with the gay in crowd" or that's what it sounded like to me and if I'm right it had a different meaning then "Carol" the Chuck Berry classic by the Stones all five of them and "Tell Me" the Jagger-Richards classic under the name Nanker Phelge and the first Stones 45 I bought RIP Brian Vaya con Dios
~ Came here to honor Mick while he's still living.
Mutt Hoople
This rock and/or roll with those long-haired freaks!
You hear Mick and Brian but very little of the rest of the band. It sounds like one channel of a primitive stereo mix. Or maybe the sound guy was incompetent. Nice upload anyway!
Wayne Cameron
Mike's intro is just so weird in it's eerily low-key "young hitmakers who call themselves the rolling stones." Priceless!
epiphany difference
awesome then and awesome now.
John Rogan
Girls with sweater over her shoulders and the 1960's hat....what a time capsule!
WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy
I love the unintentional Abbott & Costello "Who's on First?" routine host Mike Douglas got into at the end, when he's introducing the Stones' band members: "And what's your name?" "Charlie Watts." "Charlie what?" "Watts." "What?" "Watts." "Oh. Charlie Watts."
Ron Deegan
an interesting look into the past. I remember seeing the Rolling Stones live in 1964. Seeing being the operative word as because of the girls screaming I could not hear them.
thomas elms
is that clown pimping the girls??
Crimson Wolf
Seems like "Carol" was actually performed live here. But "Tell Me" was so obviously lip synced and it was fun to see Charlie, Bill and Brian OBVIOUSLY laughing about the silliness of it all. Bands often were forced to do this lip synce bullshit if they wanted to be on TV at all. Too bad.
Jones, or else no Stones
Robert Cross
Keith at his Chuck Berry best.
haim meyraz
Not seleb's yet!!!
John Casedy
wow Keith sure looks bad for being clean.when Brian died Mick and Keith never went to his funeral. wonder how Mick Taylor woulda found his mark if Mr Jones hung around. hmmm....
Seth Tyrssen
Turned in a good show, even after being none-too-subtly sneered at by Mike Douglas and those idiots.
Mike Pierson
brian rippin on rhythm
Click here 3:10 to go to "Tell Me", 6:00 for a hilarious interview, and 7:15 for some hysterically shy girls coming onto the stage! At 8:20 Brian states Mick is more popular with the men...
Erik-Frank ORSCHEL
Sehr gut diese Darbietung. Die nachfolgende Generation ist nur eine billige, sehr billige in Sachen Musik!! Sie sind die Meister!!! Unerreichbar in den nächsten, mind. 200 Jahren!!!!! Ich danke ;-)
Joe Timmers
I see a microphone in front of Brian. No one will "Tell Me" any rock and roll guitarist could make a guitar sing the way he could.
Aleksandr Conseque
Jamie H
lovely Mike - bring girls up from the audience=-
Cora Visser
Real so funny always I have to laugh when i see that girls hh .
Do It Now! video's yeah!
They sound really nervous. 20 years old, I think I'd be a little nervous too
Therese m
Même vieux amis, même personnalités depuis tout ce temps! Same old friends, same personality even now!
Guess Mick had not perfected his dance moves yet...
banorock rock
Crazy song
Nubby Tope
Listen... to what the flower people say.
David Zuric
Nobody play l bass like Bill Wyman any more!
Proyecto Renacimiento
1964 only covers? the Beatles composed their own songs since 1962
li woo
wyman jones jagger richards watt
Mo Ultra
6'29'' Charlie what???
Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto
moonwalk 1:27
Chuck Berry lives in this early style.
John Rogan
Charlie Watts in the suit and tie...too cool!
Pera Medina
"Mick does more for men" "Well you don't do much for me... we better get out of this fellas before we all get arrested" Yeah, just when I start thinking what a great time this would have been to be in for all the amazing music and talent just starting to unfold I get this crushing reminder of how little a lesbian woman would have been accepted or tolerated.
mick patriot
keef you are mere child herre KLOL god IU love u
dearag peadar
This is a great song best done by the Stones on the '69 at Madison
Mirek muzyk
67 rok koncert w Warszawie. Ja I Adam M. Bylo cudownie.
Yes , Keith Richard. Don't know when or why "s" was added.
Koopa zev
before 1 direction
MIchel Neault
Unfortunate that the Beatles blast evething in ther way.... easy to understand..
Kenneth Bouthot
the Chuck Berry song Carol- looked live enough- but "tell me" an obvious lip-sync to the album with the stones crackin' up all the way through it- no 12-string and no tambourine - the producers did such stupid stuff back then - the stones - more than capable of playing live tracks- reference the BBC sessions - endless energy.
Joe S
4:10 something funny must of happened in the audience, you can hear giggling and then some of the band of smiling.
daniele alfani
When I was 10.....
Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero
rock and roll yeah