Motörhead - Ace Of Spades (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

BECOME A PATRON AND GET ANY SONG YOU WANT: />TAB PLAYER I USE: />TABS HERE: />FACEBOOK: />TWITTER: /> Tips And Comments: - Playing Technique: Played next to the neck pickup with high strength. Just bridge pickup activated. Played with a pick - Gear Sound: Added overdrive and high mid frequencies. Some bass freq too. Getting new strings might help get the sound, i need new strings - About The Song: The palm muting in some parts is not a very aggressive muting, just a slight touch to dim the sound a little bit. I used some live recordings to get the idea, probably not 100% accurate. I hope you like it! Rip Lemmy, this is my tribute Need more tips? Just comment! *All the tabs in this channel are created by me, if you have any advice in the transcription feel free to comment! *Gear: Taurus t-24 Washburn 4 String Bass (D'addario .045 Standard Strings)/ Ibanez SA 120 Guitar/ Alesis Dm6 Drums - ESI Ugm-96 Interface - PC (Digital Processing)

Elias011203 TF2
Lemmy used his bass more as a guitar than a bass
Dero Monnom
Lemmy... the only rythme guitarist that plays only bass
Von Heller
FINALLY! a bass player not afraid to play chords!! \m/great job!
R.I.P. Lemmy
Brohann Sebastian Bach
Hey who's better, Lemmy or God? Trick question Lemmy is God.
The tapping of the left leg is missing in the tabs.
Gabriel Pop
Motorhead - Hellraiser, please! No good cover on YouTube.
Kenneth Busler
I'm suing you! I tried to follow you and my left hand burst into flames! :-)
Alexander Romero
I just found out Lemmy dieded. At least he's rocking with Dio.
Nathan Wright
My arm hurts so much right now
Paistin Lasta
The Space of Aids
Masky Chain
+CoverSolutions Lemmy would be proud, excellently amazing job
Joe Gregory
I guess this song goes to hard for me, half way through both my nostrils started gushing blood. Thanks Lemmy for releasing my inner rock
king crimson-21th sentury schizoid man
Daniel Leonov
What a badass performance! Now I think I have to cover it, too :) RIP Lemmy
I remember some years back while playing tonyhawk games was where I first heard this amazing song and it introduced me to rock and metal etc, genres that I had never even heard of before..... good times.
Who ever thumbed this down needs their thumb to be broken. Excellent job on the cover..R.I.P. Sir Kilmister
Dude, savage playing and great tone! Thumbs up!
John connor
Jaco Pastorius - The Chicken
David Andres
Motorhead - Hellraiser R.I.P Lemmy
Bryan Contreras
Mötorhead- hellraiser
Jacek Niziński
Please do Stay Clean with great Lemmy's bass solo
Brazinho 62
tell me baby by rhcp
Dj Rich
Rip Lemmy. To me he was the greatest I thank you for taking your time to show respect by playing one his best songs I appreciate you for that
John Lydon
El bajo se puede usar como quieras
THeImpostor -Siete-
What about Hump de Bump, by RHCP? It would be great :)
Panagiwths Zaf
motorhead - Hellraiser
Aman Pahariya
leafy meadows by john paul jones
OMFG, this was extraordenary! :) Yes yes yes Motörhead & Master Lemmy :) Classic lineup's music foreva' :) I put this vid into my fav's! Greetings from Hungary!
Level 42 - Mr Pink !! Naaaah, little joke ^^ Why not Namida No Mukou by Stereopony ?
Zach Purcell
Jaco Pastorius - Portrait of Tracy. I'm working on it currently, and it'd be cool you do it since you're awesome and very helpful to follow along with
Punk Skates
thanks heaps cover solutions/... helped 100%
Stigmata Martyrs
Guitar cover for Soundgarden- Black Hole Sun! Saludos desde Canada~
Cristian Roth
Lemmy learned to play the guitar before being a bassist. Without this "abnormal" use of bass, Motörhead wouldn't have been Motörhead
with what are you doing your distortion?
Lorrendale Johansen
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song, for Scott R.I.P
Robbe.1 Janssens
awesome man... melted my heart... i also request re-arranged by limp-bizkit i tried to figure it out on my own but i suck so yeah...
Blows Rocksmiths version away....great cover
Frank Locks
Halo - porcupine tree. Please!
WOW O.O ... Lemmy had a unique style. Thanks for uploading.
Billy Deely
Awesome job bro ! Very helpful thanks!
Royal Blood - Out Of The Black пожалуйста
Could you do please Ghost - Majesty ? I love your channel, you are very skilled and your videos have the best audio and video quality on youtube ! ^^
SlipKnoT PauL
Asking Alexandria The Black pls??? =)))
Lemmy is god, thank you for a video, I played right now, and fk great!
Brick Thornton
Hey CoverSolutions I'm a big fan and I was hoping you could do a bass cover of Keep Me Coming by Kiss. I've been trying to learn it but I haven't found it anywhere yet.
Musical Naivety
man , it is oversome wonderful, thank you
Amazing job is right... Cheers...
Alessandro Mora
Ci manchera il.tuo basso lemmy !! grazie di essere esistito x noi incivilizzati metallici adolescenti
Sherlock Holme
Great cover dude. Just wondering why don't you play it in standard tuning?
Braden Baker
Damn, that is probably one of the nastiest bass tones I've ever heard! hell yeah!
Toni Badea
Great job with this one. Can you also do Stay clean? it has a groovy bass solo.
Koala Australska
for Lemmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WB Bass
crazy cover! awesome job man
James Johnson
bass power chords are no joke especially down the fretboard, good stuff.
Jari Bäck
Great cover! Do built for speed from motörhead? :)
Bob Loblah
Can you do a cover for "I Don't Believe A Word"? With tabs maybe?? Great job on this one!!
I love your tone in this!! And I think I need new strings too, haha. This really helped thank you :)
This tab is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for
That's badass playing,it made me laugh instantly.amazing sound too👍👍👍
Gabriel Ave
Virtual insanity by Jamiroquai
Patrick Stolz
Another Motörhead Song.....for Lemmy, please! Killed by Death is cool to play or Stay Clean....fucking nice Bass Solo!
Alta Zobrist
Love your videos! Can u do Three Days Grace- The high road please?
RIP LEMMY I raise my guitar pick for you.
Archer archie Steve
Great cover man and your hardwork
Every part is well done but care to listen on 2:40 Lem played an octave here But ofc I press 'like'
Alexander G
what kind of overdrive are you using ? pretty sweet sounding..
Luis Hernandez
Pantera - cemetery gates pleas
I can't wait to make more money and finally become a patron. This channel is one of the best.
primus hennepin crawler please
tomas bolatti
Primus - Jerry Was a Racecar Driver
Thanks, now I have something to practise on friday night :3
Can't stand this pain I am feeling while watching this. Reminds me of Lemmy. Great cover.
That Guitar Guy
Hell yeah! Great job. Motörhead rules. Rest in peace Lemmy
Wow you don't even need the E string for this song. Good job man.
Luke Frare
Can you do Blackheart of Motorhead please?
Admiral Von Schneider
Jaco Pastorius - The Chicken!
Jack Quantrell
With his bass sound, Lemmy was rhythm guitarist as well as bassist and vocalist.
R.I.P Lemmy :'( Nice cover and tribute to him !
Benjamin Sheridan
So you just taught me that point blank. thank you for the hard work
death - spiritual healing
Big Cheeso
Looks just like how Lemmy would play.. R.I.P., Lemmy!! Never will be forgotten!
Johann Hdz
Blitzkrieg, Metallica verison!!! 😁
Johann Hdz
Blitzkrieg, Metallica verison!!! 😁
Johann Hdz
Blitzkrieg, Metallica verison!!! 😁
Rodrigo de Piérola
You have to use a pick on this one. I tried finger-style (that's how I play) but it just didn't work.
Archer archie Steve
I enjoyed ur covers very much
OddBallAnimater 666
RIP lemmy. He would have loved to see this
Furkan Kılıçaslan
It would be amazing if you covered lost in the ozone from mötorhead it has a sweet bass solo as well.
Thx 4 the upload, helps me learn the bassguitar :)
Orlando VR
Do Bohemian Rhapsody please!
Such an awesome song to jam to...get into it and smash the shit out of your bass...beautiful...r.i.p Lemmy
Didnt know That Bass could Be played like This.
Lyulf Dean
How about Toes Across the Floor by Blind Melon? Or really anything by Blind Melon other than No Rain. lol
wolf it the fifth
666 comments lol
Jacob Anderson
Do Carousel by blink-182
Aiden Kelly
So is this double time 140?
Awesome cover! R.I.P Lemmy
Sonic Youth – The Good And The Bad
Gilberto Sousa
estes videos são muito didaticos ,por isso peço:my fryend of misery do metallica.